My Review : HICHKI

My Review : HICHKI

Prelude :
I still clearly remember in the year 1998, I saw Rani Mukherjee in the film Ghulam ( her second film) and had a major crush on her. She looked expressive, beautiful and was extrememly talented.
Later I saw her playing the character Tina in Kuch Kuch Hota hai and fell in Love…since then, I have followed and watched all Rani Mukherjee films and have admired her throughout. Rani Mukherjee is indeed the Queen of Bollywood and one of the most talented actors of our time.

I was super excited to watch this flick….


I’m a very emotional type of person, but I’m not one to get very sentimental
YRF – Yash Raj Films latest flick Hichki however, didn’t make me feel that way. Instead, it made me give a little triumphant nod of the head, and I left the theatre smiling.
In short, if I were an ill-reputed teenager with nothing to look forward to in my future, and getting an education was the least important thing in my life, I’d want someone like, if not Rani Mukherjee herself, to be the one to show me that my life didn’t have to be that way. That I could be someone, and that education was one of the key principle players in making me achieve to be a better person.
There is nothing original or surprising about this film but the interesting thing about this film is that it gives a different perspective about education and brings about a good insight.

Plot :

A novice teacher suffereing from Tourette’s syndrome faces a class of rowdy, undisciplined working-class punks in this flick.
The rowdy class, sets out to destroy Naina’s efforts as they did to her predecessor by breaking her spirit.
But Naina,meets the challenge by treating the students as young adults who will soon enter a work force where they must stand or fall on their own. With the entire school against her. Naina must decide if she wants to stay.

It hit me as I watched Rani Mukherjee’s character Naina slowly but surely make her students realize that they didn’t have to be who they thought they had to be, but rather who they wanted to be, that that was what I always wanted to do.


Technical :

Frankly speaking, I never knew or have ever heard of The Tourette syndrome before but this film does give a good insight and informs us about this particular common neuropsychiatric disorder and its effects.
Though the theme is borrowed from various Hollywood films, Director Sidharth P Malhotra does a fair job in creating unique characters and relationships. It also talks about embarrassment attached to a condition like Tourette’s through the relationship between Naina and her father.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie as it took me from tears to laughter almost in most of the scene. I only wish I would have had a teacher like Naina Thakur once in my lifetime.

This film is undoubtedly one of the most sensible films this year. What I love about it is its simplicity. It’s a story from the heart brought to the screen crisply and cleanly… ( Rani’s star power helps smooth over some of the rough spots)

Regrettably, there seems to be a shortage of this type of film, and I dare say that public today are probably unfamiliar and unable to appreciate this type of product.
Anyhow, what a great movie.

Performances :

Rani Mukherji is in top form and very effortlessly performs the character Naina with a lot of ease.

other cast members such as Neeraj Kabi Supriya Pilgaonkar Asif BasraSachin Pilgaonkar were simply outstanding with their respective perfromances.

Special mention goes to my friend Dhaval Barbhaya and the talented Harshita Singh for their performance.

Verdict :

I suppose the feel-good nature of the plot and a mostly watchable star performance by Rani Mukherjee as the “Madamji” will bring a smile to you face. I definitely recommend that you watch this film if you haven’t. I don’t know if it’ll inspire you to be a teacher or not, but either way, it’s a fantastic watch.


My Review : RAID

My Review : RAID

Trivia :

According to a report , on July 16, 1981, morning, the IT officials raided the house of a businessman and Congress MLA Sardar Inder Singh in Kanpur. 90 experienced officers under the leadership of the then Income Tax Commissioner of Lucknow, Sharda Prasad Pandey, carried out the longest raid. 200 police personals were also present for the safety of the IT officials. Interestingly, the raid went on for more than 18 hours. There were 45 people, just for the counting of the notes. And, a total of Rs 1.6 crore were recovered in cash besides other assets such as gold. ..This India’s longest IT raid has inspired Ajay Devgn’s upcoming movie RAID

Review :

After delivering the path-breaking Aamir (2008 film)’ and No One Killed Jessica 2011, his third outing, Ghanchakkar (2013), received a mixed response. director Raj Kumar Gupta is back after a long hiatus with ‘ RAID’, a movie based on true-life incidents.
You might expect a fast paced racy thriller with a twist…but I am afraid it isn’t what it had promised to deliver..

Plot :

The film takes place in Lucknow of the early 80s, Ajay Devgn plays the character Amay Patnaik, a daring and a fearless officer challenging a powerful politician Tauji (Shukla),who lives in a mansion called, White House on the outskirts of town, after being tipped off by a mysterious informer.
The film is inspired by the the real life I-T raids that were conducted by Indian Revenue Services in the 1980s and this film is based on the longest-running Income Tax raid in the history of India.

Technical :
Raid is definitely not one of those mindless masala entertainers with leave-your-brains-at-home attitude. You may assume it’s one because Ajay Devgan is synonymous with films like Golmaal series, Son Of Sardar and Action Jackson.
Raid has no forced humor, no South-styled stunts, no stylized song-and-dance routine with foreign dancers in the background but the film falters badly in the script department written by Ritesh Shah ( Pink) and loses steam post intermission and the climax seems to be very convenient and lacks novelty.
The film picks up on an interesting and a thrilling note but the thrill seems tro wear off half way as there are no more surprises and scenes tend to become repetitive and monotonous.


Major Let down : sloppy editing, bad camerawork and misplaced background score badly afects the film.

The identity of the actual informer is kept under wraps through out the film but fizzles out once he is revealed ( no more spoilers)

Weakest Link : The love story angle between Ajay and Illeana...I feel Illeana Dcruz was totally wasted and had no scope or decent screen space through out the film ( I wonder why did she sign i guess) The two romantic songs should not have been der in the first place…


We get to see Ajay Devgn in his old avatar, which is devoid of his usual antics and buffoonery. The actor carries impressive ‘Angry Brooding man look’ screen presence.

Saurabh Shukla and Amit Sial are powerhouse performers and they are convincing and genuine in their respective roles

Talented actress Sheeba Chadda and the pretty face Sulagna Panigrahi don’t get much screen time either.

Verdict :
Overall, RAID does have its share of sparkling moments but fails to keep you hooked.

It’s high on entertainment…so please go ahead if you want to get entertained.

My Review : 3 Storeys

My Review : 3 Storeys
Bollywood is changing indeed…after a long time, I was really happy to see a non-conventional film backed by a reputed production banner Excel Entertainment along with a super talented ‘Non-star’ cast ( I wonder why Pulkit was cast ?? he seemed so out of place)
Technically, 3 Storeys talks about three different short films about lives and characters who live on different floors in a dingy chawl of Mumbai called ‘Mayanagar’
The film serves as an anthology of stories talking about well buried ‘Secrets’ which usually remain blurred and hidden within a society/ locality and also the characters of the film interweave from one story appearing as minor characters in the others; making it a whole film.
Plot : (No spoilers ahead)
1) Renuka Shahane aka Flory Aunty ( The best story)
She lives alone and is looking for a buyer for her flat. When Pulkit Samrat approaches her, we are shown something unexpected.
2) The second story is about a woman who is struggling to bear her abusive husband and her ex lover suddenly appears from nowhere, Masumeh, plays the central character looks real but the film could have been more interesting.
3) The third story is about true love, but there’s more than a love story with a stomach cringing ending.
Technical :
The talented Richa Chadda . is the ‘Sutradhar/ Narrator of the film who silently observes the movie’s characters and their sad lives, before showcasing us the twist and revealing to us that she’s also been observing us all along the way…the ending is quite a twist.
Writer Althea Kaushal and director Arjun Mukherjee have given us a whole new genre with an unconventional treatment. 3 Storeys is undoubtedly showcases the art of skillfully telling a story wherein all the ends of a plot are tied together into a whole film.
Right from the camera work to the atmospherics…everything seemed very real and convincing.
This film will grow on you and will definitely surprise you…
Renuka Shahane Sharman Joshi Masumeh Makhija (love to see her after a long time) Richa Chaddaa are simply brilliant in the film . three cheers to the new comers Aisha Ahmed and Ankit Rathi for the good effort.
Verdict :
3 Storeys is a film that casrefully weaves together 3 compelling genre/ stories – thriller, love story, social issues etc in one neat package, without being superficial and pretentious.
A Must Watch….👍

My Review : PARI

My Review : PARI
The most awaited horror film of this year finally released yesterday and I do have a lot to say about it…I mean write about it.
Pari’ ‘may not be a great film because of its writing.
It is, however, well attempted by the first time Director Mr Prosit Roy.
It does have scenes that are terrifying beyond words. It does not matter if you watch it with your family or during the day time. I still recoil from those scenes in total shock and revulsion.
It is one thing to sometimes hear about a case of demonic possession. It is quite another thing to see it.
‘Pari’ comprises of all the elements of a terrifying horror film such as – to see the furniture fly across a frigid room, to see the ugly sores erupt on the victim’s face, to see the eyes turn fiendish with hate, and to see a snarling beast assert itself in the body of a woman.
Director Prosit Roy, with his scrupulous attention to detail, his determination to convey a sense of realism, achieves such startling effects that one comes away almost completely convinced of the possibility of demonic possession.
His movie takes you to a different tangent and there are a series of gory, un-nerving scenes that are so powerful and undoubtedly leaves the audience limp and exhausted.
But the only thing which plays the antagonist in the film is its weak writing….
Not divulging much details or spoilers, the film begins after a road accident on a rainy day leads to the discovery of a young woman named Rukhsana (Anushka Sharma), chained in a cottage in the swarm dense forest. A shy gentleman named Arnab (Parambrata Chatterjee) feels obliged to take her in, even as a mysterious professor (Rajat Kapoor) arrives from Bangladesh desperately in search of her and kill her.
The film is undoubtedly rich in atmospherics. Set in Kolkata during the monsoon complimented with eerie sound design in order to develop a strong sense of perturbation.
The Cinematographer Jishnu Bhattacharya director and Prosit Roy does a good job with the look and feel of the film as you can instantly relate to it.
A big problem with the film is its length and pace. The first half is kinda slow and long until the scarry intermission which helps the movie gain pace and momentum. As the story unfolds, it becomes more and more bizarre intricately folded, twisted and coiled.
The love story between Arnab and Rukhsana looked forced and unrealistic…The storyline ends up becoming a silly as it desperately and forcefully try to connect the events in Bangladesh, without really giving us a credible reason or explanation.
Few sequences involve a lot of blood and torture, painful cries of a pregnant women and Satan-invoking chants that make it a difficult film to watch.
Parambrata Chattopadhyay is confident, impressive and convincing throughout the film, good to see him after Kahani.
Three cheers to Anushka Sharma for the brave attempt and her brilliant performance…she looked beautiful inspite of being in a ghastly getup.
Finally, Rajat Kapoor steals the show playing the professor with grey shades ( you need to see to know more)
Overall, Film PARI is a good attempt but due to a bad script it fails to come together in coherent and realistic way.
If you love horror films…you can give it a try this weekend.

My Review : SONU ke TITU ki SWEETY

My Review : SONU ke TITU ki SWEETY

Finally watched the not so awaited, so-called comedy film with the longest and the most complicated title of the year Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety
The first 3 films of Director Luv Ranjan had some punch and was okay for a bunch of laughs. This latest flick is flat and unfunny. …all we get is more of the same, minus the freshness and the age-appropriate smart lines.

Plot :
Titu and Sonu are Best Friends since Nursery. Titu is a romantic fool who hooks up with all the wrong girls and doesn’t even realize they are fooling him.
Sonu being Titu’s bestie and only friend who saves him from such women.
Enter Sweety, the perfect wife material in Titu’s life. due to this Sonu’s life is shaken to the core. Not only is he insecure of ‘losing’ his friend, he even believes Sweety is too good to be true.
Rest of the film is about how Sonu and sweety’s verbal battle and how they outsmart each other.

Technical :

Luv Ranjan, going by his debut flick Pyaar Ka Punchnama and this current flick, may well be a man who has lost all faith in the fairer sex, but the only question that must be asked of Sonu के Titu की Swety is simply whether it is funny enough.

No, no it’s absolutely not….

Watching Sonu के Titu की Swety is like watching a baseless TVF Gag or an AIB content.

Unlike the previous flicks, it lacks genuine belly laughs, and contains a hell lot of significant stereotyping and much generalization.

Ranjan’s every film is getting a bit repetitive showcasing the idea that men are doormats and women are pure evil.
This is a ‘Done to Death’ premise we haven’t laughed at before in form of online gags, viral videos etc.

Few sequences aren’t bad per se but the fact that they are too less in order to save the film. Let’s forget about hurting female sentiments, this immature script hurts not only comedy but writing too….ends up becoming a bad film.

The climax was flat and so predictable….why did we have to sit through 2 nd half hours to watch the ending ?? it could have been done beforehand too.

Performances :

Kartik Aaryan and Sunny Singh are perfect as the best buddies and Nushrat Bharucha gets into the skin of the character with a lot of ease.

Ishita Raj is a breath of fresh air and looked hoot -) I will not blame you if you begin to drool lolzz undoubtedly a talented actor.

The best part of the film was the pairing of Alok Nath and Virendra Saxena. Alok Nath portrays the image of a cool granddad.
Virendra Saxena. plays Alok Nath’s old friend and manages to keep the sequences interesting with his commendable acting prowess.

Music :

The soundtrack album and the music is the high point of Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety with soulful and foot-tapping tracks chruned out by Yo! Yo! Honey Singh Armaan Malik Rochak Kohli etc

Verdict :

Overall , Sonu के Titu की Swety unfunny, unamusing immature film.

You can give it a try at your own risk.

My Review : Black Panther

My Review : Black Panther

Finally watched the most awaited and the most talked about super hero flick of this year Black Panther and let me tell you it’s different and unlike any Marvel movie you’ve ever seen, groundbreaking in so many ways….

Frankly speaking, the trailers and the teasers were not very encouraging but believe you me ….the film is nothing less than a masterpiece.
Black Panther doesn’t feels like a cliched Marvel film, or even a superhero film.
The film offers a fresh take on the superhero origin story, a narrative which the viewers were longing for many years.

Back drop /Prelude – Black Panther

Wakanda is a fictional nation in Africa, Its huge amount of wealth and technological advancement is out of the world.
The source of all this wonder is vibranium, a substance miraculous in ways and very powerful.
A meteor rich in vibranium, which crashed ages ago into the land that would become Wakanda, made Wakanda so powerful that the terrors of colonialism and imperialism passed it by.
Using technology to hide its good fortune, the country plays the part of a poor, third-world African nation.
The Wakandans understand events in the outside world and know that they are spared.
Wakanda has pretended to be a primitive nation throughout its history, hiding its advancements from the rest of the world with the aid of a force field.


Plot :

The film picks up where Captain America: Civil War drew to a close, with T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) assuming control of his country’s fate in the wake of his father’s death.
Rather than building a new, identity and experimenting with newfound powers, T’Challa’s task aspires to become a better ruler than his father and change the direction of Wakanda, a country that has chosen to hide from the world.
Hell breaks Loose, when the criminal partnership between arms dealer Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) and Eric Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) enter the scene.
They both seek vibranium but for different reasons: Klaue is trying to profit from Wakanda’s wonder-material; Killmonger is trying to make his way to Wakanda to make a bid for the throne. He believes he is the rightful king.

Spoilers ahead :
Killmonger, it turns out, is T’Challa’s cousin, orphaned by T’Chaka’s murder of Killmonger’s father and T’Chaka’s younger brother, N’Jobu (Sterling Brown). for stealing Vibranium and betraying them.
The motive for the theft is where the tale begins—and where the story of black wonderment starts to degrade.
The murder leaves Killmonger orphaned. However, Killmonger has learned of Wakanda from his father, N’Jobu. Living in poverty in Oakland, he grows to become a deadly soldier to make good on his father’s radical aim to use Wakanda’s power to liberate black people everywhere, by force if necessary.

Hence : The super villian Killmonger challenges the super hero T challa and for the rest you need to watch the film.


Technical :

The characters and the script look so real and had a natural flow.
T’Challa has a great relationship with little sister Shuri, played by the wonderful Letitia Wright their brother-sister squabbles are cute and relatable, which helps bring the King of Wakanda down to earth.
And Shuri is a very strong and spirited character – she makes a good impression.

Killmonger, as his name suggests, is a killing machine and unfortunately, Wakanda picks their leadership based on combative talent. Interestingly, this is what makes Killmonger such a fascinating Super Villain.
Killmonger’s motives are relatable and emotionally resonant. He’s a tragic villain up against a grieving hero.

The 31-year-old writer-director Ryan Coogler has redefined the possibility of a superhero epic, a credit to his singular vision and belief that black stories matter.
He proved that with his past works such as Fruitvale Station, his breakout 2013 film about the killing of Oscar Grant, and again with Creed, the 2015 boxing flick that mined the importance of legacy and family.

Best part of the film is : The black women of Wakanda descent are uniformly independent, strong, courageous, brilliant, inventive, resourceful, and ethically determined.
The film successfully elevates the women to central characters with influence and power that turns more on their minds and integrity than their bodies Thus the movie deserves praise for its gender politics.

Rachel Morrison, the Academy Award-nominated cinematographer attached to the film, delivers shots full of color and purely cinematic.

Performances :

The entire cast right from Chadwick Boseman Michael B Jordan Lupita Nyong’o to Letitia Wright have done a swell job. Unlike a bollywood film, this film gives equal footage to female and the as well as the male characters.

Verdict :
Overall, Black Panther reminds you of a Bollywood masala flick in a hollywood way…. ( hope you understand what i mean)

Black Panther is the ‘Super-Hero’ movie we’ve been waiting for…A Must Must Watch….

My Review : Aiyaary

My Review : Aiyaary

What is Aiyaary or Aiyaar?

The meaning of the word Aiyaari is, an imposter or a shape shifting,who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others, especially for fraudulent gain.
In his latest offering Aiyaary — director Neeraj Pandey highlights the corruption in the Indian Army.

Colonel Abhay Singh (Manoj) and his team member Major Jai Bakshi (Sidharth) are a part of a special secret unit of Indian Army’s military intelligence.
Major Jai Bakshi becomes disillusioned by the system he has sworn to uphold.
This sets Abhay Singh on his chase as the chase shifts from Delhi to Central London.
We see Manoj Bajpayee and Sidharth Malhotra donning various disguises as they try to explain the title of the film. Sidharth and Manoj both play Army officers in the film.
They have a mentor-protege relationship that is challenged after Sidharth’s character comes across a scam in the system.


It also highlights and talks about the 2011 Adarsh Society Scam The Adarsh Housing Society is a posh, 31-storey building constructed on prime real estate in Colaba, Mumbai, for the welfare of war widows and personnel of India’s Ministry of Defence.
Over a period of several years, politicians, bureaucrats and military officers allegedly conspired to bend several rules concerning land ownership, zoning, floor space index and membership getting themselves flats allotted in this cooperative society at below-market rates.

The scam was unearthed in November 2010 which forced the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Ashok Chavan, to resign

Technical :

Pandey’s filmmaking has always prioritised matter over cosmetics. Like A Wednesday, Aiyaari isn’t exceptional in technique –it doesn’t boast of fancy camera work but practical enough to assemble a taut film that stumbles in few places.

His focus is on movement to imply a breathless pace. All his characters are constantly on the move with long-shots and flow camera movements.

Aiyaari is actually quite a long film – it’s over two and a half hours and feels dragged and long towards the end.

Aiyaari is superbly acted, enthralling and a believable film but the script could have been sleeker and tighter
.The complexity of the plot and screenplay which goes overboard and often loses pace.

If there is a weak link in Aiyaari it is the somewhat laboured love story involving Jai and his pretty girl friend , Sonia (Rakul Preet) which seemed out of place.

Performances :

According to me, Sidharth Malhotra is a total mis fit and fails to deliver a powerful performance.
Super Talented Manoj Bajpayee carries the film on his shoulders. and is worth the watch.
Veteran actor Adil Hussain doesn’t get much scope to perform. Actors like Kumud Mishra and Vikram Gokhale were brilliant in their respective roles.

The women characters are sketchy and doesn’t give much weighted to tne women characters such as Sonia played by the gorgeous Rakul Preet Rakul an IT wizard, who is reduced to being Sidharth Malhotra’s love interest and Maya played by the beautiful Pooja Chopra gets no scope to perform.

Naseeruddin Shah shines in a cameo.

Verdict :

Overall, Aiyaary is not Neeraj Pandey’s best but one time watch is recommended.

PS : I am crushing on Rakul Preet big time…she is sooo cute, and lovely.