For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow
For he’s a jolly good fellow
which nobody can deny…

After watching this film, this particular nursery rhyme was constantly playinghg in my head and it was specially dedicated to Mr Akshay Kumar coz he is one Hit Machine who never fails to impress you.

Court room dramas have always been an instant hit with the audience example Rustum, Pink, No one killed Jesica, Aitraaz,Kasoor etc Because you have a lot of scope for sharp, powerful lines and good twists and they tend to become interesting and can be fun to watch. Talented Director Subhash Kapoor first came out with Jolly LLB, back in 2013 starring Arshad Warsi, managed to become an instant hit possibly because it was smartly executed and cleverly written.
The sequel featuring Akshay Kumar, also strkes a perfect chord despite the film’s predictability and unoriginal premise.


Plot :
Jagdhishwar Mishra urf Jolly, a struggling lawyer in Lucknow aspires to have his own chamber and make it big as a lawyer. Jolly wants to break out and have his own practice.He does manage to get his own chamber by lying to Hina Siddiqui, a desperate 8 month pregnant woman who makes rounds of the court every day in an attempt to get a good lawyer to fight her case and give her proper justice as her husband was killed in a fake encounter.
Feeling cheated and rejected, when Hina commits suicide, Jolly realizes his mistake and decides to fight her case. Unfortunately Jolly now has to fight the case against the most powerful, expensive lawyer (Annu Kapoor) in town.

Technical :
Jolly LLB has its heart in the right place, which is backed by a powerful dialogues and a tight screenplay.

The film is buoyed by a series of outstanding performances and a directorial style that is simple and yet engaging.

Writer-director Subhash Kapoor keeps it simple and to the point and does not degenerate into objectionable mockery.

The detailing and few scenes in the film are absolutely remarkable ex:
1) The judge Saurabh Shukla is shown editing his daughter’s wedding card in the court is a funny moment.

2) Akshay Kumar is making roti and sabji for his family.

3) There’s a Ghoonghat 11 Vs Burqa 11 cricket match in Varanasi, even as an entirely male audience watches on. The creatively designed jerseys of the women – “Sonu Ki Bua” and “Lucky Ki Nanad” will put you in splits.

4) Shubhash Kapoor incorporates a lot of black humour like introducing us to the lawyer’s rate card, package deals etc.

Jolly LLB though a light hearted film will evoke concern for the state of affairs in our country, corruption etc.

Performances :

It is difficult to imagine this film without the first-rate pivotal performa Saurabh Shukla and Anu Kapoor. The two brilliant actors match each other step for step.
It would have been an okay film without Saurabh Shukla, His delightfully effortless performance that forms the core of the satire.

Akshay Kumar was good and successfully carried the entire film on his shoulders.

A cameo by the talented Sayani Gupta is simply outstanding and impactful.
Huma Qureshi, Vinod Nagpal and Manav Kaul are given limited screen time and hence are okay in their respective roles.

Music :
The Music is average and doesn’t quite fit the story.

Verdict :
Overall, Jolly LLB is a witty satire,craftily made, the film makes for a good humorous, thought evoking watch..A Jolly good film. A Must Watch.



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