Rahul Dholakia’s latest flick Raees has finally released and has been loved and appreciated by people all over the world. But, you should not forget the hours of hard work and the effort the entire team has put inorder to make this film a success.

Right from the first teaser to the high packed theatrical trailer, I always knew that this very film is going to be a massive success in India as well as the overseas.


So how did Raees become the film everybody loves? Does it deserve all the success? I bet it does.

Before getting down with the actual reasons, I want to proudly mention that this film marks the Bollywood debut of my favourite actor Mahira Khan and you will 100% agree with me that she was really wonderful and quite convincing.


The film director Rahul Dholakia had our complete attention with his path-breaking effort PARZANIA (which won two National Awards : Silver Lotus AwardBest Actress Golden Lotus AwardBest Direction ) It’s not at all surprising that Exel Entertainment then trusted him with this huge film Raees with a big star cast.


For most of us The Mahirians and Srkians however, the sizzling pairing of Sharukh Khan and Mahira Khan was the instant draw, ever since the first teaser of Raees was released early this year. That 80’s feel, old school romance, vintage styling, powerful performances, strong dialogues and the intriguing story line took us into the world of Raees Alam. We all became breathless and left us wanting for more. If Raees was not shot dead towards the climax, I would have hoped for a sequel.

The Reasons :

1) Plot

The story of the movie is set in 1980s Gujarat and revolves around the character Raees Alam, you will see his journey from a bootlegger to a God Father. How a tough cop is ready to take him down.

2) Cast

Our very own Shahrukh Khan playing a grey character Raees Alam who begins his journey from a liquor gangster to a God Father.

It marks the Bollywood debut of the Pakistani heart-throb Mahira Khan who is one of the USP of the film.She is portraying the role of Aasiya as Raees’s wife

Nawazuddin Siddique is playing the role of a cop named Majmudar a tough cop who is ready to pin down Raees.

Lastly, Sunny Leone has also bagged an item song ‘Laila’ in the movie.

3) Dialogues 

The dialogues penned by Harit, Ashish,Niraj and Rahul Dholakia are powerful, strong, impactful and will remind you of the 1980’s action classics.

4) Romance – The romantic chemistry between  Mahira Khan and SRK is one of the high points of the film. It has the old charm and will put a smile on to your face.

My Review: RAEES (First Show) Watch it for Mahira and SRK’S Chemistry.

You can hardly go wrong with a perfect setup isn’t?  Once in a while, Bollywood does successfully churn out a film with a great content and star cast.


I wish we get to see more films like these in the near future and ofcoz I really wish that my favourite Mahira Khan does another film in Bollywood.

Though I knew what to expect, thanks to the hype when the film teaser had released last year. I was very sure that I could write about it at length and praise it a lot. So If someone like me in India feels so connecetd to this film, imagine people all around the world would feel. This film will click the right chord for sure.

While this film is still running in the theatre near you..hurry, buy tickets and watch it atleast twice.

After watching it a second time, I decide to write about it.

solo Biggest fan of Mahira Khan on Earth


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