My Review : BinRoye Drama Episode – 14

The New year begins with yet another superb impactful episode of the BinRoyeDrama Series and like always I simply loved and enjoyed it. But one thing I must this very episode Irtaza takes full charge and gets maximum screen presence than the other actors. Though being a die hard Mahira Khan fan, I just couldn’t stop myself from getting more & more hooked to Irtaza and his magnetic screen presence. Neverthless, Mahira Khan still manages to hold her own ground with her acting skills.


Synopsis :

Irtaza decides to take matters in his own hands and plans a surprise visit to the US to catch hold of Safeer red handed. As expected, Irtaza unfortunately catches Safeer off guard with his wife Sonia and his child at his own residence. Safeer tries to dodge and make excuses but Irtaza mercilessly reveals Safeer’s dubious plan to Sonia and puts him in an uncomfortable position. Safeer, in return retaliates and informs Irtaza that Saba is to be blamed because inspite of knowing everything Saba still wants to continue the relationship with Safeer and not give him divorce. On hearing this, Irtaza is very shocked and instantly returns back to Karachi and confronts Saba. Saba initially tries to act oblivious but Irtaza compells her to confess and admit her mistake before her family members. Saba is in fix now.

According to me, this was the best episode so far..the plot gets intriguing by every minute and makes you want to see more and more. Now the drama has actually got interesting and moving to the right direction. Seeing today’s episode, I assume that Safeer’s track has ended for now and we will be back watching Irtaza and Saba’s chemistry taking a new shape. The promo of the 15th episode shows Saba in a diffrent avatar and an interesting one.


Can’t wait to watch till next Sunday…please share your views.


DEEP BASU ( The Biggest fan of Mahira Khan on earth)




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