Prelude :

Mr M. Night Shyamalan has always been one of my favourite film directors. I still remember, when I was in class 6, I had watched his debut film ‘The Sixth Sense’ which totally blew me away. Later, I followed all his work right from ‘The Unbreakable’,’Signs’ ;Village’ Lady in the water etc. I really don’t know how many of us,youngsters (I still call myself) and aspiring film directors follow his work.
If you don’t…please start following.
All his movies have twisted endings,they’re all scary. You will also notice a strong emotional perspective too.
Good News – Shyamalan is back again after a series of misfires. it’s hard to imagine any writer/director sustaining a career based almost entirely on scaring the audiences.

Review :
Right from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” to Brian De Palma’s “Dressed to Kill,” a similar split personality theme was implemented— though Director M. Night Shyamalan goes to a different level is talking about DID in “Split,”. Treating dissociative identity disorder not as the twist, but as the premise on which this compelling abduction thriller is founded.

Plot :
Three teenagers, Claire, Marcia and outsider Casey are kidnapped and held captive by “Dennis”, one of 23 personalities present in the mind of Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy), a victim of childhood abuse diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. Kevin has 24 separate and distinct personalities and seems to be able to alter his physiology, neurochemistry, and accent with every one.
Trapped underground in an unknown location, the girls spend several days trying to escape. Their every attempt will have you biting your fingernails. McAvoy’s totally all the unpredictable personalities manages to gain the upper hand, while the girls try to make sense of the information before them.
Dennis and company, meanwhile — it’s mostly Barry, actually — consult with a therapist, Dr. Fletcher, who lives alone in a gracious, house and who is played by the wonderful Betty Buckley. Dr. Fletcher’s basically explains the movie to the audience and keeps us hooked.

Technical :

Mike Gioulakis extraordinary camera work places the movie to a different level. James Newton Howard’s music makes it more haunting and scary to watch.
The screenplay and the narrative is tight and keeps you hooked right till the last minute.

PS : The final scene from Split was David’s (Bruce Willis Guest Appearance) realization that Mr. Glass from the first film was right; there are superpowered people in the world.

Perfomances :

James McAvoy steals the show playing various personalities with a lot of ease and perfection. We don’t get to see each of the 23 personalities, but Shyamalan wisely chooses to develop only a handful of them. Spli belongs to him.

Anya Taylor-Joy will surprise you with her price less performance.

Verdict :

Split 2016 filmA MUST WATCH-)-)


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