Prelude :
I am 100% sure and taking for granted that most of you have watched Neeraj Pandey’s one of most accomplished work ‘BABY’ and I am sure you do remember the brief cameo of Shabana Khan, where she is facing off against a terrorist in a hotel room. Tapsee Pannu’s character Shabana Khan was easily one of the high points in Baby.
This Spin-off from Baby provides the back-story of intelligence agent Shabana, and chronicles how she becomes a spy. Since the film is set a few years before the establishment of Baby, we learn why she has been recruited by a top-secret intelligence agency that has been tracking her for some time.

Review :
So, after watching ‘Naam Shabana’ the previous night, all I can say is that don’t compare it to ‘BABY’ as it has no connection or resemblance to the latter. Naam Shabana, touted to be India’s first spin off and one among several movies headlined by heroines, unfortunately does not quite live up to its franchise-(

Plot :
The story talks about Shabana, a middle class Muslim girl with a bad past living with her mother in Mumbai.
The first half of the film talks about her love life and how she is the chosen one. Both the segments, First and second are two different stories overall and has no connection.
The second half, she is recruited by a secret intelligence agency asks her to pin down the most-wanted international arms dealer.

Technical :
Right from the story line to the screenplay, the overall plot is nothing new, half baked and predictable. It lacks the depth of A Wednesday, Baby and Special 26.
The script is filled with loopholes and seemed crafted ( Don’t want to mention them as it will give out spoilers)

The action sequences look powerful and dangerous, special thanks to Cyrill Raffaeli and Abbas Ali Moghul, the action directors.


Performances :

Tapsee Pannu is top notch as Shabana but I still feel she could have performed those emotional scene in a better manner.
Akshay Kumar has an extended cameo in Naam Shabana as Ajay,His character looks silly and stupid.

Anupam Kher is good in a brief role as tech wiz Shuklaji. Manoj Bajpayee as Shabana’s boss and Danny Denzongpa as his boss perform well with a lot of ease.

Malayalam superstar Prithviraj Sukumaran is okay as the main villain but gets very less screen time and scope to perform.

Verdict :
Overall, Naam Shabana is an average film which lacks depth. Watch it at your own risk. No recommendation.


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