My Review : BinRoye Last Episode

So, my most favourite television drama BinRoye comes to an end and all I can say is that I simply enjoyed watching it and I will miss watching Saba a lot on screen. I still recall the day BinRoye had begun and how I got so glued and hooked on to it the very minute I began watching my favourite Mahira Khan perform on screen.

For me BinRoye = Mahira Khan

I am so glad that I could successfully watch all the episodes and complete it because so far I have not missed any work of Mahira. Another great aspect about Binroye was that I was luckily introduced to other two great talented actors such as Mr Humayun Saeed & Armeena Khan. They definitely added a lot of value to the BinRoye series and I am glad that I got the opportunity to watch their work. I will definitely recommend this particular series to all my folks back in India.


Plot :

The Last Episode : Saba still continues to give Irtaza a hard time and turns a deaf ear to all his pleas and requests. Irtaza still not ready to give up hope yet tries hard to win Saba’s heart. There are few instances where we feel that the relationship between Saba and Irtaza are improving but the very next moment it gets back to square one. One fine evening, there is a massive heated show down between Irtaza and Saba, where Saba directly informs Irtaza that she will always remain indifferent towards him. On hearing this, Irtaza very firmly informs Saba that as soon as they return to Pakistan, he will permanently distance himself from her.

The next day, Saba confides in Irtaza that she is scared to stay all alone at night, Irtaza promises to come early. The same day, Irtaza while travelling to one of his official engagements meets with an accident and is hospistalized. On hearing this, Saba gets emotional and deeply regrets. Luckily, Irtaza suffers only minor injuries and comes back home. Saba gets very hysterical and accuses Irtaza for not living up to his promise of coming back early. At this moment, Saba pours her heart out and informs Irtaza about her curse and how she badly wanted to remove Saman and was not happy with her getting married to him. On hearing this, Irtaza consoles her and expresses his love for her.

The climax was shot very beautifully where Saba and Irtaza are spending time together . Irtaza asks : Mujhse Shaadi Karogi ? Saba – Phirse ? Irtaza – Nahi, Dil se.


The series wrapped up on a beautiful note.Right from the visuals, art work, songs and to the performances..everything was so well done. Since the film was not dirtibuted well in India, I was unable to watch it andf terribly regretted it.

So now I can proudly say that I have watched Binroye and thoroughly enjoyed it. I love you Mahira Khan

Please share your thoughts about the Last episode.

solo Deep Basu (The biggest fan of Mahira Khan on earth)



My Review : BinRoye Drama Episode -16

Had a packed Sunday for a change, so got up early this morning and began my Monday with my favourite Mahira Khan watching the 16th episode of BinRoye Drama series. Since I have taken a strong oath that whatever happens I will never miss an episode of BinRoye drama and promote it only for my favourite Mahira Khan (after all, I only watch it for her).


So, Irtaza and Saba are back together but not in the same relationship or chemistry they use to have before. The same Saba who loved Irtaza and wanted to get married to him now hates him and holds him resposible for breaking her previous marriage with Safeer. Things are not hunky dory anymore and due to this I am getting more and more hooked to this series coz I don’t know how is it going to end.


Plot :

Post marriage, Saba is trying her level best not to cooperate with Irtaza and repeatedly ignores Irtaza’s requets. Irtaza, not yet ready to give up hope, tries his level best to make Saba more comfortable and happy. Finally, Irtaza gets a transfer to US for two months and Saba is forcefully asked to accompany him. In US, Saba begins to behave abnormally and gives Irtaza a very tough time ( We get to see the first intro scene of BinRoye, if you remember). Now the things will take an interestring turn because Irtaza and Saba will  be all alone together in the same house Saman used to stay with Irtaza.

The teaser of the next episode really intrigued me as it showed a glimpse of something bad is about to happen to Irtaza and Saba looks regretful.


In this episode, Irtaza once again seems to be the most sensible and matured one between the two. I actually felt bad and empathized with Irtaza. Mahira khan has nailed it once again with her steller performance, the sudden transformation of Saba looks very convincing and will make you despise her for giving the poor Irtaza such a hard time. Though the scenes between them were quite repetitive, you would still love seeing Saba and Irtaza together back on screen. Sudden quick time lapse does make you think and wonder what really happened in these days, but the hardcore solid performances will make you overlook all the minor loopholes.

Can’t wait for  next Sunday….


Do share your views about this episode.

soloDeep Basu ( Biggest Fan of Mahira Khan on earth)


My Review : BinRoye Drama Episode 15

I am feeling really very happy writing the review of today’s episode because my favourite actor Mahira Khan is back in action and has once again taken over the entire episode with her captivating acting skills and performance. When I say that Mahira Khan is one of the best actors in the world, I mean it.


Frankly speaking, Nowadays BinRoye drama has taken a new drastic turn and it is becoming more and more interesting.The fun, sweet drama is turning into a high octane emotional one. The lead characters Saba and Irtaza are once again back together but they do not have the same relationship and chemistry they use to have.

Plot :

Irtaza finally takes matters into his hands and compels Saba to confess about her knowledge of Safeer’s secret marriage and why she deliberately kept it a secret. On hearing this, Irtaza and the family decide to break Saba & Safeer’s marriage. On the other hand, Safeer decides to file a divorce and calls the marriage off. Post the break up, everyone in the household are quite worried and thinking to get Saba married off once again. At this moment, Irtaza steps in and decides to get married to Saba as he feels Saba will be in good hands after getting married to him.On hearing this, Saba is not at all happy and throws a fit. Irtaza and the family go against Saba’s decision and get both of them married.Post marriage, there is a sudden strange transformation in Saba’s character and she begins to despise Irtaza and disrespects him.

BinRoye is undoubtedly one of the best television dramas I have ever watched in my life post Humsafar. Thanks to my favourite Mahira Khan, as I watch it only for her. Right from the characters, music,performances and its direction, Binroye scores in all the departments.

Nowadays, Sundays are more happening and interesting than any other day of the week. Can’t wait to watch the next episode.

Please share your thoughts about this episode.


Deep Basu ( Biggest Mahira Khan fan on earth)

My Review : BinRoye Drama Episode – 14

The New year begins with yet another superb impactful episode of the BinRoyeDrama Series and like always I simply loved and enjoyed it. But one thing I must this very episode Irtaza takes full charge and gets maximum screen presence than the other actors. Though being a die hard Mahira Khan fan, I just couldn’t stop myself from getting more & more hooked to Irtaza and his magnetic screen presence. Neverthless, Mahira Khan still manages to hold her own ground with her acting skills.


Synopsis :

Irtaza decides to take matters in his own hands and plans a surprise visit to the US to catch hold of Safeer red handed. As expected, Irtaza unfortunately catches Safeer off guard with his wife Sonia and his child at his own residence. Safeer tries to dodge and make excuses but Irtaza mercilessly reveals Safeer’s dubious plan to Sonia and puts him in an uncomfortable position. Safeer, in return retaliates and informs Irtaza that Saba is to be blamed because inspite of knowing everything Saba still wants to continue the relationship with Safeer and not give him divorce. On hearing this, Irtaza is very shocked and instantly returns back to Karachi and confronts Saba. Saba initially tries to act oblivious but Irtaza compells her to confess and admit her mistake before her family members. Saba is in fix now.

According to me, this was the best episode so far..the plot gets intriguing by every minute and makes you want to see more and more. Now the drama has actually got interesting and moving to the right direction. Seeing today’s episode, I assume that Safeer’s track has ended for now and we will be back watching Irtaza and Saba’s chemistry taking a new shape. The promo of the 15th episode shows Saba in a diffrent avatar and an interesting one.


Can’t wait to watch till next Sunday…please share your views.


DEEP BASU ( The Biggest fan of Mahira Khan on earth)



My Review : BinRoye Episode 12 & 13

So finally, I took some time off from my busy schedule and managed to watch the 12th Episode ( I had missed it last week) and today’s current episode No. 13. Being the biggest fan of Mahira Khan on earth, I am now completely up-to-date with all the BinRoyeDrama episodes. For a change, I wanted to club the review of these two episodes in one.


Overall, both the episodes were quite intriguing and good. Like always, my favourite Mahira Khan successfully nailed it with her amazing performance in both these episodes.These two episodes focus on Saba’s newly married life with Safeer and how she is trying to tackle her inner demons, guilt and conflicts.


Episode – 12

Post marriage, Safeer being a loyal dutiful husband to his wife Sonia confesses to Saba about his first marriage and bluntly asks her to seek divorce and walk out of the marriage. On hearing Safeer’s story, Saba still agrees to carry on as his dutiful wife and keep Safeer’s first marriage a secret. Safeer continues to be indifferent towards Saba and moves to America to stay with his wife Sonia who is expecting another baby. This causes a lot of tension between Saba & Safeer’s married life. Meanwhile, Irtaza senses something fishy in Saba’s behaviour and tries to confide in Dadima, who in return terms everything baseless.

Episode – 13

The story continues, one year has past since Saba & Safeer got married. Safeer still has not returned to Pakistan post Sonia’s delivery of the second baby. Safeer refuses to leave Sonia and come back to Karachi. Due to Safeer’s long absence, Irtaza begins to suspect Saba of lying and confronts her.

The episode ends with a lot of suspense and curiosity.

Both these episodes portrayed Saba as the strong, level headed and matured woman who is trying hard to balance her life and fighting her inner battle. Safeer and Saba’s relationship track has been the highlight of these two episodes and I hope there is some kind of solution to Saba’s troubled marriage.

Due to frequent time jump, its difficult to gauge the actual time or days passed, nevertheless I love watching BinRoyeDrama only for Mahira Khan.

The promo of the next episode keeps me intrigued as Irtaza takes things in his own hands and gives a surprise to Safeer.

Please share of views and feedback.


Deep Basu ( Biggest Fan of Mahira Khan on Earth)




My Review : BinRoye Drama Episode 11

Frankly speaking, According to me, this episode of Bin Roye Drama was one of the best as it was far more emotionally overpowering along with powerful dialogues. The conversations between Saba and Irtiza were in full focus & I seriously felt sad for Irtaza as I could relate to his current state of mind. Like always, Mahira Khan is the only reason why I tune into Bin Roye every Sunday because Mahira’s flawless performance always keeps me hooked & makes me relate to Saba’s character even more.


Synopsis :

Dadi proposes the idea of Irtaza getting married to Saba. On hearing this, Saba angrilly denies the proposal & disagrees to get married to Irtaza. Safeer’s mother once again comes back with Safeer’s marriage proposal to Dadi ma & expresses her desire to get her son Safeer get marred to Saba. Surprisingly, Saba agrees to this proposal & decides to get married off to Safeer. On the other hand, Safeer is totally helpless hearing the news of his engagement to Saba as he doesn’t want to leave his wife & son. Safeer’s mother emotionally blackmails him & compels Safeer to say ‘Yes’to Saba. The drama ends with Saba getting ready for her engagement to Safeer & expressing her regret & sorrow regarding Saman’s death to her Dadima.


In this episode, Saba is stepping into the next phase of her life which brings about a lot of anxiety & curiosity in the future episodes. Will Safeer finally confide in Saba & tell her about his marriage ? What else might happen in Saba’s new phase of her life.

How many of you watched this latest episode? Do share your thoughts about it.



My Review : BinRoye Episode 10

The expectations attached to Bin Roye were humongous, it was the most awaited drama serial of this year.  Bin Roye Drama series will take the Pakistani television drama to a whole new level. In tonight’s episode Mahira Khan nailed each and every scene in showcasing the emotional turmoil and guilt Saba felt. My favorite Mahira Khan’s acting made this episode the best so far.


In terms of  performances Mahira Khan is the best, Hamayun Saeed’s character is convincing and Zeba Bakhtiar and Armeena Rana Khan are quite wonderful in their respective roles. I will seriously miss Saman as I was slowly getting hooked to her character & loving her performances.

Synopsis : Like always, this episode had some major developments to its credit and some great emotional scenes as well, thanks to my favorite Mahira Khan & also Armeena Khan who were really good in this episode. This episode focuses on the fact that Saman comes to know about Saba’s love for Irtaza. Once they are back in India, Saman faces with a terrible accident & loses her life. Saba feels guilty & regrets the fact she angrily had cursed Saman long time ago. Finally, Dadi proposes the idea of getting Saba married to Irtaza. 


The best thing about the scenes which revealed Saba’s feelings of regret was that they were short and to the point. There weren’t a lot of dialogues in this episode between the  Saba and Irtiza but the scenes between Irtaza & Saman were very sweet. After watching this episode and the preview of the next one I am still wondering what was the logic behind introducing Aamir’s  & Samir’s character and his entire track to the story

Overall, The best part of this episode was Mahira Khan and her powerful performance.


How many of you watched this latest episode? Do share your thoughts about it.