My Review : Befikre

Prelude :

Frankly speaking, I am not a very big fan of Aditya Chopra the Director. So far I have only loved his debut film ‘ Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge & unfortunatleyI did not quite like his other directorial ventures.Mr Aditya Choprs’s reputation as a director rests exclusively on a film made 21 years ago. He is undoubtedly a good producer but I always found his directorial ventures eirther unreal or lacking in content. I had the same feeling for Befikr & din’t quite looked forward to watch it. Going by its trailer, Befikr visually talks about a youth centric new age romantic film filled with kisses lolz.( Btw Mr Pahlaj sir did not have any objection with the number of kisses it has)
But Neverthless an Aditya Chopra film does create a lot of hype & you are knowingly pushed towards a theatre near you to watch it.

Review :

Befikre opens with a string of smooches right from th first frame to the last frame of the opening credit roll. Various several characters are shown smooching on the streets of Paris with “Labon Ka Karobaar” playing in the background. Then we cut to a scene where Dharam (Ranveer Singh) and Shyra (Vaani Kapoor) are having a break up fight that leads to Shyra throwing a TV out of the window & ends with Dharam calling her a “French slut”.
Shrya leaves Dharam and the film now takes us back a year to show us their love story.

Synospsis :

Befikre is a story that talks about the carefree aspect in love. Delhi boy Dharam comes to Paris for work & also in search of some fun.He luckily bumps into a free spirited, french born Indian girl Shyra. This leads to a wild romance between the two in which both of them are tested to their limits. Battling their inner conflicts & up & downs. Both realize that love is hard & you need to be quite tough & daring from within to love someone.


Technical :

Most of the first half, Befikre goes back and forth in time, showing us the pair’s relationship development, and returning periodically to their not so happening present. You can’t help but notice that Befikre carries quite a bit of ‘Friends with Benefit’ hangover & also reminds you of ‘No strings Attached’.
In few parts, the film tends to become a little repetitive & doesn’t seem to progress much but trust me unlike other bollywood films, one does loses count of the kisses, just as it is impossible to say how many times Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor — lock lips through out the film.
Befikre is an unapologetic sexy romantic film…
Vaani Kapoor Official Ranveer Singh have a natural chemistry and during many of the film’s choreographed sequences, you will be pretty shocked to see how they move their torsos with so much of ease. And especially their dance sequences which will bring about a lot of sexual tension in you lolzz ( Now watch it at your own risk)

Befikre offers us with no surprise how it will end & the climax seems to be quite forced.

Cinematography by Kaname Onoyama was the best thing about the film capturing Paris in the best possible way. Music by Vishal & Shekhar was quite foot tapping & soothing especially the song “Nashe Si Chadh Gayi”and ‘Ude Dil Befikre ‘ are Chartbusters.


Ranveer Singh played himself. His character Dharam was crazy, fun, adventurous & very daring. By the way, after RahuL Bose, Ranveer Singh will go down in history as the second actor to pose completely butt naked. It is a very small shot, but easily noticeable.

Vaani Kapoor Official was absolutely apt for the character Shyra. she looked & fitted the part very convincingly. The actress shows enough skin through the film, often taking her top off and showing her stylish bra.

There was no supporting star cast or actors to give us any kind of visual break. A Ranveer Singh & Vaani Kapoor film all the way.

Verdict :

BefikreTheFilm is a fun film & thoroughly entertaining. A love story with a difference. I dare you to watch it at your own risk.



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