My Review : Kahani 2

Prelude :

Exactly 4 years ago, I had watched Kahani in Bangalore. Being quite aware of Mr Sujoy Ghosh’s body of work back then, I was not expecting much from the film..but it did surprise me as it became one of my favourite thriller films till date.
Frankly speaking, I was not expecting Mr Sujoy Ghost to come up with a sequel or to carry on with this franchise..but after the announcement of Kahani 2, I was quite looking forward to watch it & also curious to see whether he will be able to live up to the first installment.
After giving a power-packed performance in Kahaani, Vidya Balan is back with the sequel as the lead of the film.
The first poster look of Kahaani 2 was quite innovative as it showed Vidya aka Durga Rani Singh as a ‘wanted’ fugitive. In the glamourous world of Bollywood, I respect Vidya’s bold step to appear in the first look of the film sans make-up.

Plot :
Kahaani 2 is an entirely different film from 2012’s Kahaani, although it shares with that film its leading lady, a West Bengal setting, and a strong sense of mood The story revolves around Vidya Sinha (Vidya Balan) who wants to see her teenage daughter Mini, who is paralysed waist-downwards, walk again. But, the scenario is not very obvious as it seems? Or is Vidya an impersonator of Durga Rani Singh from Kalimpong, who is wanted for kidnapping and murder?


Technical :
Though Kahaani 2 gets to the point from the very start, the actual graph in the narrative ascends when Vidya’s individual search for her daughter takes a tragictwist, with the police department coming into picture.

The writing by Sujoy Ghosh & Suresh Nair is articulate and immaculate, investigating the matter gradually and building up the mystery at every step. The brisk storytelling calls for your absolute attention but the narrative has been so gripping since start that you never lose a moment.The story explores the case systematically, credibly and logically but fails to keep a tight grip on proceedings in the second half & ends up becoming a predictable film.
Post-interval, Kahaani 2 becomes a different film,with a very lame narrative.
The film might work only because of Vidya Balan who made both the characters mother & Durga the murderer believable.

To reveal more details is to let out spoilers in this mystery, but there are no intriguing script twists that you will roll your eyes at.

The film is once again shot on real locations, unfortunately this film could have been set in any other city, because Kolkata in this installment was not treated like a character like the first installment Kahaani.
The city does turn into warm and menacing, and the camera handled by Tapan Basu captures Kolkata with a lot of finesse that you’re instantly drawn to it. Namrata Rao dexterously edits the film, never letting the viewer stray for a second.

Performance :

Kahaani 2 essentially banks upon the prowess of Vidya Balan one of the most talented actresses of the times, who impresses us with every new film. She brings depth and poise to both her character Durga & vidya and adds conviction in every scene.She reveals once again that she can carry a film, even with no other recognizable star.
Arjun Rampal is impressive as Cop Indra Singh and makes for a good supporting character. Several other character artists like Jugal Hansraj lend adequate support.

Verdict :

Kahani 2 is not as good as the first installment but If you have an appetite for thrillers give this one a try.



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