Why can’t we get enough of Mahira Khan?

Why can’t we get enough of Mahira Khan?

We all know her name—It’s a name that, for the past 7 years, has continued to grace the covers of countless magazines, infinite social networking pages, and endless conversations from all around the world.

Beautiful eyes, magnetic personality, the infectious smile, Mahira Khan is just about the most photogenic woman ever captured on celluloid. It’s difficult, though, to imagine someone so poised, elegant yet so down to earth. That’s probably part of her appeal.

From her iconic work  like Humsafar, BinRoye, to Raees, it’s no secret that Mahira Khan is one of the most revered and beloved women in the world of entertainment. However, what many don’t know is that Mahira is far from being “just another pretty face.” With her work towards the Shaukat Khan Memorial Breast Cancer Awareness program, devotion to being a mother, and life founded on kindness and compassion, Mahira has always has remained a treasured household name; and not just from of her style and career as an actress, but from her inner beauty, wisdom, and love that touches everyone around her.

Women want to be like her; men want to be with a woman like her. This is not necessarily the case for all beautiful women. There is something about Mahira Khan’s beauty that is childlike and unthreatening to women. Despite being a gorgeous, successful actress, Mahira has not lost sight of her priorities and stays humble and down to earth.

My first encounter with Mahira Khan was last year July 27th 2016 at Taj Land’s End during the Vogue Style Awards. My meeting experience seemes so surreal and magical that I still have not managed to get over it lolz ( Will describe the meeting on another separate blog).

Mahira Khan and Me at Vogue Style Awards

As her biggest fan, I believe I have a lot to learn from our favourite Mahira Khan. And while she had many memorable traits, here are few top reasons why we can’t get enough of Mahira Khan

  1. She is always Humble – As one of the most idolized beauty icons in the world, it’s hard to imagine Mahira Khan as someone who is so down to earth and sweet. Humility is undoubtedly the most attractive quality in her. Mahira is always ready to interact or click a selfie with her fans and she never fails to make them happy and always lives upto their expectations.

    Mahira Khan promoting Breast Cancer Awareness
  2. She’s a Mom First –   Despite her glamorous life outside of the home, Mahira never forgets the most important people are the ones who would be there even after the curtain went down. Mahira is the happiest when she is home playing with her cute 7 year old son Azlan . Not only a perfect actor but a dedicated Super Mom too.

    Mahira with her son Azlan
  3.  She is a Role Model to all-  Every girl on earth, given the chance would love to look, be and perform like Mahira. Mahira is one in a billion and I would love to make an inspirational film called “Main Mahira Khan banna Chahti hoon’ inorder elucidate the craze and colossal stature of this iconic actress!
    ‘Masala Awards’


  4. She Conquered Bollywood – Mahira made her Bollywood debut  Raees– opposite Shahrukh Khan this year and ended up becoming the top grossing female actors of Bollywood this year. Mahira is the ‘Unstoppable Khan indeed”

    Mahira Khan in Raees
  5. She exudes class and grace – Mahira is almost synonymous with elegance in our minds. Her movement, posture and speech are drenched in grace. There’s almost something surreal about her, as if the actress herself is just an idyllic character from a fairy tale. wp_ss_20151201_0003
  6. She is Bankable – Be it films, television dramas to various brands,. What ever Mahira touches it turns into gold. Recently Veet Pakistan selected her the brand Ambassador and the face of their brand. Don’t you feel good every time you see that gorgeous smile and feel her “energy?” She evokes a spiritual, high energy in her branding – even in her most simple photos or mentions in magazines. That is connection and resonance. 18194047_1895123730764686_755373804073556966_n
  7. She raises the bar all the time – Mahira Khan is one actor who constantly challenges her self and pushes the envelope. Mahira always offers something new and fresh to her audience and selects new and interesting projects all the time.
  8. She’s unapologetically herself. She gives herself permission to be all she is with no apologies. She is confident, strong, feminine, creative, funny (love her laugh), brilliant,  strong, a loving mother, etc. CjpnCoTWUAYMvHA


    No offense to any of our leading ladies, but it takes a lot to have Mahira’s charisma. Despite being talented, many actresses fail to leave an impression on the audiences because of their low screen value. Mahira has an exquisite ability to stand out in a crowd with her glowering presence.

    Mahira Khan is inspiring a generation of actresses, enchanting millions of men and has managed to attain her own place in Bollywood and also the Pakistan Film Industry that is unimaginable to most actresses of today’s generation!

    Ultimately, it’s not the roles she plays that makes her an enduring cultural icon, but who she is. And this is why we just can’t get enough of Mahira Khankeep-calm-and-love-mahira-khan-4



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    Deep Basu- Biggest fan of  Mahira Khan on earth

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Why Raees is a must watch ?

Why Raees is a must watch ?

Rahul Dholakia’s latest flick Raees has finally released and has been loved and appreciated by people all over the world. But, you should not forget the hours of hard work and the effort the entire team has put inorder to make this film a success.

Right from the first teaser to the high packed theatrical trailer, I always knew that this very film is going to be a massive success in India as well as the overseas.


So how did Raees become the film everybody loves? Does it deserve all the success? I bet it does.

Before getting down with the actual reasons, I want to proudly mention that this film marks the Bollywood debut of my favourite actor Mahira Khan and you will 100% agree with me that she was really wonderful and quite convincing.


The film director Rahul Dholakia had our complete attention with his path-breaking effort PARZANIA (which won two National Awards : Silver Lotus AwardBest Actress Golden Lotus AwardBest Direction ) It’s not at all surprising that Exel Entertainment then trusted him with this huge film Raees with a big star cast.


For most of us The Mahirians and Srkians however, the sizzling pairing of Sharukh Khan and Mahira Khan was the instant draw, ever since the first teaser of Raees was released early this year. That 80’s feel, old school romance, vintage styling, powerful performances, strong dialogues and the intriguing story line took us into the world of Raees Alam. We all became breathless and left us wanting for more. If Raees was not shot dead towards the climax, I would have hoped for a sequel.

The Reasons :

1) Plot

The story of the movie is set in 1980s Gujarat and revolves around the character Raees Alam, you will see his journey from a bootlegger to a God Father. How a tough cop is ready to take him down.

2) Cast

Our very own Shahrukh Khan playing a grey character Raees Alam who begins his journey from a liquor gangster to a God Father.

It marks the Bollywood debut of the Pakistani heart-throb Mahira Khan who is one of the USP of the film.She is portraying the role of Aasiya as Raees’s wife

Nawazuddin Siddique is playing the role of a cop named Majmudar a tough cop who is ready to pin down Raees.

Lastly, Sunny Leone has also bagged an item song ‘Laila’ in the movie.

3) Dialogues 

The dialogues penned by Harit, Ashish,Niraj and Rahul Dholakia are powerful, strong, impactful and will remind you of the 1980’s action classics.

4) Romance – The romantic chemistry between  Mahira Khan and SRK is one of the high points of the film. It has the old charm and will put a smile on to your face.

My Review: RAEES (First Show) Watch it for Mahira and SRK’S Chemistry.

You can hardly go wrong with a perfect setup isn’t?  Once in a while, Bollywood does successfully churn out a film with a great content and star cast.


I wish we get to see more films like these in the near future and ofcoz I really wish that my favourite Mahira Khan does another film in Bollywood.

Though I knew what to expect, thanks to the hype when the film teaser had released last year. I was very sure that I could write about it at length and praise it a lot. So If someone like me in India feels so connecetd to this film, imagine people all around the world would feel. This film will click the right chord for sure.

While this film is still running in the theatre near you..hurry, buy tickets and watch it atleast twice.

After watching it a second time, I decide to write about it.

solo Biggest fan of Mahira Khan on Earth

My Review: RAEES (First Show) Watch it for Mahira and SRK’S Chemistry.

My Review: RAEES (First Show) Watch it for Mahira and SRK’S Chemistry.

Prelude :
So finally the day has come, I was waiting for this day for the last one year..and after a lot of controveries,delays etc my fav Mahira Khan ‘s debut bollywood film Raees releases today and guess what? I watched the first show. Never ever in my life , I have got up early in the morning and watched the first show of a film..I always try and watch a movie on its first day but First show ?? never. I did it only for the love for Mahira Khan. A Mahirian for life. I will thank the producers for flashing Mahira’s name at the beginning of the opening credits.
So, I will be a little partial towards this film…( forgive me plz)


Review :
Our very own Sharukh Khan is back in and as Raees, a gangster who does bad things for a good cause. Srk does what he does best, He sings,dances,fights and romances with a lot of ease.

Plot :
The story begins during the 1970’s with the introduction a young boy named Raees, who lives with his mom, who had taught him conquer the world with two basic lessons: “No business is small”. Eventually, he starts illegal bootlegging for Jairaj who makes Raees believe that he has both baniye ki dimag, aur Miyabhai ki daring .After gaining a lot of popularity in the business, he decides to start his own business due to which he and Jairaj turn foes. Soon after, Raees expands his business and joins hands with Musa bhai who gives Raees a contract to kill Jairaj. Now enters the IPS officer Jaideep Ambalal Majmudar, who is recently transferred to Fatehpura, soon goes after Raees to stop his illegal bootlegging business,Then begins a so called interesting chase of betrayal and revenge.


Technical :
After the success of Parzania and the disaster Lamha Director Rahul Dholakia made a commendable effort to make a typical paisa vasool film for the mass audience but falters badly in story telling and the screen play. The film badly slows down especially in the second half. First half still keeps you hooked. The biggest flaw of the film is its weak plot.

Raees will remind you of the typical 1980’s potboiler such as Deewar and ofcoz the famous Al Pacino film ‘Scarface”etc.The dialogues are well penned and crisp.

The cinematography by K.U.Mohanan was absolutely top notch.

Performances :

Sharukh Khan owns the film totally, he walks, talks and moves like the king. This is one of his best performances and his hard work shows on screen. His character was well written and properly etched out.

My favourite Mahira Khan is absolute lovely and wonderful in her first bollywood film. She totally did justice to her characterAasiya and was looking beautiful. She is one actress who has the old charm yet looks so modern and sweet.I loved the way she was introduced in the film, her character Aasiya was dancing to a sridevi song and trust me only Mahira khan can pull it off.

Mahira Khan and SRK’S chemistry looked fresh and sweet.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Nails the character once again. he very effortlessly fits into the character Majumdar with a lot of ease and style. Nawaz is in a league of his own..Being a SRK film, he will impress you.

Other performances Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub Atul Kulkarni etc are simply brilliant and adds a lot of value to the film.

Music :
Though the romantic songs were beautifully composed, it was slowing the pace of the film. All songs are quite foot-tapping and well composed.

Verdict :

Overall, Raees The Film is a well made film but suffers from a weak plot and offers nothing fresh. But watch the film only for my fav Mahira Khan and ofcoz the King Sharukh Khan. Ek watch toh banta hai…


Mahira Khan will sweep you off your feet this 25th January.

As everyone knows, Pakistan industry’s Queen of Hearts Mahira Khan will be debuting as the lead actor opposite our very own King Khan Sharukh Khan in Rahul Dholakia‘s upcoming ‘Raees’.


Interestingly, it’s been more than a year since the announcement had been made and the shoot has been completed. Well, looks like the long wait has been worth it.

We Mahirians have been waiting with bated breath to see Mahira Khan weave magic on-screen with the King Khan Sharukh Khan. The trailer of ‘Raees’ has already given us a glimpse of Mahira & Srk’s sizzling chemistry, which I believe is just the tip of it. As per the Director Mr Rahul Dholakia, Mahira Khan has plenty of intense dramatic scenes in the film — from intense performance to dancing to Bollywood numbers, Mahira has done it all.


With beautiful eyes and her charming smile, Mahira Khan is bound to sweep you off your feet this 25 th January.  I can assure you there will be nobody as good as her. Lets welcome Mahira Khan with open arms.

Please watch Raees and support her. Save the Date

Deep Basu – Biggest Mahira Khan on Earth

Mahira Khan : Talent Personified

My favourite actor Mahira Khan turns a year older on Wednesday 21st December and I would like to wish her in advance a ‘Very Happy Birthday’ and a year full of happiness.The elegant beauty Mahira Khan needs no introduction. She is somebody who just needs to strike a smile and millions of hearts tend to skip a beat. Popularly known as the ‘Humsafar’ girl/ Khirad, the actress has time and again garnered good reviews from the audience and the critics. For her Birthday, I as her biggest fan would like to dedicate & write a blog about her.


Mahira Khan is largely seen as the best actress in the Pakistan industry and frankly speaking you can’t give such a title to anyone else.Pakistan film industry is currently going through a Golden Period and Mahira Khan is the symbol of this change. In fact, she owns it. At a very young age, Mahira already possesses what every actor would like to flaunt which is ”an impressive body of work.” Most actors still have not achieved so much.  Mahira Khan with just around 4 films & around 6 television dramas on her resume, has already established herself in a league of her own. That is quite an achievement. If she remains consistent, I am 100% sure she will, Mahira Khan will easily become the living legend of Pakistan Cinema. Easily. A lot of new female actors in Pakistan Cinema, are taking Mahira Khan as their icon & sharpening their talent.


When ever I watch Mahira Khan perform, she always stands out & becomes the character. Not for a moment you will feel like saying that Mahira Khan was performing. Given that her character in Binroye was by far the most challenging role in her career & she has nailed it successfully like always. Believe you me, You pick & watch any drama or a film of Mahira Khan, You will agree with me that she shines in every frame along with her magnetic screen presence. Since I can’t get my eyes off during all her performances, I am always eager to share my response about Mahira’s star performance on screen.

Mahira Khan is one of the fewest actresses in Pakistan who is known to overshadow her male co-stars. Mahira is always given the credit for her hits more than her male co-stars. Whether the film is a box office hit or not, Mahira is the one who shines through out.


How many of you remember the most impactful scene in BinRoye Drama ?? When Saba angrily curses Saman for taking away Irtaza from her. During that very scene, nobody on earth can reach out for their cell phone during those mesmerizing few minutes. I totally got glued to the scene and found myself staring into Mahira’s captivating eyes – I couldn’t meet them. I felt that pain intensely, that state of  jealously Saba felt. Such was the impact. Such was the performance. I leaned back & began to contemplate about it. Mahira being very versatile always manages to come out bigger than her films.


Mahira Khan is a classical beauty yet can be very contemporary. Her beauty is Evergreen. She can be very glamorous as well when needed.

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I wonder if Mahira Khan herself is aware of  her acting prowess or her beauty? I hope not! coz it can lead to self-consciousness.She appears equally at ease in every character she portrays. I never fail to watch any movie or serial drama that features Mahira Khan.So would her millions of other fans. The only reason is: Mahira keeps it real. She makes her audiences believe and relate to all her characters. That’s a huge plus point in the world of movies. Humsafar’s Khirad has progressed to become ‘The Unstoppable Khan’. I always pray and hope that she sticks around long enough to win the Highest Achievement Award for her exceptional body of work and performances, someday in the future.( I would have presented her the Oscar).

According to me, Mahira Khan is on her way to win over the world.


Deep Basu ( Biggest Fan of Mahira Khan on Earth., write blogs about Mahira Khan)

Raees Trailer : Mahira Khan steals the show.

“Ammi Jaan kehti thi koi dhanda chota nahi hota, aur dhanday se bara koi dharam nahi hota”,

The beginning line of the most awaited #RaeesTrailer keeps you totally hooked & wanting more & more.  It narrates SRK as the big unbeatable gangster of the black market, while Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a policeman whose only aim is to bring Raees down. Shah Rukh Khan is in his best form. He fearlessly crushes his opponents, smoothly fits in all the action sequences, he also romances with a lot of panache.raees-15

According to me, The best part of the trailer was our gorgeous very own Mahira Khan who plays SRK ‘s lady love.

The chemistry seems perfect from the very first sequence and gets better when Mahira playfully winks at SRK and very stylish says “Battery Sala”. We are then shown a series of scenes featuring Mahira and SRK getting intimate on screen, leaving us looking forward for more & more.


Apart from the amazing chemistry with SRK, our favourite Mahira is also seen wearing beautiful looking attires and mesmerizing the audience with her dance moves.

The trailer comes to a dramatic end showing a distressed Mahira Khan and a glimpse of Sunny Leone because a Bollywood movie is actually incomplete without an item song.


Overall, loved the trailer as it has gotten me excited and we hope the ban on Bollywood films ends before Raees comes out and we can watch my favourite Mahira Khan rule the silver screen alongside SRK.


IMG-20160709-WA0000 Deep Basu ( The Biggest Fan of Mahira Khan on earth)

Mahira Khan : A Winner all the way

If I have to describe or dedicate a song to my favorite actor Mahira Khan, it would be the famous Mohd Rafi song-

“Ye Chaand Saa Roshan Cheharaa, Julfon Kaa Rang Sunaharaa
Ye Zeel See Neelee Aankhe, Koee Raaj Hain In Mein Gaharaa
Taareef Karu Kyaa Us Kee, Jis Ne Tumhe Banaayaa”

Let me tell you why my favorite Mahira Khan totally deserves to win the forever diva crown.


Whatever Mahira Khan does, becomes iconic – be it her dance moves or the way she says ‘Uff’ or the way she performs. This talented actress is truly a diva in the real sense. Today, she is the most popular heroine not only in Pakistan but across the world.

This Pakistan beauty doesn’t grace the big screen often, but she surely knows how to rule our hearts like always. She may have become choosy when it comes to films but her popularity is still the same even on social media platforms. Yes, this Humsafar girl is super active on social networking sites and keeps interacting with her fans. From posting selfies to sharing pictures from her archives, Mahira knows how to rock it on social media. That’s not all! This superstar keeps sharing nice quotes & thoughts and that’s another big reason why she is such a big hit on Twitter and Facebook.

This automatically makes her immensely likable and relatable to the ordinary person who feels they can connect with her at any time. She paves the way for showing how to respond to trolls and having a thick skin which makes her even more popular on social media. Mahira balances her private & professional life with extreme poise and grace.

After all, every girl wants to become like her Isn’t? All over the world, Mahira Khan is motivational to many youngsters who are trying to find themselves and become famous as well.


Her rise in the last 6 years has been phenomenal. From being recognized on a global TV platform to winning a numerous of awards,being on the cover of ‘The World’s 50th sexiest Asian Women List’ & working opposite Mr Shahrukh Khan. Mahira Khan has left no stone unturned.


Mahira Khan is definitely on her way to ruling the world of entertainment and there seems to be no stopping her. The first few episodes of her new BinRoye Drama series is out and Mahira Khan has once again become the talking point all over the world. While the show is getting great reviews from the critics, it clearly shows that Mahira Khan is surely is making a mark like always. She’s being touted as the best thing about the show and we Mahirians really, really proud. She’s done what no other Pakistani celebrity could ever do – she has managed to step out and create a niche for herself in world entertainment. And not by  bagging the lead role in a Bollywood film like some of her contemporaries, but by actually doing some commendable work people are going to remember her for.

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Mahira Khan has always earned respect for the effort she puts in to her work. The actor takes her work very seriously and her earnest performances are proof enough. No matter what role it is, Mahira Khan is always ready to go to any lengths to play her part right, and that’s exactly why she has always been respected in Film Industry. Can’t wait to watch her upcoming film ‘Verna’& ofcoz ‘Raees’. The woman is an over achiever, always has been. Ever since Humsafar, her career graph has only risen and how! She has stolen limelight wherever she has gone, and for all the right reasons. She is a fabulous actor and whether you’re a fan or not, there’s no denying that. She has won several prestigious award such as Lux Star Awards, Hum Awards, ARY Awards, Masala Awards, Femina Me Awards, Vogue Style Awards, Hum Style Awards etc.

‘Agar mera bas chalta..I would have awarded her the Oscar award’.

Her stunning personality is what earned her the title ‘The Unstoppable Khan’. And over the years, on screen and off screen, she’s only proved that she was born to be a star. There’s something about the way she carries herself that commands your attention. Be it her confidence, her impeccable style, her lady like elegance, or her inescapable charm, she always stands out in the crowd.Her mere presence blurs out the rest of the world.

Mahira Khan is the perfect example of ‘Beauty & Brains’ She is undoubtedly one of the most stunning women the world has ever seen. We’re not saying beauty is all that matters, but well, it definitely is awe-inspiring to see someone so perfect in every sphere of her personality.

Our Queen Mahira Khan recently attended the TEDxLahoreWomen where she shared her profound experiences as a woman in the South Asian Film Industry..A moment of pride for all of us.


This is not all, This year once again my favorite Mahira Khan along with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, visited various Girls college & raised awareness among girls about ‘Breast Cancer’. Isn’t it wonderful ?? How many Super stars actually take time off from their busy schedule for social work ?  Mahira khan does..because she is rare.


So, Now you know why my favorite Mahira Khan is ‘A Winner all the way’..She deserves a Salute!

Here’s wishing Mahira Khan all the success in the world. You go girl !

Deep Basu – Biggest Mahira Khan on Earth