Prelude :
SCHOOL ADMISSION‘ is a parent’s biggest nightmare and this film took me down the memory lane and I could recall those horiffic days, when my parents went through hell getting my brother and me admitted to a premium school in Kolkata. Believe you me,parents can go to any extent inorder to secure the future of their own kids.
I take this opportunity to thank my Mom and Dad for going through so much and providing us the best of everything.

Review :
When it comes to portrayal of ‘Real Characters’ there is hardly any match for Irfan Khan.a versatile actor for sure.He has successfully translated intricate travails of human nature so effortlessly that his performances will remain etched in your memories for a long time.
It tells us the story of a mother who,like any other parent, is concerned about getting her daughter admitted into a “good school”.
It narrates the tale of complex emotions parents go through while trying to get their child admitted into the best school possible. It is the inherent simplicity of the narration that makes the tale so endearing.
The mother’s fear of failure and the dilemma of the father torn between his own lack of self-confidence and the humongous task to passing an interview to ensure the best of education for his daughter reflect a life that we all have experienced at some point in our life.


Plot :
Hindi Medium traces the journey of Mita and husband Raj Batra who fail to get their daughter admitted to a reputed school. Their lack of awareness and inability to speak proper English comes in the way of their daughter’s admission.
The parents are paranoid and are getting dragged down to worry about their daughter’s future as they desperately try to put him into a modern English medium school.
The good news of one of their employees’ child getting succesfully admitted to a premium school through the underpriviledge quota.
On hearing this, they mutually decide to apply through the ‘Underpriviledge Quota’ and get their daughter admitted.
Rest of the story is a must watch…


Technical :

The Director and the writer give us an important message of loving our National language as much as foreign ones. Our love for English (or any other tongue) should not lead us to looking down upon our own Mother Tongue or National Language.
There are several moments in the film that will remind you of your own childhood.
During the climax, when Raj Batra gives a very profound speech about how school admissions have become a pure business and nothing else.
The second half seems cluttered compared to the hour before the interval. Maybe the writer wanted to make it more happening and ends up messing up few scenes.
Btw, This film is not a remake of the 2016 bengali film Ramdhanu, but it does share the same one line synopsis.

Performance :
Irfan Khan (actor) nails it as the simple and straight Raj Batra who runs a reputed Garment store at Chandni Chowk for a living and starts getting goosebumps at the very mention of English. , Irfan scores high when it comes to putting in that ‘extra’ effort to get his daughter,into a good school.
Though he goofs up more often than not, is immaterial. It’s the effort that will make you roll around with laughter. In fact, his speech at the end is a must watch.

Gorgeous and beautiful Saba Qamar is virtually flawless as a mother who is succumed to Society pressure and the fear of failure.Her subtle chemistry and understanding with her husband, too, is sparkling and well shown.

Super talented Tillotama Shome executes her character of a ‘parent-student groomer’ quite well,

Lastly, the powerhouse Deepak Dobriyal nails it as Shyam Prasad andf is a breath of fresh air.

Verdict :
Hindi Medium is a family drama with a touch of innocence and simplicity that will make you want to watch it again. A Must Watch


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