My Review : BinRoye Drama Episode 15

I am feeling really very happy writing the review of today’s episode because my favourite actor Mahira Khan is back in action and has once again taken over the entire episode with her captivating acting skills and performance. When I say that Mahira Khan is one of the best actors in the world, I mean it.


Frankly speaking, Nowadays BinRoye drama has taken a new drastic turn and it is becoming more and more interesting.The fun, sweet drama is turning into a high octane emotional one. The lead characters Saba and Irtaza are once again back together but they do not have the same relationship and chemistry they use to have.

Plot :

Irtaza finally takes matters into his hands and compels Saba to confess about her knowledge of Safeer’s secret marriage and why she deliberately kept it a secret. On hearing this, Irtaza and the family decide to break Saba & Safeer’s marriage. On the other hand, Safeer decides to file a divorce and calls the marriage off. Post the break up, everyone in the household are quite worried and thinking to get Saba married off once again. At this moment, Irtaza steps in and decides to get married to Saba as he feels Saba will be in good hands after getting married to him.On hearing this, Saba is not at all happy and throws a fit. Irtaza and the family go against Saba’s decision and get both of them married.Post marriage, there is a sudden strange transformation in Saba’s character and she begins to despise Irtaza and disrespects him.

BinRoye is undoubtedly one of the best television dramas I have ever watched in my life post Humsafar. Thanks to my favourite Mahira Khan, as I watch it only for her. Right from the characters, music,performances and its direction, Binroye scores in all the departments.

Nowadays, Sundays are more happening and interesting than any other day of the week. Can’t wait to watch the next episode.

Please share your thoughts about this episode.


Deep Basu ( Biggest Mahira Khan fan on earth)


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