Prelude :
“Mumbai You are Killing me” – This statement was very commonly used by me years ago, when I was going through a pretty rough phase in my life and I did blame Mumbai for it.
Even now, I do utter it out when things around me tend to put me down…I do have a love/hate relationship with Mumbai and neverthless I love this city a lot.
The film ‘Noor’ is a film adaptation of Pakistani journalist-writer Saba Imtiaz’s novel Karachi, You’re Killing Me!
I have not read the book so I will not be able to compare and tell you exactly which version was the better one.

Synopsis :
It follows the story of 28 years old something reporter Noor, battling the woes of journalism, love, and existence in modern day Mumbai. Her life between the newsroom, friends, partying her out of balance life.Inspite of all the flaws, she manages to bring it back and finally find what she’s been missing.

The film can be described as “Bridget Jones’s Diary” meets “The Diary of a Social Butterfly.”


The film does bring out and highlight few important points such as :

1) The Happening Journalistic Life in Mumbai – The brutal honesty with which the writer describes the day to day life of a journalist and the risks they have to take.

2) The truth about living in Mumbai – Mumbai city gives you a lot and also takes away a lot from you.

3) The daily grind of being a female journalist -This film provides one of the best and most amusing accounts of what it takes to be a female journalist in Mumbai.

4) Sonakshi Sinha lolzz…..

Technical :

Mumbai is the strongest character in the film in an otherwise predictable storyline — overwhelming the characters with its sub plots and realistic anecdotes.
Every character in the film has a different outlook towards the city. Noor shares a love-hate relationship with the city, often proclaiming that she “hates” the city. She feels suffocated – by the lack of opportunities and low salary.
But navigating the by-lanes of Mumbai, reporting doggedly on Sunny Leone, woman wearing a helmet for 24 hours etc she seems to thrive in the chaos. At the end it is her knowledge of Mumbai that becomes her calling card in journalism.
Noor is an average film and doesn’t offer you much-(
The entire first half is spent to estabilish Noor as the main protagonist and the daily challenges she faces in her day to day life.
The story actually begins to pick up post intermission but hardly gives it much scope to get you intrigued and interested in the film. The focus is so much on Sonakshi Sinha that few important and relevant matters automatically take a back seat.
The climax is very conveniently penned and is predictable. The film could have been more edgy and intriguing.

Performances :

The characters in Noor are somewhat believable and you will relate to them.

Right from Sonakshi Sinha Purab Kohli Kanan Gill to Shibani Dandekar are very convincing in their respective roles.
A Special Mention to the very talented Smita Tambe & Manish Chaudhari (Actor) for the splendid performance.


A great effort by the Director Sunhil Sippy for making a watchable film ( I had loved his debut film Snip).

Music :

The music for the film is composed by Amaal Mallik is soothing and refreshing like always.

Verdict :
Overall, Noor – film is watchable but an average film…watch it for Sonakshi Sinha


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