My Review : Bahubali 2 : The Conclusion

My Review : Bahubali 2 : The Conclusion

So Why did Katapa Kill Bahubali ??? 

This question has been haunting us for quite sometime and this weekend everybody all over the world will get the answer.
Fortunately, after watching the film the previous night I have the answer too..Do you want me to reveal it ?? Ofcoz not…I can assure you that there will be no spoilers ahead in my review.

Two years ago, I watched the first installment on the big screen and the experience was so awesome, I struggled to find the words that’d do justice to the experience I felt. And it was among my favorite films that year.

I was awe-struck by Rajamouli’s ambition, guts and his epic imagination, I love the way, he understands the science of extremes and I was looking forward to Bahubali-The Conclusion, said to be the legend on celluloid.

The second Installment, turns out, it is everything I expected it to be — mega, ingenious and envelope pushing. But Alas ! the 3 hour epic fantasy was not up to my expectations…as I found it predictable and too long. I can tell you that the second part is not half as satisfying or fun as the original.
Its bigger but not better…

Here, we introduce you to the Indian Super hero Mahendra Bahubali, who jumps as high as a bird and can fly too. He is invincible and can take on 100 people single – handedly.
Bahubali as a whole, is more like a Sci Fi film than an Action Drama flick.


Plot :
Katappa continues to narrate the story of how he ended up killing Bahubali…rest you need to watch ( No spoilers..I had promised)

Technical :
The second installment of Bahubali is basically the prequel and its been killed by its long,predictable story-line (Not Katappa ofcoz lolz). The actual reason why Katappa kills Bahubali is unconvincing and predictable.

Be it the mountains, palatial sets or stark battleground infested with CGI-enhanced cavalry and infantry, Bahubali is magnificent to look at (take a bow, cinematography-K K Senthil Kumar, production design-Sabu Cyril).

The visuals are so enrapturing, they take over the experience. After a point, I observed their lip movement and believe you me, the hindi dubbing was brilliantly executed and not even once you will feel that its a Telugu film.

The Editing done by Mr Kota Venkateshwara Srinivas Rao was fabulous but the script could have been more tighter.

Performances :

All the actors did a competent job be it Daggubati’s suave menace, Prabhas’s charismatic energy, Sathyaraj’s stony-faced enigma and Ramya’s classy act stand out like always.
I was very happy to see Anushka Shetty once again..I had a major crush on her 6 years ago after watching Singham (Tamil) and I did fall in love with her once again
Overall :

Bahubali 2: The conclusion deserves a watch…Happy weekend everyone.


My Review : NOOR

My Review : NOOR

Prelude :
“Mumbai You are Killing me” – This statement was very commonly used by me years ago, when I was going through a pretty rough phase in my life and I did blame Mumbai for it.
Even now, I do utter it out when things around me tend to put me down…I do have a love/hate relationship with Mumbai and neverthless I love this city a lot.
The film ‘Noor’ is a film adaptation of Pakistani journalist-writer Saba Imtiaz’s novel Karachi, You’re Killing Me!
I have not read the book so I will not be able to compare and tell you exactly which version was the better one.

Synopsis :
It follows the story of 28 years old something reporter Noor, battling the woes of journalism, love, and existence in modern day Mumbai. Her life between the newsroom, friends, partying her out of balance life.Inspite of all the flaws, she manages to bring it back and finally find what she’s been missing.

The film can be described as “Bridget Jones’s Diary” meets “The Diary of a Social Butterfly.”


The film does bring out and highlight few important points such as :

1) The Happening Journalistic Life in Mumbai – The brutal honesty with which the writer describes the day to day life of a journalist and the risks they have to take.

2) The truth about living in Mumbai – Mumbai city gives you a lot and also takes away a lot from you.

3) The daily grind of being a female journalist -This film provides one of the best and most amusing accounts of what it takes to be a female journalist in Mumbai.

4) Sonakshi Sinha lolzz…..

Technical :

Mumbai is the strongest character in the film in an otherwise predictable storyline — overwhelming the characters with its sub plots and realistic anecdotes.
Every character in the film has a different outlook towards the city. Noor shares a love-hate relationship with the city, often proclaiming that she “hates” the city. She feels suffocated – by the lack of opportunities and low salary.
But navigating the by-lanes of Mumbai, reporting doggedly on Sunny Leone, woman wearing a helmet for 24 hours etc she seems to thrive in the chaos. At the end it is her knowledge of Mumbai that becomes her calling card in journalism.
Noor is an average film and doesn’t offer you much-(
The entire first half is spent to estabilish Noor as the main protagonist and the daily challenges she faces in her day to day life.
The story actually begins to pick up post intermission but hardly gives it much scope to get you intrigued and interested in the film. The focus is so much on Sonakshi Sinha that few important and relevant matters automatically take a back seat.
The climax is very conveniently penned and is predictable. The film could have been more edgy and intriguing.

Performances :

The characters in Noor are somewhat believable and you will relate to them.

Right from Sonakshi Sinha Purab Kohli Kanan Gill to Shibani Dandekar are very convincing in their respective roles.
A Special Mention to the very talented Smita Tambe & Manish Chaudhari (Actor) for the splendid performance.


A great effort by the Director Sunhil Sippy for making a watchable film ( I had loved his debut film Snip).

Music :

The music for the film is composed by Amaal Mallik is soothing and refreshing like always.

Verdict :
Overall, Noor – film is watchable but an average film…watch it for Sonakshi Sinha

My Review : Begum Jaan

My Review : Begum Jaan

Prelude :
Why was Srijit da’s RajKhani remade in the first place ? Srijit da has better films to be remade into a Bollywood film such as ‘Hemlock Society'( A Marathi Remake is already made), Chotuskone etc..Why Rajkahini ?
Our very own pride of Bengal National Award Winner Mr Srijit Mukherjee has delivered five hits in five years, he is undoubtedly an articulate, well-informed and has a knack of choosing unusual subjects for all his films and unfortunatley ‘Rajkahini’ was not his best and had failed to deliver.
Anyway since Vidya Balan was a part of this film, I wanted to give it a try today..considering it to be a ‘Good Friday”

Plot :
The film talks about a community of eleven women living in Begum Jaan’s brothel against the male domination of two emerging states. With a strong personality and a magnetic presence Begum Jaan, played by Bollywood cinema’s veteran Vidya Balan, singlehandedly manages a group of eight young women—one of whom has a daughter—and an elderly lady, amma (Illa Arun).
These 11 women come from diverse backgrounds: they are of both upper and lower castes, of both Hindu and Muslim faith, but most importantly, the connection and community they share comes from a shared history of past trauma and violence. They’re on the fringes of society, and have been abandoned by their respective families, and all they have is each other.
Also living with them are two men: the pimp Surjeet (Pitobash Tripathy) and the guard Salim . Another, a man called “Master,(Vivek Musharan) regularly comes to visit with educational materials for the little girl.

When the agents of Partition threaten to tear down Begum Jaan’s brothel, she and the other prostitutes retaliate with all they have, earning the respect of the very men who see them as nothing more than objects of pleasure.



Rajkahini is one of those films that demands attention no doubt — despite some obvious flaws.
Right from the splendid visuals, and the courage to bring a dark phase of India’s history back to life and composing each frame with some emotion rooted in some form of injustice, each injustice ultimately linked to a man-dominated world.
Very nicely the film manages to point out the basic difference between a man and a woman, which is non-comparable.
Though Shyam Benegal’s Mandi (1983), had a similar premise with Shabana Azmi as a madam reigning over gaggle of sex workers,

The first scene of the film which begins in present day Delhi where a couple is chased by a bunch of drunkards in a deserted CP. An old woman comes to their rescue seems unecessary and forced.

Begum Jaan ultimately fails because of its flawed screenplay. The timelapse and the story suffers from pacing problem.
The climax is dragged and loud.
There is not much change in the hindi version compared to the original film.

The intension and the plot was good, but the screenplay could have been better and tighter.

The camera work by Gopi Bhagat was okay..In few places the shaky camera movement didn’t quite work for me and especially the ‘half profile’ framing looked odd in few scenes.

Music :

Anu Malik music was average but it quite blended with the narration.

Performances :

As for the performances — be it Rajit Kapoor or Ashish Vidyarthi, who play two friends who find themselves on opposite sides of the border, the small-town cop played by Rajesh Sharama, the pimp with a heart played by Pitobash Tripathy or the ruthless contract killer played by Chunky Pandey — all shine in their well etched-out roles.
Ashish Vidyarthi and Rajit Kapoor have shown the turmoil brewing inside two friends who have seen the worst of Hindu-Muslim riots and are faced with the task of uprooting Begum Jaan from her queen-dom.But Chunky Pandey is a revelation, It’s not just his physical transformation for the role, but the way he has gone about changing his entire persona .
Great job done by Gauhar Khan, Pallavi Sharda Ridhyma M Tiwaare and ofcoz our very own Vidya Balan who nails it once again.

Overall :

You can go ahead and give it a try for Vidya Balan…she never fails to impress-)-)

My Review : Mukti Bhawan

My Review : Mukti Bhawan

My Review : Mukti Bhawan – Hotel Salvation

Prelude :
Moksha is the Hindu concept of liberation from the trials and tribulations of life. It is when you give up all materialistic pleasures and become one with your self or the Atman.
A dip in the Ganges to wash off your sins is the most popular concept but holy cities in India like Banaras are filled with devouts asking priests to liberate them. And this one house or hostel: aptly named Mukti Bhavan – gives people just that. Liberation from their life and a promise of Moksha.
Though it sounds strange, Mukti Bhavan sees thousands of visitors every year.The house is not a place where people go to commit suicide. Or it is not even a place of mercy killing. Only people right on their death-bed are allowed.
People who are on their death-bed can check-in to Mukti Bhavan and stay there for 2 weeks. However, if the person does not die within 2 weeks, he/she has to leave Mukti Bhavan and give his/her room to someone else.

And this idea of Moksha becomes the concept of Shubhashish Bhutiani’s debut feature Mukti Bhawan.

Plot :

Set in Banaras, the film revolves around a 77-year-old Dayanand Kumar who all of a sudden informs his family that his time to die has arrived, and he wants to visit Banaras for his last journey. Since Rajeev can’t let his father visit Varanasi alone, he decides to accompany him inspite for his tough work schedule..
In Benaras, Kumar prepares himself for the release from the cycle of life, death and reincarnation by checking in to a moksha retirement lodge ‘Mukti Bhawan’
Rest you need to watch the film to find out.


Technical :
Gifted Film Director 25 year old Bhutiani does an amazing job,He beautifully handles the relationship that a son shares with a father awaiting his death. I loved the manner in which it evolves.
The cinematography by David Huwiler and Michael McSweeney is simply mind blowing and they have portrayed Banaras nothing like what we have seen it in mainstream movies till now.
The screenplay written by Bhutiani and Asad Hussain is tight, powerful and convincing.

Performances :
The father-son bond portrayed by power house of talents Lalit Behl and Adil Hussain is the USP of the film. Geetanjali Kulkarni and Palomi Ghosh through their well balanced performances make the film incredibly watchable.

Verdict :
Go and watch Mukti Bhawan – Hotel Salvation and experience the magic this great piece of cinema holds. The concept and treatment might make you forget commercial cinema. Strongly Recommended.

My Review : Naam Shabana

My Review : Naam Shabana

Prelude :
I am 100% sure and taking for granted that most of you have watched Neeraj Pandey’s one of most accomplished work ‘BABY’ and I am sure you do remember the brief cameo of Shabana Khan, where she is facing off against a terrorist in a hotel room. Tapsee Pannu’s character Shabana Khan was easily one of the high points in Baby.
This Spin-off from Baby provides the back-story of intelligence agent Shabana, and chronicles how she becomes a spy. Since the film is set a few years before the establishment of Baby, we learn why she has been recruited by a top-secret intelligence agency that has been tracking her for some time.

Review :
So, after watching ‘Naam Shabana’ the previous night, all I can say is that don’t compare it to ‘BABY’ as it has no connection or resemblance to the latter. Naam Shabana, touted to be India’s first spin off and one among several movies headlined by heroines, unfortunately does not quite live up to its franchise-(

Plot :
The story talks about Shabana, a middle class Muslim girl with a bad past living with her mother in Mumbai.
The first half of the film talks about her love life and how she is the chosen one. Both the segments, First and second are two different stories overall and has no connection.
The second half, she is recruited by a secret intelligence agency asks her to pin down the most-wanted international arms dealer.

Technical :
Right from the story line to the screenplay, the overall plot is nothing new, half baked and predictable. It lacks the depth of A Wednesday, Baby and Special 26.
The script is filled with loopholes and seemed crafted ( Don’t want to mention them as it will give out spoilers)

The action sequences look powerful and dangerous, special thanks to Cyrill Raffaeli and Abbas Ali Moghul, the action directors.


Performances :

Tapsee Pannu is top notch as Shabana but I still feel she could have performed those emotional scene in a better manner.
Akshay Kumar has an extended cameo in Naam Shabana as Ajay,His character looks silly and stupid.

Anupam Kher is good in a brief role as tech wiz Shuklaji. Manoj Bajpayee as Shabana’s boss and Danny Denzongpa as his boss perform well with a lot of ease.

Malayalam superstar Prithviraj Sukumaran is okay as the main villain but gets very less screen time and scope to perform.

Verdict :
Overall, Naam Shabana is an average film which lacks depth. Watch it at your own risk. No recommendation.