My Review Haramkhor The Movie

Prelude :
Around 2 years ago,my neighbour Kavita, who happened to work in Anurag Kahyap films, had told me about this particular film ‘Haramkhor’ and I still remember the way she was going completely GAGA over it. The most important thing she had stated was “Its a great film but unfortunately no one is releasing it.’ I den wondered why such good piece of work are banned and not distributed??
Luckily, I was introduced to the director Shlok Sharma back then and loved chatting with him and liked his vision. Please follow Shlok’s short films on youtube, he is a gem of a person and a power house of talent.
So finally after 2 years Haramkhor releases..I am very happy that I saw it the first day. The Censor Board objected to the content of Haraamkhor because they thought the Indian audience was not ready for such cinema.
Now that the film is released, I am sure Haraamkhor can connect with most of us. And it’s told sensibly.

For a change I did not want to go and support a big banner film liike OkJaanu but wanted to go and support a gem and true Can you believe debutant director Shlok Sharma’s shot this film Haraamkhor in just 16 days ??


Plot :
The story revolves around an illicit affair between a middle age class teacher and his under age student. Meanwhile, there is another track of Sandhya’s classmates Mintu (Mohd Samad) and Kamal (the excellent Irfan Khan), who are both younger than her. Mintu is in love with Sandhya, and Kamal, the boy’s best friend, is going to make sure that Mintu and Sandhya get married.
The movie has quite a few comic scenes that compensates Haraamkhor’s otherwise dark subject.

Technical :
Due to the low budget, the director has used super 16 to shoot the film and has smartly composed the scenes with hand held and jerky shots to make it look real.
The scenes and the narrative look real and very well written. From start to finish.Haraamkhor’s filmmaking is brave, gutsy and confident.

Performance :
Nawazuddin Siddiqui once again steals the show with his brilliant performance. he is really, creepy and strange.

Shweta Tripathi nails is once again..striking a perfect balance in her performance. ( This was before Masaan)

The supporting characters of Haraamkhor are very well-etched including Mr Harish Khanna ( my ex neighbour), Irfan khan and Mohd Samad.

Verdict :
Debutant director Shlok Sharma has hit a bulls eye and can’t wait to be a part of his next film. Overall, Haramkhor is a gem and should not be missed. A Must watch for all . Thank you Guneet Monga for supporting this film

img_20170113_214739 Shlok Sharma and me-)


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