Mahira Khan : Talent Personified

My favourite actor Mahira Khan turns a year older on Wednesday 21st December and I would like to wish her in advance a ‘Very Happy Birthday’ and a year full of happiness.The elegant beauty Mahira Khan needs no introduction. She is somebody who just needs to strike a smile and millions of hearts tend to skip a beat. Popularly known as the ‘Humsafar’ girl/ Khirad, the actress has time and again garnered good reviews from the audience and the critics. For her Birthday, I as her biggest fan would like to dedicate & write a blog about her.


Mahira Khan is largely seen as the best actress in the Pakistan industry and frankly speaking you can’t give such a title to anyone else.Pakistan film industry is currently going through a Golden Period and Mahira Khan is the symbol of this change. In fact, she owns it. At a very young age, Mahira already possesses what every actor would like to flaunt which is ”an impressive body of work.” Most actors still have not achieved so much.  Mahira Khan with just around 4 films & around 6 television dramas on her resume, has already established herself in a league of her own. That is quite an achievement. If she remains consistent, I am 100% sure she will, Mahira Khan will easily become the living legend of Pakistan Cinema. Easily. A lot of new female actors in Pakistan Cinema, are taking Mahira Khan as their icon & sharpening their talent.


When ever I watch Mahira Khan perform, she always stands out & becomes the character. Not for a moment you will feel like saying that Mahira Khan was performing. Given that her character in Binroye was by far the most challenging role in her career & she has nailed it successfully like always. Believe you me, You pick & watch any drama or a film of Mahira Khan, You will agree with me that she shines in every frame along with her magnetic screen presence. Since I can’t get my eyes off during all her performances, I am always eager to share my response about Mahira’s star performance on screen.

Mahira Khan is one of the fewest actresses in Pakistan who is known to overshadow her male co-stars. Mahira is always given the credit for her hits more than her male co-stars. Whether the film is a box office hit or not, Mahira is the one who shines through out.


How many of you remember the most impactful scene in BinRoye Drama ?? When Saba angrily curses Saman for taking away Irtaza from her. During that very scene, nobody on earth can reach out for their cell phone during those mesmerizing few minutes. I totally got glued to the scene and found myself staring into Mahira’s captivating eyes – I couldn’t meet them. I felt that pain intensely, that state of  jealously Saba felt. Such was the impact. Such was the performance. I leaned back & began to contemplate about it. Mahira being very versatile always manages to come out bigger than her films.


Mahira Khan is a classical beauty yet can be very contemporary. Her beauty is Evergreen. She can be very glamorous as well when needed.

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I wonder if Mahira Khan herself is aware of  her acting prowess or her beauty? I hope not! coz it can lead to self-consciousness.She appears equally at ease in every character she portrays. I never fail to watch any movie or serial drama that features Mahira Khan.So would her millions of other fans. The only reason is: Mahira keeps it real. She makes her audiences believe and relate to all her characters. That’s a huge plus point in the world of movies. Humsafar’s Khirad has progressed to become ‘The Unstoppable Khan’. I always pray and hope that she sticks around long enough to win the Highest Achievement Award for her exceptional body of work and performances, someday in the future.( I would have presented her the Oscar).

According to me, Mahira Khan is on her way to win over the world.


Deep Basu ( Biggest Fan of Mahira Khan on Earth., write blogs about Mahira Khan)


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