My Review : Split

My Review : Split

Prelude :

Mr M. Night Shyamalan has always been one of my favourite film directors. I still remember, when I was in class 6, I had watched his debut film ‘The Sixth Sense’ which totally blew me away. Later, I followed all his work right from ‘The Unbreakable’,’Signs’ ;Village’ Lady in the water etc. I really don’t know how many of us,youngsters (I still call myself) and aspiring film directors follow his work.
If you don’t…please start following.
All his movies have twisted endings,they’re all scary. You will also notice a strong emotional perspective too.
Good News – Shyamalan is back again after a series of misfires. it’s hard to imagine any writer/director sustaining a career based almost entirely on scaring the audiences.

Review :
Right from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” to Brian De Palma’s “Dressed to Kill,” a similar split personality theme was implemented— though Director M. Night Shyamalan goes to a different level is talking about DID in “Split,”. Treating dissociative identity disorder not as the twist, but as the premise on which this compelling abduction thriller is founded.

Plot :
Three teenagers, Claire, Marcia and outsider Casey are kidnapped and held captive by “Dennis”, one of 23 personalities present in the mind of Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy), a victim of childhood abuse diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. Kevin has 24 separate and distinct personalities and seems to be able to alter his physiology, neurochemistry, and accent with every one.
Trapped underground in an unknown location, the girls spend several days trying to escape. Their every attempt will have you biting your fingernails. McAvoy’s totally all the unpredictable personalities manages to gain the upper hand, while the girls try to make sense of the information before them.
Dennis and company, meanwhile — it’s mostly Barry, actually — consult with a therapist, Dr. Fletcher, who lives alone in a gracious, house and who is played by the wonderful Betty Buckley. Dr. Fletcher’s basically explains the movie to the audience and keeps us hooked.

Technical :

Mike Gioulakis extraordinary camera work places the movie to a different level. James Newton Howard’s music makes it more haunting and scary to watch.
The screenplay and the narrative is tight and keeps you hooked right till the last minute.

PS : The final scene from Split was David’s (Bruce Willis Guest Appearance) realization that Mr. Glass from the first film was right; there are superpowered people in the world.

Perfomances :

James McAvoy steals the show playing various personalities with a lot of ease and perfection. We don’t get to see each of the 23 personalities, but Shyamalan wisely chooses to develop only a handful of them. Spli belongs to him.

Anya Taylor-Joy will surprise you with her price less performance.

Verdict :

Split 2016 filmA MUST WATCH-)-)


My Review : Rangoon

My Review : Rangoon

Against the electric background of the year 1943 World War 2, Vishal Bharadwaj tells a rich, suave, exciting and intriguing tale in his new film, “Rangoon” which released yesterday. I loved it.
Vishal sir like always maintains a high tradition of telling a hard-boiled romantic-adventure style. And to make it all the more tempting, the film boasts of a top-notch cast of Saif Ali Khan, Kangana Ranaut and Shahid Kapoor.

Plot :
Rangoon is the love triangle story – Julia who is a super star and is in a complicated relationship with her producer Rusi. To boost the morale of Queens Army stationed in Burma, Julia is asked to perform and sent with her troop against her will. There she falls in love with her bodyguard Subedaar Nawab Malik and thus begins a love triangle.

Technical :
Don’t worry; I will not give out the spoilers. But will tell you that the urbane detail and the crackling dialogue which has been packed into this film by the super talented Vishal sir, is of the best. Pankaj Kumar’s brilliant camera work is always conveying grim tension and uncertainty through out the film. Some of the significant incidents, too, are affecting such as The action sequences, the beautiful choreographed songs etc.
Ultimately, however, while it’s fascinating to examine and dissect all that went into the making of Rangoon, the greatest pleasure anyone can derive from this movie comes through simply watching it. Aside from some basic knowledge of recent world history, little background is needed to appreciate the strength and power of the film. Rangoon accomplishes that which only a truly great film can: enveloping the viewer in the story, forging an unbreakable link with all the characters.


Performances :

Rangoon has a super talented cast :

Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan. When ever I think of Rangoon, these are the two names that come to mind. The actors are both so perfectly cast, and create such a palpable level of romantic tension, that it’s impossible to envision anyone else in their parts
Saif Ali Khan as Rusi is at his best here as the tough cynic who hides a broken heart beneath a fractured layer of sarcasm.
As Julia, Kangana lights up the screen. Any man in the audience would give up everything to run away with her. I would lolz

The very talented Shahid Kapoor “the other guy” in the romantic triangle, gives out a great performance just like his other co-stars.

Another best thing about Rangoon is the director. From Makadi to Haidar. Vishal sir is undoubtedly one of the most talenetd directors in Bollywood, helming over 10 films.

Music :
The music for the film is composed by Vishal Bhardwaj, while the lyrics have been penned by Gulzar. All the songs are beautifully composed and soothing to your ears.My personal favourite is ‘Tap Tap’ & ‘piya gaye Rangoon’

Verdict :

I loved watching Rangoon ..go ahead and watch it -)-)

My Review : The Ghazi Attack

My Review : The Ghazi Attack

How did Mr Sankalp Reddy make it ?? How did he go about it ? What was the pre production plan ? How could he shoot in such narrow places ?? Well ! this was my first reaction after watching India’s first underwater war film and I salute the first time Film Director Sankalp Reddy.
A war film is very rare in Indian cinema and especially not dealing with romance and dream sequences needs to be lauded, and this particular film The Ghazi Attack has the ability to engross and get you hooked. The best part is that the director has managed to get a really powerful non- star cast comprising of Om Puri, Nasser, Rana Daggubati, Kay Kay Menon and others.

Plot :

In 1971, a war with Pakistan was imminent as Pakistan is oppressing East Pakistan which is seeking a separation. Pakistan was looking for a surprise attack on Visakhapatnam. The Indian Navy deploys a submarine S21 to keep a watch. The submarine is commanded by Ranvir Singh (Kay Kay Menon) who is a short tempered captain who doesn’t follow instructions and protocols. The officials appoint and give clear instructions to Arjun Varma (Rana Daggubati) who is the second in command of the submarine to make sure that Ranvir Singh doesn’t cross the line and disobey protocols. While doing patrolling, the Indian submarine intercepts the Pakistan’s powerful submarine PNS Ghazi. The rest of the story talks about the story between the two rival captains and how Indian submarine succeeds in destroying PNS Ghazi.


Technical :

The director has keep all the details in tact and yet simplified the process so that the movie audiences wouldn’t find it difficult to understand. I loved the detailing in this film.
The visuals and CG effects lack finesse, the film compensates for it with its amazing storyline and inspite of limited resources at hand, debutant director Sankalp Reddy manages to make an engaging film . The second half keeps you on the edge of your seat as the submarines go head-to-head, firing torpedoes at each other.
This underwater thriller is worth a watch. It leaves you feeling proud for our indian soldiers, who lay their lives for their country.

Editing by the talented A Sreekar Prasad is sleek. The combination of PVP and Matinee Entertainment which has given a new concept film.

Performances :

Rana Dagubatti has suited the role well and did a swell job as the Lt. Commander.
Kay Kay Menon is really good as a hot-tempered captain.
Atul Kulkarni is fantastic as the senior captain.
Taapsee Pannu plays the role of a bangladeshi refugee but hardly gets scope to perform.
Satya Dev plays a small but crucial role of sonar operator and contributes well.
Late Om Puri is simply perfect as the key official in Indian Navy.


Verdict :

Overall, The Ghazi Attack is an engaging piece of cinema which should be watched and suported. Jai Hind.

My Review : Jolly LLB 2

My Review : Jolly LLB 2

For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow
For he’s a jolly good fellow
which nobody can deny…

After watching this film, this particular nursery rhyme was constantly playinghg in my head and it was specially dedicated to Mr Akshay Kumar coz he is one Hit Machine who never fails to impress you.

Court room dramas have always been an instant hit with the audience example Rustum, Pink, No one killed Jesica, Aitraaz,Kasoor etc Because you have a lot of scope for sharp, powerful lines and good twists and they tend to become interesting and can be fun to watch. Talented Director Subhash Kapoor first came out with Jolly LLB, back in 2013 starring Arshad Warsi, managed to become an instant hit possibly because it was smartly executed and cleverly written.
The sequel featuring Akshay Kumar, also strkes a perfect chord despite the film’s predictability and unoriginal premise.


Plot :
Jagdhishwar Mishra urf Jolly, a struggling lawyer in Lucknow aspires to have his own chamber and make it big as a lawyer. Jolly wants to break out and have his own practice.He does manage to get his own chamber by lying to Hina Siddiqui, a desperate 8 month pregnant woman who makes rounds of the court every day in an attempt to get a good lawyer to fight her case and give her proper justice as her husband was killed in a fake encounter.
Feeling cheated and rejected, when Hina commits suicide, Jolly realizes his mistake and decides to fight her case. Unfortunately Jolly now has to fight the case against the most powerful, expensive lawyer (Annu Kapoor) in town.

Technical :
Jolly LLB has its heart in the right place, which is backed by a powerful dialogues and a tight screenplay.

The film is buoyed by a series of outstanding performances and a directorial style that is simple and yet engaging.

Writer-director Subhash Kapoor keeps it simple and to the point and does not degenerate into objectionable mockery.

The detailing and few scenes in the film are absolutely remarkable ex:
1) The judge Saurabh Shukla is shown editing his daughter’s wedding card in the court is a funny moment.

2) Akshay Kumar is making roti and sabji for his family.

3) There’s a Ghoonghat 11 Vs Burqa 11 cricket match in Varanasi, even as an entirely male audience watches on. The creatively designed jerseys of the women – “Sonu Ki Bua” and “Lucky Ki Nanad” will put you in splits.

4) Shubhash Kapoor incorporates a lot of black humour like introducing us to the lawyer’s rate card, package deals etc.

Jolly LLB though a light hearted film will evoke concern for the state of affairs in our country, corruption etc.

Performances :

It is difficult to imagine this film without the first-rate pivotal performa Saurabh Shukla and Anu Kapoor. The two brilliant actors match each other step for step.
It would have been an okay film without Saurabh Shukla, His delightfully effortless performance that forms the core of the satire.

Akshay Kumar was good and successfully carried the entire film on his shoulders.

A cameo by the talented Sayani Gupta is simply outstanding and impactful.
Huma Qureshi, Vinod Nagpal and Manav Kaul are given limited screen time and hence are okay in their respective roles.

Music :
The Music is average and doesn’t quite fit the story.

Verdict :
Overall, Jolly LLB is a witty satire,craftily made, the film makes for a good humorous, thought evoking watch..A Jolly good film. A Must Watch.