Mahira Khan will sweep you off your feet this 25th January.

As everyone knows, Pakistan industry’s Queen of Hearts Mahira Khan will be debuting as the lead actor opposite our very own King Khan Sharukh Khan in Rahul Dholakia‘s upcoming ‘Raees’.


Interestingly, it’s been more than a year since the announcement had been made and the shoot has been completed. Well, looks like the long wait has been worth it.

We Mahirians have been waiting with bated breath to see Mahira Khan weave magic on-screen with the King Khan Sharukh Khan. The trailer of ‘Raees’ has already given us a glimpse of Mahira & Srk’s sizzling chemistry, which I believe is just the tip of it. As per the Director Mr Rahul Dholakia, Mahira Khan has plenty of intense dramatic scenes in the film — from intense performance to dancing to Bollywood numbers, Mahira has done it all.


With beautiful eyes and her charming smile, Mahira Khan is bound to sweep you off your feet this 25 th January.  I can assure you there will be nobody as good as her. Lets welcome Mahira Khan with open arms.

Please watch Raees and support her. Save the Date

Deep Basu – Biggest Mahira Khan on Earth

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