My Review : BinRoye Drama Episode -16

Had a packed Sunday for a change, so got up early this morning and began my Monday with my favourite Mahira Khan watching the 16th episode of BinRoye Drama series. Since I have taken a strong oath that whatever happens I will never miss an episode of BinRoye drama and promote it only for my favourite Mahira Khan (after all, I only watch it for her).


So, Irtaza and Saba are back together but not in the same relationship or chemistry they use to have before. The same Saba who loved Irtaza and wanted to get married to him now hates him and holds him resposible for breaking her previous marriage with Safeer. Things are not hunky dory anymore and due to this I am getting more and more hooked to this series coz I don’t know how is it going to end.


Plot :

Post marriage, Saba is trying her level best not to cooperate with Irtaza and repeatedly ignores Irtaza’s requets. Irtaza, not yet ready to give up hope, tries his level best to make Saba more comfortable and happy. Finally, Irtaza gets a transfer to US for two months and Saba is forcefully asked to accompany him. In US, Saba begins to behave abnormally and gives Irtaza a very tough time ( We get to see the first intro scene of BinRoye, if you remember). Now the things will take an interestring turn because Irtaza and Saba will  be all alone together in the same house Saman used to stay with Irtaza.

The teaser of the next episode really intrigued me as it showed a glimpse of something bad is about to happen to Irtaza and Saba looks regretful.


In this episode, Irtaza once again seems to be the most sensible and matured one between the two. I actually felt bad and empathized with Irtaza. Mahira khan has nailed it once again with her steller performance, the sudden transformation of Saba looks very convincing and will make you despise her for giving the poor Irtaza such a hard time. Though the scenes between them were quite repetitive, you would still love seeing Saba and Irtaza together back on screen. Sudden quick time lapse does make you think and wonder what really happened in these days, but the hardcore solid performances will make you overlook all the minor loopholes.

Can’t wait for  next Sunday….


Do share your views about this episode.

soloDeep Basu ( Biggest Fan of Mahira Khan on earth)



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