So Why did Katapa Kill Bahubali ??? 

This question has been haunting us for quite sometime and this weekend everybody all over the world will get the answer.
Fortunately, after watching the film the previous night I have the answer too..Do you want me to reveal it ?? Ofcoz not…I can assure you that there will be no spoilers ahead in my review.

Two years ago, I watched the first installment on the big screen and the experience was so awesome, I struggled to find the words that’d do justice to the experience I felt. And it was among my favorite films that year.

I was awe-struck by Rajamouli’s ambition, guts and his epic imagination, I love the way, he understands the science of extremes and I was looking forward to Bahubali-The Conclusion, said to be the legend on celluloid.

The second Installment, turns out, it is everything I expected it to be — mega, ingenious and envelope pushing. But Alas ! the 3 hour epic fantasy was not up to my expectations…as I found it predictable and too long. I can tell you that the second part is not half as satisfying or fun as the original.
Its bigger but not better…

Here, we introduce you to the Indian Super hero Mahendra Bahubali, who jumps as high as a bird and can fly too. He is invincible and can take on 100 people single – handedly.
Bahubali as a whole, is more like a Sci Fi film than an Action Drama flick.


Plot :
Katappa continues to narrate the story of how he ended up killing Bahubali…rest you need to watch ( No spoilers..I had promised)

Technical :
The second installment of Bahubali is basically the prequel and its been killed by its long,predictable story-line (Not Katappa ofcoz lolz). The actual reason why Katappa kills Bahubali is unconvincing and predictable.

Be it the mountains, palatial sets or stark battleground infested with CGI-enhanced cavalry and infantry, Bahubali is magnificent to look at (take a bow, cinematography-K K Senthil Kumar, production design-Sabu Cyril).

The visuals are so enrapturing, they take over the experience. After a point, I observed their lip movement and believe you me, the hindi dubbing was brilliantly executed and not even once you will feel that its a Telugu film.

The Editing done by Mr Kota Venkateshwara Srinivas Rao was fabulous but the script could have been more tighter.

Performances :

All the actors did a competent job be it Daggubati’s suave menace, Prabhas’s charismatic energy, Sathyaraj’s stony-faced enigma and Ramya’s classy act stand out like always.
I was very happy to see Anushka Shetty once again..I had a major crush on her 6 years ago after watching Singham (Tamil) and I did fall in love with her once again
Overall :

Bahubali 2: The conclusion deserves a watch…Happy weekend everyone.


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