My Review : BinRoye Episode 10

The expectations attached to Bin Roye were humongous, it was the most awaited drama serial of this year.  Bin Roye Drama series will take the Pakistani television drama to a whole new level. In tonight’s episode Mahira Khan nailed each and every scene in showcasing the emotional turmoil and guilt Saba felt. My favorite Mahira Khan’s acting made this episode the best so far.


In terms of  performances Mahira Khan is the best, Hamayun Saeed’s character is convincing and Zeba Bakhtiar and Armeena Rana Khan are quite wonderful in their respective roles. I will seriously miss Saman as I was slowly getting hooked to her character & loving her performances.

Synopsis : Like always, this episode had some major developments to its credit and some great emotional scenes as well, thanks to my favorite Mahira Khan & also Armeena Khan who were really good in this episode. This episode focuses on the fact that Saman comes to know about Saba’s love for Irtaza. Once they are back in India, Saman faces with a terrible accident & loses her life. Saba feels guilty & regrets the fact she angrily had cursed Saman long time ago. Finally, Dadi proposes the idea of getting Saba married to Irtaza. 


The best thing about the scenes which revealed Saba’s feelings of regret was that they were short and to the point. There weren’t a lot of dialogues in this episode between the  Saba and Irtiza but the scenes between Irtaza & Saman were very sweet. After watching this episode and the preview of the next one I am still wondering what was the logic behind introducing Aamir’s  & Samir’s character and his entire track to the story

Overall, The best part of this episode was Mahira Khan and her powerful performance.


How many of you watched this latest episode? Do share your thoughts about it.




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