My Review : BinRoye Last Episode

So, my most favourite television drama BinRoye comes to an end and all I can say is that I simply enjoyed watching it and I will miss watching Saba a lot on screen. I still recall the day BinRoye had begun and how I got so glued and hooked on to it the very minute I began watching my favourite Mahira Khan perform on screen.

For me BinRoye = Mahira Khan

I am so glad that I could successfully watch all the episodes and complete it because so far I have not missed any work of Mahira. Another great aspect about Binroye was that I was luckily introduced to other two great talented actors such as Mr Humayun Saeed & Armeena Khan. They definitely added a lot of value to the BinRoye series and I am glad that I got the opportunity to watch their work. I will definitely recommend this particular series to all my folks back in India.


Plot :

The Last Episode : Saba still continues to give Irtaza a hard time and turns a deaf ear to all his pleas and requests. Irtaza still not ready to give up hope yet tries hard to win Saba’s heart. There are few instances where we feel that the relationship between Saba and Irtaza are improving but the very next moment it gets back to square one. One fine evening, there is a massive heated show down between Irtaza and Saba, where Saba directly informs Irtaza that she will always remain indifferent towards him. On hearing this, Irtaza very firmly informs Saba that as soon as they return to Pakistan, he will permanently distance himself from her.

The next day, Saba confides in Irtaza that she is scared to stay all alone at night, Irtaza promises to come early. The same day, Irtaza while travelling to one of his official engagements meets with an accident and is hospistalized. On hearing this, Saba gets emotional and deeply regrets. Luckily, Irtaza suffers only minor injuries and comes back home. Saba gets very hysterical and accuses Irtaza for not living up to his promise of coming back early. At this moment, Saba pours her heart out and informs Irtaza about her curse and how she badly wanted to remove Saman and was not happy with her getting married to him. On hearing this, Irtaza consoles her and expresses his love for her.

The climax was shot very beautifully where Saba and Irtaza are spending time together . Irtaza asks : Mujhse Shaadi Karogi ? Saba – Phirse ? Irtaza – Nahi, Dil se.


The series wrapped up on a beautiful note.Right from the visuals, art work, songs and to the performances..everything was so well done. Since the film was not dirtibuted well in India, I was unable to watch it andf terribly regretted it.

So now I can proudly say that I have watched Binroye and thoroughly enjoyed it. I love you Mahira Khan

Please share your thoughts about the Last episode.

solo Deep Basu (The biggest fan of Mahira Khan on earth)



2 thoughts on “My Review : BinRoye Last Episode

  1. Thank you for your comment for this wonderful drama, me too I like this drama cause of Mahira Khan since I have watched humsafar and Sadqay Tumhare I discover this excellent actress,she is my favorite.
    I dont undesrtand urdu, I know just some basic word like nahi, koutchni, thialey, kiya howa…but I use you website evry episode to understand something why I’m waiting despiratly Bin roye with english subtitle.
    If I see some one who can give me the text(Conversation) I can make all the episodes with the subtitle because I’m working in computer science, I know to doing video montage.
    Thank you, have a good night.


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