Against the electric background of the year 1943 World War 2, Vishal Bharadwaj tells a rich, suave, exciting and intriguing tale in his new film, “Rangoon” which released yesterday. I loved it.
Vishal sir like always maintains a high tradition of telling a hard-boiled romantic-adventure style. And to make it all the more tempting, the film boasts of a top-notch cast of Saif Ali Khan, Kangana Ranaut and Shahid Kapoor.

Plot :
Rangoon is the love triangle story – Julia who is a super star and is in a complicated relationship with her producer Rusi. To boost the morale of Queens Army stationed in Burma, Julia is asked to perform and sent with her troop against her will. There she falls in love with her bodyguard Subedaar Nawab Malik and thus begins a love triangle.

Technical :
Don’t worry; I will not give out the spoilers. But will tell you that the urbane detail and the crackling dialogue which has been packed into this film by the super talented Vishal sir, is of the best. Pankaj Kumar’s brilliant camera work is always conveying grim tension and uncertainty through out the film. Some of the significant incidents, too, are affecting such as The action sequences, the beautiful choreographed songs etc.
Ultimately, however, while it’s fascinating to examine and dissect all that went into the making of Rangoon, the greatest pleasure anyone can derive from this movie comes through simply watching it. Aside from some basic knowledge of recent world history, little background is needed to appreciate the strength and power of the film. Rangoon accomplishes that which only a truly great film can: enveloping the viewer in the story, forging an unbreakable link with all the characters.


Performances :

Rangoon has a super talented cast :

Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan. When ever I think of Rangoon, these are the two names that come to mind. The actors are both so perfectly cast, and create such a palpable level of romantic tension, that it’s impossible to envision anyone else in their parts
Saif Ali Khan as Rusi is at his best here as the tough cynic who hides a broken heart beneath a fractured layer of sarcasm.
As Julia, Kangana lights up the screen. Any man in the audience would give up everything to run away with her. I would lolz

The very talented Shahid Kapoor “the other guy” in the romantic triangle, gives out a great performance just like his other co-stars.

Another best thing about Rangoon is the director. From Makadi to Haidar. Vishal sir is undoubtedly one of the most talenetd directors in Bollywood, helming over 10 films.

Music :
The music for the film is composed by Vishal Bhardwaj, while the lyrics have been penned by Gulzar. All the songs are beautifully composed and soothing to your ears.My personal favourite is ‘Tap Tap’ & ‘piya gaye Rangoon’

Verdict :

I loved watching Rangoon ..go ahead and watch it -)-)


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