My Review : BinRoye Episode 12 & 13

So finally, I took some time off from my busy schedule and managed to watch the 12th Episode ( I had missed it last week) and today’s current episode No. 13. Being the biggest fan of Mahira Khan on earth, I am now completely up-to-date with all the BinRoyeDrama episodes. For a change, I wanted to club the review of these two episodes in one.


Overall, both the episodes were quite intriguing and good. Like always, my favourite Mahira Khan successfully nailed it with her amazing performance in both these episodes.These two episodes focus on Saba’s newly married life with Safeer and how she is trying to tackle her inner demons, guilt and conflicts.


Episode – 12

Post marriage, Safeer being a loyal dutiful husband to his wife Sonia confesses to Saba about his first marriage and bluntly asks her to seek divorce and walk out of the marriage. On hearing Safeer’s story, Saba still agrees to carry on as his dutiful wife and keep Safeer’s first marriage a secret. Safeer continues to be indifferent towards Saba and moves to America to stay with his wife Sonia who is expecting another baby. This causes a lot of tension between Saba & Safeer’s married life. Meanwhile, Irtaza senses something fishy in Saba’s behaviour and tries to confide in Dadima, who in return terms everything baseless.

Episode – 13

The story continues, one year has past since Saba & Safeer got married. Safeer still has not returned to Pakistan post Sonia’s delivery of the second baby. Safeer refuses to leave Sonia and come back to Karachi. Due to Safeer’s long absence, Irtaza begins to suspect Saba of lying and confronts her.

The episode ends with a lot of suspense and curiosity.

Both these episodes portrayed Saba as the strong, level headed and matured woman who is trying hard to balance her life and fighting her inner battle. Safeer and Saba’s relationship track has been the highlight of these two episodes and I hope there is some kind of solution to Saba’s troubled marriage.

Due to frequent time jump, its difficult to gauge the actual time or days passed, nevertheless I love watching BinRoyeDrama only for Mahira Khan.

The promo of the next episode keeps me intrigued as Irtaza takes things in his own hands and gives a surprise to Safeer.

Please share of views and feedback.


Deep Basu ( Biggest Fan of Mahira Khan on Earth)





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