My Review : Dear Zindagi

Why do I find Alia Bhatt so irritating ?? Is it the character she plays or its her ? Right from ‘The Student of the Year’,Shaandaar & now this..I just find her sooo irritating. But, yes barring films like ‘Two states & Udta Punjab..all her other films she is just the same. Yes 1 Know she is a big star & all..but I just don’t seem to like her-(-( Anyway she is a great actor no doubt.

So finally after four years after her great debut with English Vinglish, filmmaker Gauri Shinde is back with another female centred story that aims to touch your heart once again – Dear Zindagi.

Dear Zindagi talks about Kaira (Alia) – a talented cinematographer who does small ads projects & patch works but wants to shoot an entire feature film. However, when she is offered a big break in a feature film, she is not sure if it is because of her talent or because the producer finds her hot. This producer,Raghavendra is also the one with whom Kaira is cheating on her current love, Sid.
Right from the opening sequence of ‘Dear Zindagi’, director Gauri Shinde has us hooked. We want to know more about Kaira, know more about what her story, what she wants to do, coz she wants to do something, something is bothering her. As the plot progresses we slowly & steadily get to know that Kaira is actually going through a mess, and underneath all that mess lives a scared little girl, dealing with bad childhood trauma and abandonment issues.
Her landlord has asked her to vacate because “she is single”, she decides to move to her home town, Goa. Since she shares a bad relationship with her parents, it makes her all the more sad at the thought of living with them.
To deal with it all, Kaira decides to meet a ‘dimag ka doctor aka DD which is played by Shah Rukh Khan who is caring, charming and witty.
The movie then focusses on Kaira’s sessions with Dr Jehangir Khan who churns out gyan on life, relationships, dealing with feelings, staying happy etc.

Technical :
Having an amazing strong plot outline backing the film, you will naturally expect it to be an inspiring & engaging film right? but unfortunately the film falls short. It ends up becoming a boring talkathon,where all the characters are given dialogues which are meant to be deep but come off mostly un-original and obvious.
The dialogues are cliched and do not come across as natural.
example : “Genius wo nahi hota jiske paas sab sawaal ke jawaab hon, genius wo hota hai jiske paas jawaab tak pahunchne ka patience ho”, .
There is a lot of wordplay in the film that is supposed to be touching and philosophical but is really just plain & bland.

But the film’s highpoint are few scenes where Kaira and Jehangir interact. There conversations are free-flowing and looks natural. Not a single time does SRK’s star status overpowers the narrative. Alia Bhatt gets her moment in the scene where she breaks down & SRK watches quietly, just like the audience.

Two best scenes : .Jahangir Khan tries to make disturbed Kaira understand that if she keeps falling in and out love, she doesn’t become a ‘sl*t’. & exolains to her with an example “Ek kursi choose karne se pehle we try so many chairs, to ek life partner kaise easily choose kar le,”
Another scene, towards the climax, Alia confronts her family and talks of all the fears she has been struggling with the fear of lonliness -it will remind you of a similar scene from Imtiaz Ali’s Highway.

Moments like these make Dear Zindagi an endearing watch by parts.Dear Zindagi’ could have been a better film, it could have done with less dialogues and more plot.

Few scenes suffered from bad action continuity jerk.

Performances :

Its an all & out Alia Bhatt‘s film. Alia is in top form and does a terrific job. making the complex Kaira very endearing. She is confused, she is impulsive, she is irrational and yet you understand what she goes through because Alia makes the character so relatable.

The super star Sharukh Khan plays Jehangir wiath a lot of ease & Perfection. SRK is a complete treat to watch like always.

supporting starcast like Kunal Kapoor Angad Bedi Ali Zafar are good in their respective small roles.

This film primarily scores because of its stunning performances well etched out characters. the entire starcast make the film extremely relatable.

Music :

Amit Trivedi’s soothing music that beautifully blends with the film’s story making it a good watch.

Verdict :

Overall, Dear Zindagi could have been an amazing film & an inspiring one. Nevertheless,its a very well made film. A one time watch for me Go ahead & watch it especially if you believe in the message : Don’t let your past blackmail your present.



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