My Review : Tumhari Sullu

My Review : Tumhari Sullu

How many times has a movie touched people in a way that they cried with the characters and rejoiced with their victories?

It is a measured movie, deeply drawing us in with its protagonist, played with immense feeling by the talented Vidya Balan .

Synopsis :

Sullu is a happy-go-lucky Mumbai middle class housewife whose routine life changes when she unexpectedly lands herself with the exciting job of a night RJ (radio jockey) on a leading radio station.

Vidya manages to get under the skin of her character and justifies just why someone would make sacrifices to excel.

With great body language and acting skills..the actress pulls off the character ‘Sullu’ succesfully.


Technical :

The movie opens introducing us to Sulochana is who is the youngest sister of three. The other two – a pair of twins are employed’and think nothing to demean her whenever they feel like it.
Sullu is a 12th class fail but more-or-less happily married and a happymother. She finds her happiness by participating in the society and school contests of the kind which encourages‘housewives’ like her to participate.

Suresh Triveni’s warm-hearted treatment and odd-ball humour makes the character ‘Sullu’ likable and whose success you desire more than anything else.

First half is slow and boring…the second half is lengthy and gets dramatic. Initially the husband seems supportive but later develops insecurity and embrassment when he hears Sullu has become the object of fantasy of lonely men, and everything that goes with it. He suggests having another kid just when his wife’s career is starting to take off and also blames Sullu for their kid’s misconduct.

The editing should have been a little more tighter and sleek.

After Sullu becomes a night RJ- her husband begins to have problems at work and her son ends up stealing his father’s phone to impress his fellow students. How are these problems related to her RJ profession ?? If Sullu was not a RJ, her husband would have still faced the same fate at his work place and the son would have induldged in petty robbery…these problems were not very convincing to me.


‘Sullu’ working as a RJ segment is well scripted and performed. You will love the way Sullu uses her brains to talk to all the lonely strangers without lowering her standards and dignity.
Her interaction with her boss woman Maria (Dhupia), and the producer (Maurya).is quite a good watch and seems real.  Special mention goes to RJ Malishka for her natural performance.

Performances :

Even though Vidya dominates every scene in the film, her husband Manav Kaul beautifully makes his presence felt with their honest performances. Vidya and Manav have a crackling chemistry…you will love the way Sullu calls her husband ‘Gai’.

NEHA Dhupia & Vijay Maurya have done a commendable job.


Overall :

Tumhari sulu is an inspiration for many house-wives who dare to go out and do so\mething of their own. Only time will tell if the movie will be a hit or a flop but Vidya Balan has surely emerged as the winner. Go and watch it for her.


An Open Letter To My Favourite Person Mahirah Khan

An Open Letter To My Favourite Person Mahirah Khan

Dear Mahirah,

Everyone has “their” person in life. The one you always think about, who always puts a smile on your face, who you admire wholeheartedly. That person for me is you – my favourite actor Mahirah Khan.

First of all, I want to thank you for being my favorite person. I never thought I will have a favorite person. This letter is fully dedicated to you and nobody else because I know how much you mean to me and how much I love you (and also because I don’t like losing any opportunity to express my love for you.) I even hate you so much sometimes when you don’t reply to most of my tweets or acknowledge them ( I know I am just one out of your 1 million + fans )

You are the only person in this world for whom I can stay up all night until the sun has risen. ( I have done it frequently during the promotions of your film..trending it on twitter lolz ) It’s crazy if you think about how much I can talk about you…I can talk forever..infact write a book –Mahirah Khan- The Undisputed Queen of Pakistan. and can also make a feature filmit’s actually insane. I can never be bored talking and thinking about you.  It’s insane!!!

Thank you for being brave. I know what a super star goes through and I will always stand by you. If you didn’t have so much courage, I wouldn’t. Thank you for teaching me to be kind and grateful in every step of my life.

The day we met, I had told you that I am an aspiring film director. Yes, that’s right because I would like to direct you and work with you in a film! LOL. Crazy right?

I’ve never experienced love like this because although we are not blood-related or from the same country. You are the only actor in this world who I love purely without any intentions. My love is pure & unconditional.

Remember the first time we met in Mumbai 27th July 2016, Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and spending time with me. It was undoubtedly the best day of my life so far.


I know that I will remain your biggest fan even when you turn 85 or plan to leave the film industry.  I will probably come all the way to karachi for an ‘Anda Paratha’ date with you lolz.

I want you to know you are secured in my heart. Thank you for acknowledging me. You are beyond incredible. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I wish I’d done everything on Earth with you.

Thank you for being my favorite person in the world. I couldn’t imagine anyone being more important than you.

I’m thankful to have known you my Zaalima and I can’t wait to see what is to come.

I Love you

Your Biggest Fan On Earth 

Deep Basu

Deep Basu

My Review : Qarib Qarib Singlle

My Review : Qarib Qarib Singlle

Qarib Qarib Single…” is a love story re-inventing the metropolitan romantic comedy and will remind you of the writers like Woody Allen and Neil Simon and melding it with the more modern concept of the “relationship” comedy,something with more emotional literacy. Thank you Gazal Dhaliwaland Tanuja Chandra.

Tanuja has picked up the same formula ball and given it his own unique spin. From Irfan and Parvathy she has drawn starmaking performances.

Plot :

Yogi and Parvathy, who have opposite personalities and sensibilities, meet via a online dating app. This encounter turns into so much more when the two travel from Hardwar to Gangtok, via Rajasthan,.
Do opposites attract ? This romantic comedy talks about this dilemma through a sweet journey between Yogi and Parvathy.

Technical :

This funny sweet film sets a new standard for romantic comedies, and the director was ably abetted by the sharp interplay between Irfan and Parvathy.

This film comprises of a conventional story line, in terms of structure and the way it fulfills our expectations. But what makes it special, apart from the beautifully written screenplay, is the chemistry between Irfan Khan (actor) and Parvathy
She is an open-faced, beautiful south indian girl ; he’s a gentle, street smart with a lot of smart one-liners totally opposite her.
Irfan has demonstrated this quality in all his previous film, the and once again in this flick.
He is one of the rare actors who can be funny with a straight face.

The pace is just right and keeps the film well balanced. Eeshit Narain’s cinematography takes the film to another level by beautifully capturing the actors in their natural elements.

The second half gets a little stretched and boring. Other things are also obvious. You can see the ending coming for miles. but this film still manages to bring a smile onto your face.

The screenplay doesn’t give us as much clarity about Yogi’s past and his source of income. Yogi’s story doesn’t emotionally connect you. Some scenes could have been chopped off.


Verdict :

Overall, Over-looking the tiny flaws, Qarib Qarib Singlle is a well crafted film and it is a winner all the way as it leaves a smile on your face that lasts all the way home. I am eagerly waiting for a Sequel – ‘Qarib Qarib Mingle’

My Review : Itefaq

My Review : Itefaq

So here goes: a recent Bollywood film (For a change, it has no songs and is less than two hours long), very watchable and with some fine performances.
This film has been on my radar for a long time now—since the time I had watched the trailer and it also features one of my favourite actors Mr Akshay Khanna in it,
How many of you know ? both the versions of Itefaq ( 1969 & 2017) are based on the 1964 film ‘Signpost to Murder’ 
Though I have watched both the versions before, I was very intrigued to watch the 2017 version.

Enough of the talks, let the mystery unfold…..No spoilers ahead-)


Synopsis :

Vikram is an acclaimed British writer and NRI. On the night of the launch of his second book in Mumbai, he returns to his hotel to find his wife, Catherine, dead and calls the police.
After the police arrives at his place, he evades them and speeds away in his car. While the cops are giving him a chase, his car overturns. He manages to escape with minor injuries and attempts to take shelter in a nearby apartment.Maya’s House.
Vikram discovers the body of her husband, .
Later that night, Maya spots a police car outside and rushes to it for help. The police enter her flat and find Vikram standing next to the body of her lawyer husband, Shekhar Sinha, who’s been murdered and arrest him.
Dev, a police officer investigates this double murder case, interrogates both Vikram and Maya. The drama unfolds over the course of time. The questions are: Who killed Vikram’s wife? Has Maya killed her own husband? Or is Vikram lying? Is Maya lying ?


Technical :

The entirety of it; it’s taut, well-scripted, engrossing, and with almost nothing that’s superfluous.

The acting, both Sidharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha have done a decent job but Akshaye Khanna takes the cake. But what really stuck with me was the climax. It’s a brilliant touch, that keeps you hooked till the very last minute.

I found few portions of the film a little slow but those are merely insignificant little irritants. And forgivable, when you see the film as a whole

Good job done by Abhay Chopra



Verdict :

On the whole, three very different films, even if one almost completely includes the other. Personally, I liked Ittefaq 2017 version the most: it’s more rounded, more complete, and an amzing twist…. A more entertaining film.


My Review : Secret Super Star

My Review : Secret Super Star

My Review Secret Superstar

How many of you have read ? Lance Armstrong’s first autobiography? It is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring books and the biggest sports bestseller, simply read It’s Not About The Bike.

It was his journey from a rebellious child to a cancer survivor to Tour De France winner. It was his fight against cancer that found a global recognition with the triumph in of the most grueling sports events.

The same way, music is a metaphor; a benchmark of success in Advait Chandan’s latest film, Secret Superstar. It works because of the kind of sensitivity and simplicity incorporated in the script.
Advait Chandan should be a happy man now as ‘Secret Superstar’ bridges a gap between so called offbeat films and commercial cinema. His debut film gets the biggest release of his career, courtesy some strong backing by Mr Aamir Khan, the producer, who has left no stone unturned to make the movie reach out to its target audience.
And it has to be admitted that it has everything for those who want to watch a different story told in a simple yet highly entertaining manner.
This is where Secret Superstar scores and becomes highly commercial viable cinema too!

Plot :

Secret Superstar is a simple story about a 17th year old rebelious young girl called Insia, who has just one dream since his childhood – to become a succcessful singer one day. But there are number of hurdles in this dream to be fulfilled.

In this dream of his, she is supported by her doting mother Najma who leaves no stone unturned to help her realize her all time dream and also protect her every time her father senses of anything related to music.

After gaining a lot of courage, Insia manages to upload two of her latest compositions on Youtube without revealing her face and calling herself the Secret Superstar.
These two compositions receive a lot of positive reviews and feedback, which makes her a Youtube sensation over night. This affects her exam grades and due to this her father ruthlessly punishes her.

Just when she feels distraught and starts loosing all hopes, she realizes that Shakti Kumar, Bollywood’s most unwanted and unpopular music composer can bail her out.

This is where the drama in the story begins.

Technical :

The story does not have any twist and turns and runs on predictably and few scenes seems a bit unrealistic.
It is to Advait’s credit that he still holds the audience interest right down to the last note.
Actors bring the story to life with zealous honesty.

How Insia faces all the challenges with the support of Shakti and her mother forms the crux of the movie. But an underlining message of the movie is clear – it’s not about a budding singer who rises to be a superstar! It’s more about an individual on street who wins on sheer will power with the support of his near and dear ones, regardless of any field or profession. An ultimate triumph of human sprit!

The movie isn’t devoid of light moments as well. All the scenes featuring Insia and her mom bring a smile on the face, especially the ones involving the mother and daughter interaction.

The scenes of domestic altercations, violence and physical abuse will make you cringe coz It’s a scenario, one is not used to seeing in hindi cinema.

Performance :

Zaira Wasim, making her second appearance in Hindi films post Dangal puts in an outstanding performance. she virtually carries the film on he little shoulders, etching Insia’s simplicity, aggression and courage.
Through the film, you live with every emotion the character goes through. Zaira Wasim and Meher vij manages to hold their own against actors like Aamir Khan and Raj Arun.

The endearing and super talented Tirth Sharma, as Insia’s admirer Chintan, will remind you of your first crush experiences.

The perfectionist Aamir Khan moves around the film’s canvas effortlessly as Shakti Kumar.
He becomes her mentor, and finally a friend.

Verdict :

Secret Superstar talks about a story that leaves you inspired and shows the power of the human mind. It is not only about Music.



Who would have thought that Horror and comedy were two sides of a coin, no body right! Bollywood ( For a change) seems to have embraced the concept so well except movies like Great Grand Masti, Go Goa Gone which performed averagely at the box office and now we have ‘Golmaal Again’ which is the fourth instalment of the Popoular Golmaal series.
Golmaal Again looks to run upfront in the competitive Diwali race.
As is the case of any other Ghost clad story, some of the must check lists are a haunted bungalow or a secluded location, a fitting flashback and two or three of the lead cast running helter shelter at the mere mention of an evil spirit.
Golmaal Again has most of these elements and is all set to get you hooked.

Synopsis :

Gopal (Ajay Devgn), Madhav (Arshad Warsi), Lucky (Tusshar Kapoor), Laxman Prasad (Shreyas Talpade) and Laxman (Kunal Khemu) are orphans who separate during staying at orphanage. Life takes a sudden turn when they return to orphanage….and they are not only welcomed by humans but ghosts too.

Technical :

Director Rohit Shetty rather makes an impressive comeback post the disaster of Dilwale.
Like any other scary movie, Golmaal Again’s ghost has rather an eerie flashback, with the first part of the movie coming with rib ticklinghumor; the flashback rather takes us into a serious note.
The one liners and comedy sequences are a laugh riot by all means. credit goes to Sajid-Farhad and Mr Rohit Shetty.

Jomon t Jonh’s DOP is spot on, has performed a commendable job behind the lens by some angled picturization to deliver the director’s intention.
This fourth Instalment is a marginally better film than Golmaal 2 or Golmaal 3, not like its gonna create history or something. This film has a story and will definitely keep you hooked till the end.

The movie’s intent is to give the viewers a good laugh time, thanks to the performances of Ajay DevgnShreyas Talpade Arshad Warsi Kunal KhemuTushar kapoor the intent is fulfilled. The movie is a time pass entertainer and some crisp editing by Mr Bunty Negi has made the movie appear without any much drags.
Ajay Devgn is impressive as a guy who is scared of ghosts and darkness.
Commendable steady performances by the other cast members. Parineeti Chopra and Tabu as the two female lead are decent.

Prakash Raj and Niel Nitin Mukesh have done a commendable job.

The movie sometimes falls into stereotypical horror blend category with a lot of scenes looking similar to any other horror movie.
few cliched comic sequences have been tested for years together and the makers could have oozed in some innovative means to thrill.

Verdict :

Overall, I feel this is the best part in the Golmaal (film series) Despite its flaws,’Golmaal Again’ turns out to be a crowd-pleasing tale of horror.
While there aren’t many thrills to send chills down your spine, the comedy gives you company throughout….can make an enjoyable Diwali outing for people who enjoy scary teasers

My Review : DUNKIRK

My Review : DUNKIRK

No matter how busy or tied up I am, A Christopher Nolan film is a must watch.
One of Hollywood’s most successful directors and creative minds, Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar) is back with an unique war epic, and a highly intense one.;
The reason I would like to call this film an unique film because there is no love story, No hero, no character development or cinematic layers…overall a very realistic execution and real performances.
The film Dunkirk is based on a real-life incident – During the World War 2, the Allied forces were surrounded and trapped on Dunkirk beach — and on a daily basis, brave people helped rescue them, despite the risk of danger and death.
The movie’s war violence is realistic and intense, with heavy bombing and shooting…towards the end, it has a strong message, talking about bravery, teamwork, and sacrifice, and persistent.

PS: You need to watch this film more than once atleast coz Nolan’s film is quite challenging to follow.

Plot :

The story has three sections, which are narrated at a different pace; the beach sequences take place over one week, the boat sequence takes one day, and the plane sequences take one hour.
This Nolan’s time -twisting technique lacks clarity and sometimes you do have difficulties in following.
But, Dunkirk is such an unique war experience, throwing the viewer so vividly into the picture, that it’s difficult to dismiss.


Technical :

in Dunkirk, the best part is that the audiences never s a single German soldier. Instead the movie’s main antagonist is the passage of time and the real challenges faced by the english troops
It also highlights the emotions and the dynamics of the situation many allied troops found themselves in.

Cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema shot the film on IMAX 65 mm and 65 mm large format film stock. The film made extensive use of practical effects, such as employing thousands of extras, gathering boats that had participated in the real Dunkirk evacuation, and using genuine era-appropriate planes for aerial sequences.

The film reminds you Nolan’s brilliant craft of mastering and blending sound, cinematography, and often times temporally complex editing to make a picture more than the sum of its parts.

Verdict :
Overall, Dunkirk is more than a movie….it’s an experience-) A must watch