My Review : Kaabil ( Hrithik is Hrithik)

Prelude :
Frankly speaking, After the debacle of Kites,Bang Bang and ofcoz the huge failure of the film Mohenjodaro, I was kinda losing hope in a Hrithik Roshan film. As far Mr Sanjay Gupta is concerned, I was never a die hard fan of his work barring ‘Kante’. So, I did not have much expectations from ‘Kaabil’ even the trailer did not intrigue me much or got me excited about it.
But as people say..there is nothing called permanent failure or stardom…’Is industry mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai’ isn’t ? My thoughts about Kaabil was proved wrong.
So,my film watching ritual this week ends a day before Friday with Kaabil and I am a happy boy today.

Premise :

The film begins with Rohan Bhatnagar accepting a meeting with Supriya fixed by a common friend. They get attracted to each other instantly and begin to date, dance and end up tying the knot. After a lot of hunky dory, enters the villians- Amit, the neighbourhood gangster with a politician elder brother Madhavrao Shellar. The two Amit and Wasim rape Supriya and she is compelled to commit suicide. This takes a tragic turn.
Rohan, a blind man, goes about seeking revenge is the rest of the story in Kaabil.



Technical :
The story works for me because you realise this is the story of an underdog you want to win. It reminded me of Ghajni because Kaabil also has a perfect blend of two genres.The first half is a love story, the second half is more of an action film.
Few instances, you do feel the film to be a little crafted, convenient and filled with cliches but since it’s a Bollywood can’t complain lolz.
Drawing inspiration from Hollywood’s Blind Fury (1989)and Korean super hit, Broken (2014), Sanjay Gupta gives you another Bollywood adaptation that delivers quite a punch. Rohan’s hunt game still gives you an adrenaline rush. Every time He commits an atrocity, you will be compelled to blow a whistle.


Performance :

It is a Hrithik Roshan film all the way, he holds the film together and has delivered one of his best performance till date. He is a power house of Talent.

Yami Gautam looked like a doll and was pretty balanced and convincing. She is slowly getting typecast though.

Ronit Roy is absolutely brilliant in his negative avatar. He is undoubtedly one of the best actors in the industry.

All other performances Rohit Roy,Girish Kulkarni etc were quite good in their respective roles.

Music : Like always, Rajesh Roshan’s music is quite average and forgettable. The remixed version of Saara Zamana is a total waste.

Verdict :
Overall, Kaabil is a crowd pleaser, Thanks to Hrithik Roshan. A watchable film..Go for it-)



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