Why Raees is a must watch ?

Why Raees is a must watch ?

Rahul Dholakia’s latest flick Raees has finally released and has been loved and appreciated by people all over the world. But, you should not forget the hours of hard work and the effort the entire team has put inorder to make this film a success.

Right from the first teaser to the high packed theatrical trailer, I always knew that this very film is going to be a massive success in India as well as the overseas.


So how did Raees become the film everybody loves? Does it deserve all the success? I bet it does.

Before getting down with the actual reasons, I want to proudly mention that this film marks the Bollywood debut of my favourite actor Mahira Khan and you will 100% agree with me that she was really wonderful and quite convincing.


The film director Rahul Dholakia had our complete attention with his path-breaking effort PARZANIA (which won two National Awards : Silver Lotus AwardBest Actress Golden Lotus AwardBest Direction ) It’s not at all surprising that Exel Entertainment then trusted him with this huge film Raees with a big star cast.


For most of us The Mahirians and Srkians however, the sizzling pairing of Sharukh Khan and Mahira Khan was the instant draw, ever since the first teaser of Raees was released early this year. That 80’s feel, old school romance, vintage styling, powerful performances, strong dialogues and the intriguing story line took us into the world of Raees Alam. We all became breathless and left us wanting for more. If Raees was not shot dead towards the climax, I would have hoped for a sequel.

The Reasons :

1) Plot

The story of the movie is set in 1980s Gujarat and revolves around the character Raees Alam, you will see his journey from a bootlegger to a God Father. How a tough cop is ready to take him down.

2) Cast

Our very own Shahrukh Khan playing a grey character Raees Alam who begins his journey from a liquor gangster to a God Father.

It marks the Bollywood debut of the Pakistani heart-throb Mahira Khan who is one of the USP of the film.She is portraying the role of Aasiya as Raees’s wife

Nawazuddin Siddique is playing the role of a cop named Majmudar a tough cop who is ready to pin down Raees.

Lastly, Sunny Leone has also bagged an item song ‘Laila’ in the movie.

3) Dialogues 

The dialogues penned by Harit, Ashish,Niraj and Rahul Dholakia are powerful, strong, impactful and will remind you of the 1980’s action classics.

4) Romance – The romantic chemistry between  Mahira Khan and SRK is one of the high points of the film. It has the old charm and will put a smile on to your face.

My Review: RAEES (First Show) Watch it for Mahira and SRK’S Chemistry.

You can hardly go wrong with a perfect setup isn’t?  Once in a while, Bollywood does successfully churn out a film with a great content and star cast.


I wish we get to see more films like these in the near future and ofcoz I really wish that my favourite Mahira Khan does another film in Bollywood.

Though I knew what to expect, thanks to the hype when the film teaser had released last year. I was very sure that I could write about it at length and praise it a lot. So If someone like me in India feels so connecetd to this film, imagine people all around the world would feel. This film will click the right chord for sure.

While this film is still running in the theatre near you..hurry, buy tickets and watch it atleast twice.

After watching it a second time, I decide to write about it.

solo Biggest fan of Mahira Khan on Earth


My Review : Kaabil ( Hrithik is Hrithik)

Prelude :
Frankly speaking, After the debacle of Kites,Bang Bang and ofcoz the huge failure of the film Mohenjodaro, I was kinda losing hope in a Hrithik Roshan film. As far Mr Sanjay Gupta is concerned, I was never a die hard fan of his work barring ‘Kante’. So, I did not have much expectations from ‘Kaabil’ even the trailer did not intrigue me much or got me excited about it.
But as people say..there is nothing called permanent failure or stardom…’Is industry mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai’ isn’t ? My thoughts about Kaabil was proved wrong.
So,my film watching ritual this week ends a day before Friday with Kaabil and I am a happy boy today.

Premise :

The film begins with Rohan Bhatnagar accepting a meeting with Supriya fixed by a common friend. They get attracted to each other instantly and begin to date, dance and end up tying the knot. After a lot of hunky dory, enters the villians- Amit, the neighbourhood gangster with a politician elder brother Madhavrao Shellar. The two Amit and Wasim rape Supriya and she is compelled to commit suicide. This takes a tragic turn.
Rohan, a blind man, goes about seeking revenge is the rest of the story in Kaabil.



Technical :
The story works for me because you realise this is the story of an underdog you want to win. It reminded me of Ghajni because Kaabil also has a perfect blend of two genres.The first half is a love story, the second half is more of an action film.
Few instances, you do feel the film to be a little crafted, convenient and filled with cliches but since it’s a Bollywood film..you can’t complain lolz.
Drawing inspiration from Hollywood’s Blind Fury (1989)and Korean super hit, Broken (2014), Sanjay Gupta gives you another Bollywood adaptation that delivers quite a punch. Rohan’s hunt game still gives you an adrenaline rush. Every time He commits an atrocity, you will be compelled to blow a whistle.


Performance :

It is a Hrithik Roshan film all the way, he holds the film together and has delivered one of his best performance till date. He is a power house of Talent.

Yami Gautam looked like a doll and was pretty balanced and convincing. She is slowly getting typecast though.

Ronit Roy is absolutely brilliant in his negative avatar. He is undoubtedly one of the best actors in the industry.

All other performances Rohit Roy,Girish Kulkarni etc were quite good in their respective roles.

Music : Like always, Rajesh Roshan’s music is quite average and forgettable. The remixed version of Saara Zamana is a total waste.

Verdict :
Overall, Kaabil is a crowd pleaser, Thanks to Hrithik Roshan. A watchable film..Go for it-)


My Review: RAEES (First Show) Watch it for Mahira and SRK’S Chemistry.

My Review: RAEES (First Show) Watch it for Mahira and SRK’S Chemistry.

Prelude :
So finally the day has come, I was waiting for this day for the last one year..and after a lot of controveries,delays etc my fav Mahira Khan ‘s debut bollywood film Raees releases today and guess what? I watched the first show. Never ever in my life , I have got up early in the morning and watched the first show of a film..I always try and watch a movie on its first day but First show ?? never. I did it only for the love for Mahira Khan. A Mahirian for life. I will thank the producers for flashing Mahira’s name at the beginning of the opening credits.
So, I will be a little partial towards this film…( forgive me plz)


Review :
Our very own Sharukh Khan is back in and as Raees, a gangster who does bad things for a good cause. Srk does what he does best, He sings,dances,fights and romances with a lot of ease.

Plot :
The story begins during the 1970’s with the introduction a young boy named Raees, who lives with his mom, who had taught him conquer the world with two basic lessons: “No business is small”. Eventually, he starts illegal bootlegging for Jairaj who makes Raees believe that he has both baniye ki dimag, aur Miyabhai ki daring .After gaining a lot of popularity in the business, he decides to start his own business due to which he and Jairaj turn foes. Soon after, Raees expands his business and joins hands with Musa bhai who gives Raees a contract to kill Jairaj. Now enters the IPS officer Jaideep Ambalal Majmudar, who is recently transferred to Fatehpura, soon goes after Raees to stop his illegal bootlegging business,Then begins a so called interesting chase of betrayal and revenge.


Technical :
After the success of Parzania and the disaster Lamha Director Rahul Dholakia made a commendable effort to make a typical paisa vasool film for the mass audience but falters badly in story telling and the screen play. The film badly slows down especially in the second half. First half still keeps you hooked. The biggest flaw of the film is its weak plot.

Raees will remind you of the typical 1980’s potboiler such as Deewar and ofcoz the famous Al Pacino film ‘Scarface”etc.The dialogues are well penned and crisp.

The cinematography by K.U.Mohanan was absolutely top notch.

Performances :

Sharukh Khan owns the film totally, he walks, talks and moves like the king. This is one of his best performances and his hard work shows on screen. His character was well written and properly etched out.

My favourite Mahira Khan is absolute lovely and wonderful in her first bollywood film. She totally did justice to her characterAasiya and was looking beautiful. She is one actress who has the old charm yet looks so modern and sweet.I loved the way she was introduced in the film, her character Aasiya was dancing to a sridevi song and trust me only Mahira khan can pull it off.

Mahira Khan and SRK’S chemistry looked fresh and sweet.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Nails the character once again. he very effortlessly fits into the character Majumdar with a lot of ease and style. Nawaz is in a league of his own..Being a SRK film, he will impress you.

Other performances Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub Atul Kulkarni etc are simply brilliant and adds a lot of value to the film.

Music :
Though the romantic songs were beautifully composed, it was slowing the pace of the film. All songs are quite foot-tapping and well composed.

Verdict :

Overall, Raees The Film is a well made film but suffers from a weak plot and offers nothing fresh. But watch the film only for my fav Mahira Khan and ofcoz the King Sharukh Khan. Ek watch toh banta hai…


My Review : BinRoye Last Episode

So, my most favourite television drama BinRoye comes to an end and all I can say is that I simply enjoyed watching it and I will miss watching Saba a lot on screen. I still recall the day BinRoye had begun and how I got so glued and hooked on to it the very minute I began watching my favourite Mahira Khan perform on screen.

For me BinRoye = Mahira Khan

I am so glad that I could successfully watch all the episodes and complete it because so far I have not missed any work of Mahira. Another great aspect about Binroye was that I was luckily introduced to other two great talented actors such as Mr Humayun Saeed & Armeena Khan. They definitely added a lot of value to the BinRoye series and I am glad that I got the opportunity to watch their work. I will definitely recommend this particular series to all my folks back in India.


Plot :

The Last Episode : Saba still continues to give Irtaza a hard time and turns a deaf ear to all his pleas and requests. Irtaza still not ready to give up hope yet tries hard to win Saba’s heart. There are few instances where we feel that the relationship between Saba and Irtaza are improving but the very next moment it gets back to square one. One fine evening, there is a massive heated show down between Irtaza and Saba, where Saba directly informs Irtaza that she will always remain indifferent towards him. On hearing this, Irtaza very firmly informs Saba that as soon as they return to Pakistan, he will permanently distance himself from her.

The next day, Saba confides in Irtaza that she is scared to stay all alone at night, Irtaza promises to come early. The same day, Irtaza while travelling to one of his official engagements meets with an accident and is hospistalized. On hearing this, Saba gets emotional and deeply regrets. Luckily, Irtaza suffers only minor injuries and comes back home. Saba gets very hysterical and accuses Irtaza for not living up to his promise of coming back early. At this moment, Saba pours her heart out and informs Irtaza about her curse and how she badly wanted to remove Saman and was not happy with her getting married to him. On hearing this, Irtaza consoles her and expresses his love for her.

The climax was shot very beautifully where Saba and Irtaza are spending time together . Irtaza asks : Mujhse Shaadi Karogi ? Saba – Phirse ? Irtaza – Nahi, Dil se.


The series wrapped up on a beautiful note.Right from the visuals, art work, songs and to the performances..everything was so well done. Since the film was not dirtibuted well in India, I was unable to watch it andf terribly regretted it.

So now I can proudly say that I have watched Binroye and thoroughly enjoyed it. I love you Mahira Khan

Please share your thoughts about the Last episode.

solo Deep Basu (The biggest fan of Mahira Khan on earth)


My Review : BinRoye Drama Episode -16

Had a packed Sunday for a change, so got up early this morning and began my Monday with my favourite Mahira Khan watching the 16th episode of BinRoye Drama series. Since I have taken a strong oath that whatever happens I will never miss an episode of BinRoye drama and promote it only for my favourite Mahira Khan (after all, I only watch it for her).


So, Irtaza and Saba are back together but not in the same relationship or chemistry they use to have before. The same Saba who loved Irtaza and wanted to get married to him now hates him and holds him resposible for breaking her previous marriage with Safeer. Things are not hunky dory anymore and due to this I am getting more and more hooked to this series coz I don’t know how is it going to end.


Plot :

Post marriage, Saba is trying her level best not to cooperate with Irtaza and repeatedly ignores Irtaza’s requets. Irtaza, not yet ready to give up hope, tries his level best to make Saba more comfortable and happy. Finally, Irtaza gets a transfer to US for two months and Saba is forcefully asked to accompany him. In US, Saba begins to behave abnormally and gives Irtaza a very tough time ( We get to see the first intro scene of BinRoye, if you remember). Now the things will take an interestring turn because Irtaza and Saba will  be all alone together in the same house Saman used to stay with Irtaza.

The teaser of the next episode really intrigued me as it showed a glimpse of something bad is about to happen to Irtaza and Saba looks regretful.


In this episode, Irtaza once again seems to be the most sensible and matured one between the two. I actually felt bad and empathized with Irtaza. Mahira khan has nailed it once again with her steller performance, the sudden transformation of Saba looks very convincing and will make you despise her for giving the poor Irtaza such a hard time. Though the scenes between them were quite repetitive, you would still love seeing Saba and Irtaza together back on screen. Sudden quick time lapse does make you think and wonder what really happened in these days, but the hardcore solid performances will make you overlook all the minor loopholes.

Can’t wait for  next Sunday….


Do share your views about this episode.

soloDeep Basu ( Biggest Fan of Mahira Khan on earth)


My Review Haramkhor The Movie

Prelude :
Around 2 years ago,my neighbour Kavita, who happened to work in Anurag Kahyap films, had told me about this particular film ‘Haramkhor’ and I still remember the way she was going completely GAGA over it. The most important thing she had stated was “Its a great film but unfortunately no one is releasing it.’ I den wondered why such good piece of work are banned and not distributed??
Luckily, I was introduced to the director Shlok Sharma back then and loved chatting with him and liked his vision. Please follow Shlok’s short films on youtube, he is a gem of a person and a power house of talent.
So finally after 2 years Haramkhor releases..I am very happy that I saw it the first day. The Censor Board objected to the content of Haraamkhor because they thought the Indian audience was not ready for such cinema.
Now that the film is released, I am sure Haraamkhor can connect with most of us. And it’s told sensibly.

For a change I did not want to go and support a big banner film liike OkJaanu but wanted to go and support a gem and true Can you believe debutant director Shlok Sharma’s shot this film Haraamkhor in just 16 days ??


Plot :
The story revolves around an illicit affair between a middle age class teacher and his under age student. Meanwhile, there is another track of Sandhya’s classmates Mintu (Mohd Samad) and Kamal (the excellent Irfan Khan), who are both younger than her. Mintu is in love with Sandhya, and Kamal, the boy’s best friend, is going to make sure that Mintu and Sandhya get married.
The movie has quite a few comic scenes that compensates Haraamkhor’s otherwise dark subject.

Technical :
Due to the low budget, the director has used super 16 to shoot the film and has smartly composed the scenes with hand held and jerky shots to make it look real.
The scenes and the narrative look real and very well written. From start to finish.Haraamkhor’s filmmaking is brave, gutsy and confident.

Performance :
Nawazuddin Siddiqui once again steals the show with his brilliant performance. he is really, creepy and strange.

Shweta Tripathi nails is once again..striking a perfect balance in her performance. ( This was before Masaan)

The supporting characters of Haraamkhor are very well-etched including Mr Harish Khanna ( my ex neighbour), Irfan khan and Mohd Samad.

Verdict :
Debutant director Shlok Sharma has hit a bulls eye and can’t wait to be a part of his next film. Overall, Haramkhor is a gem and should not be missed. A Must watch for all . Thank you Guneet Monga for supporting this film

img_20170113_214739 Shlok Sharma and me-)

Mahira Khan will sweep you off your feet this 25th January.

As everyone knows, Pakistan industry’s Queen of Hearts Mahira Khan will be debuting as the lead actor opposite our very own King Khan Sharukh Khan in Rahul Dholakia‘s upcoming ‘Raees’.


Interestingly, it’s been more than a year since the announcement had been made and the shoot has been completed. Well, looks like the long wait has been worth it.

We Mahirians have been waiting with bated breath to see Mahira Khan weave magic on-screen with the King Khan Sharukh Khan. The trailer of ‘Raees’ has already given us a glimpse of Mahira & Srk’s sizzling chemistry, which I believe is just the tip of it. As per the Director Mr Rahul Dholakia, Mahira Khan has plenty of intense dramatic scenes in the film — from intense performance to dancing to Bollywood numbers, Mahira has done it all.


With beautiful eyes and her charming smile, Mahira Khan is bound to sweep you off your feet this 25 th January.  I can assure you there will be nobody as good as her. Lets welcome Mahira Khan with open arms.

Please watch Raees and support her. Save the Date

Deep Basu – Biggest Mahira Khan on Earth