My Review : CHAAMP

My Review : CHAAMP
For a change ,I decided to watch & write the review of a bengali film rather than a Bollywood film.
It’s definitely not because I am currenty in Kolkata,its because the bad reviews & the bad word of mouth publicity of Salman Khan’s Tubelight didn’t quite encouraged me to watch it.
Anyway, I am not gonna say that ‘Chaamp’ is a perfect film..but watching a Bengali film after a long time,that too with my parents meant a lot to me.
So this EID, Our very own super star DEV took precedence over Sallu bhai.
If ever a recent commercial bengali film project had some high-horsepower sponsorship, it’s “Chaamp.”
Dev stars in his own written story about a local amateur boxer who gets a chance to fight a heavyweight championship bout.
Raj Chakravorty’s latest flick plays on every human’s ultimate fantasy to conquer against all odds and take home the trophy. Here the trophy stands as a metaphor for the realisation of one’s most precious dreams. And that is precisely what makes Chaamp a universal subject to identify with and feel for.
Also Boxing is the basic premise of the story. Expectedly, there is a whole lot of dishoom – dishoom going on all through the movie. true action film buffs might feel the rush of adrenalin on witnessing the tackily executed boxing scenes.
Some genuinely strong emotional impact emerges from the heavy environment of the boxing ring and gymnasium sweat provided by director Raj Chakraborty.
The PR juggernaut is already at high speed, the Kolkata public might love this film.
‘Chaamp’ does fit into the category of a cliched sports drama about an under dog ‘those that seek to uplift through a rags-to-riches story’,but the very best way to enjoy Chaamp” is not to examine it too carefully; better simply to relax and let the film roll in front of you.
Synopsis :
A small town amateur boxer ‘Sivaji Sanyal’ from Purulia gets a surprise shot at fighting for the heavyweight championship.While at the same time he finds love in the arms of an extrovert girl ‘Jaya’ who is a daughter of a rich industralist.
After a successful run,all the adulation makes ‘Sivaji’ feel over-confident about his game.
In one such match ‘Sivaji’ makes a faulty move resulting in a major accident. This accident leads to a major set back in his career and it leaves him jobless, homeless and bankrupt. He gets sacked by his Sponsors and faces severe financial crunch to pay back his installments and loan payments. The banks auction everything including his house and furniture and the family will be just left with nothing.
The rest of the story is all about how Sivaji and Jaya get back on to the track and how Sivaji emerges as a winner.
Though the story of the film is very commercial and formulaic, the sentimental turn in Raj’s film is heartfelt. But what is particularly appealing is that none of the characters crib or mope around. Instead, they tackle every problem with resilience and boldly.
The part where ‘Sivaji’ loses everything and struggles with the family is borrowed from Cinderella Man (Russel Crowe)
Technical :
Thanks to the talented DOP Soumik Haldar,coz every frame of the film oozes Kolkata, from the environs around Sivaji’s practice arena to the city roads.
Kolkata hasn’t changed much in the past 10 years; there’s still a strange, almost eerie sense of recognition of landmarks and familiar sights more than a decade later.
Since Yuva, Kolkata has received its share of screen exposure (most recently in Meri Pyaari Bindu), but the city will always be best known to movie buffs as the home of Mr Satyajit Ray.
Even today, the Howrah Bridge is one of Kolkata’s top tourist attractions, and many of the visitors aren’t interested in going on it . They’re there to stand and capture it from a distance.
What makes ‘Chaamp’ a special film is that it concentrates on characters, not sports. It would be disingenuous to say that the climactic boxing match is unimportant – it is, after all the movie’s centerpiece – but that’s not all the movie is about. There are only two or 3 major fights – one at the beginning and one at the end. In between, every screen moment is used to develop Sivaji as a person.
He is not traditional invincible hero material here – he’s real,polite and has limited aspirations. Nevertheless, there’s something likable about the guy, and it has its root in the gentle, caring way he treats Jaya and respects his Boss and Mother.
Though the film seem to have few long, slow and dragged moments in the second half, the director made sure that the climax is emotional and effective so that the audience walks out with a happy feeling.
Raj Chakravarthy films always have great music and this film too is no exception. The title track song by Raftaar is quite good. The choreography of all the boxing matches are of Hollywood standards.
The Production values by Dev Entertainment Ventures are grand.
Performances :
Dev is amazing in the role of Sivaji. He plays with utmost conviction and honesty in this film.
Debutant Rukmini Maitra is sweet and very spontaneous. I am in love with her dimples.
Veteran actor Chiranjeet Chakraborty is excellent as the boxing coach. The talented Priyanka Sarkar was very refreshing.
Verdict :
Chaamp is not a flawless motion picture, but it is a feel-good film, and well worth another look.Then again, there’s lot more beneath. It talks about taking responsibility for one’s own problems instead of finding an easy way out.
WORTH A WATCH ( Only running in Kolkata, I guess)

My Review :A Death In The Gunj

My Review :A Death In The Gunj

Prelude :
I don’t know how many of you know this ? The 18th edition of Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival was open with Konkona Sensharma’s directorial debut ‘A Death in the Gunj’.
Unfortunately, I had missed it and was eagerly waiting all this while to watch it at the theatres.
I did watch this film last Friday, due to a busy schedule..I am now posting my review-)

Review :
This entire story takes place in a place called McCluskieganj, which is a small hilly town in Jharkhand State,about 40 miles northwest of the capital,Ranchi.
The town used to have a significant Anglo-Indian community at one time but this has declined considerably.
Although the story is set in the late 70s with its retro setting, it does give faint glimpses of modern receptivity with subtle bold scenes and crude language.

The film has taken great care of it’s atmospherics,which is one of the reasons why you can relate to it so well.
Right from the very first frame, you are drawn into their world and their deceptively cozy holiday.
First Scene : The film begins with two men Nandu (Gulshan Devaiah) and Brian (Jim Sarbh) pondering over how to get a body into the boot of a car.
Then you are taken back a week ago, through seven distinct settings – each embodying a different emotion.


Its’ a simple story, when the son Nandu, his wife Bonnie, their daughter Tani and their introvert cousin Shutu along with Bonnie’s friend Mimi come visiting for Christmas holidays. The rest of the events of the film unfold over seven days. Nandu’s childhood friend Vikram and Brian also live in the same town, and daily come over and induldge in drunken evenings, impromptu games of kabaddi and long afternoon naps.
These friendly get-together acts a setting for hidden skeletons of these characters to come tumbling out,

Vikram is a bully and has a secret sexual affair with Mimi despite Vikram being married. In all this Shutu,who is also the family’s weak link, is left to babysit and take care of Tani.
Shutu is a total misfit who wants to be a part of the group but always finds himself the butt of stupid insensitive pranks and jokes. Nobody takes his side or gives him the time of the day.

The seven day vacation plot leads up to one death ( Still not giving out spoilers)

A Death in the Gunj reminds me of the story telling session, I used to experience many years ago, conducted by my beautiful mom every Friday night post dinner just before I went to bed. All her stories necessarily did not have a moral purpose or a deep meaning.
The same way, this film is just a story about a dysfunctional family gathering, which ends in a tragedy.
After watching the film, I really would like to read the original short story written by Mr Mukul Sharma.

These are the kind of films Indian cinema and Indian audience needs to watch. Real stories, natural acting, real set ups in real locations and top it all an interesting story line.

Shipra Ray’s cinematography very aptly showcases McCluskieganj in a haunting way and you do feel a sense of intimacy in the story and it’s characters. Thanks to the Director Konkona Sensharma


Performances :

Vikrant Massey steals the show with his brilliant, powerful and top notch performance.

Gulshan Devaiah Kalki Koechlin Tillotama Shome were convincing and engrossing in their characters.

Ranvir Shorey was fabulous..he is just going from strength to strength.

It was a pleasure to watch Mr Om Puri and Tanuja ji in a diffrent


Verdict :
A Death in the Gunj is a well made film and deserves a watch 😊