My Review : BinRoye Drama Episode 11

Frankly speaking, According to me, this episode of Bin Roye Drama was one of the best as it was far more emotionally overpowering along with powerful dialogues. The conversations between Saba and Irtiza were in full focus & I seriously felt sad for Irtaza as I could relate to his current state of mind. Like always, Mahira Khan is the only reason why I tune into Bin Roye every Sunday because Mahira’s flawless performance always keeps me hooked & makes me relate to Saba’s character even more.


Synopsis :

Dadi proposes the idea of Irtaza getting married to Saba. On hearing this, Saba angrilly denies the proposal & disagrees to get married to Irtaza. Safeer’s mother once again comes back with Safeer’s marriage proposal to Dadi ma & expresses her desire to get her son Safeer get marred to Saba. Surprisingly, Saba agrees to this proposal & decides to get married off to Safeer. On the other hand, Safeer is totally helpless hearing the news of his engagement to Saba as he doesn’t want to leave his wife & son. Safeer’s mother emotionally blackmails him & compels Safeer to say ‘Yes’to Saba. The drama ends with Saba getting ready for her engagement to Safeer & expressing her regret & sorrow regarding Saman’s death to her Dadima.


In this episode, Saba is stepping into the next phase of her life which brings about a lot of anxiety & curiosity in the future episodes. Will Safeer finally confide in Saba & tell her about his marriage ? What else might happen in Saba’s new phase of her life.

How many of you watched this latest episode? Do share your thoughts about it.




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