Prelude :
So finally the day has come, I was waiting for this day for the last one year..and after a lot of controveries,delays etc my fav Mahira Khan ‘s debut bollywood film Raees releases today and guess what? I watched the first show. Never ever in my life , I have got up early in the morning and watched the first show of a film..I always try and watch a movie on its first day but First show ?? never. I did it only for the love for Mahira Khan. A Mahirian for life. I will thank the producers for flashing Mahira’s name at the beginning of the opening credits.
So, I will be a little partial towards this film…( forgive me plz)


Review :
Our very own Sharukh Khan is back in and as Raees, a gangster who does bad things for a good cause. Srk does what he does best, He sings,dances,fights and romances with a lot of ease.

Plot :
The story begins during the 1970’s with the introduction a young boy named Raees, who lives with his mom, who had taught him conquer the world with two basic lessons: “No business is small”. Eventually, he starts illegal bootlegging for Jairaj who makes Raees believe that he has both baniye ki dimag, aur Miyabhai ki daring .After gaining a lot of popularity in the business, he decides to start his own business due to which he and Jairaj turn foes. Soon after, Raees expands his business and joins hands with Musa bhai who gives Raees a contract to kill Jairaj. Now enters the IPS officer Jaideep Ambalal Majmudar, who is recently transferred to Fatehpura, soon goes after Raees to stop his illegal bootlegging business,Then begins a so called interesting chase of betrayal and revenge.


Technical :
After the success of Parzania and the disaster Lamha Director Rahul Dholakia made a commendable effort to make a typical paisa vasool film for the mass audience but falters badly in story telling and the screen play. The film badly slows down especially in the second half. First half still keeps you hooked. The biggest flaw of the film is its weak plot.

Raees will remind you of the typical 1980’s potboiler such as Deewar and ofcoz the famous Al Pacino film ‘Scarface”etc.The dialogues are well penned and crisp.

The cinematography by K.U.Mohanan was absolutely top notch.

Performances :

Sharukh Khan owns the film totally, he walks, talks and moves like the king. This is one of his best performances and his hard work shows on screen. His character was well written and properly etched out.

My favourite Mahira Khan is absolute lovely and wonderful in her first bollywood film. She totally did justice to her characterAasiya and was looking beautiful. She is one actress who has the old charm yet looks so modern and sweet.I loved the way she was introduced in the film, her character Aasiya was dancing to a sridevi song and trust me only Mahira khan can pull it off.

Mahira Khan and SRK’S chemistry looked fresh and sweet.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Nails the character once again. he very effortlessly fits into the character Majumdar with a lot of ease and style. Nawaz is in a league of his own..Being a SRK film, he will impress you.

Other performances Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub Atul Kulkarni etc are simply brilliant and adds a lot of value to the film.

Music :
Though the romantic songs were beautifully composed, it was slowing the pace of the film. All songs are quite foot-tapping and well composed.

Verdict :

Overall, Raees The Film is a well made film but suffers from a weak plot and offers nothing fresh. But watch the film only for my fav Mahira Khan and ofcoz the King Sharukh Khan. Ek watch toh banta hai…



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