My Review : BinRoye Episode 8

The story of Bin Roye Drama has developed quite well so far;  The introduction of Adnan Malik was a pleasant surprise in tonight’s episode, I really hope his character Aamir is not wasted in this drama. Overall, Bin Roye Drama does have characters which grow on you with every passing episode and you naturally look forward to watch a new episode every week. My only reason to look forward to Bin Roye Drama is for my favourite Mahira Khan & how Saba’s story in particular will unfold and ofcoz can’t wait to watch the twists which will keep me at the edge of my seat.


In this episode, Saba is finally convinced by Saman & her father to visit San Fransico & spend quality time with Irtaza & Saman. Saba is initially reluctant but after a lot of pestering she agrees & decides to pay a visit to Irtiza & Saman in San fransico. Saba  continues to remain silent & reserved before Irtaza & spends a lot of quality time with Saman.  At a party, Saba accidently bumps into Aamir, who instantly takes fancy to her & tries his best impressing her but Saba ignores him.

Will Aamir manage to win over Saba ? Will Saba have a fruitful stay at Irtiza & Saman’s house?


Adnan Malik’s character Aamir is instantly growing on me as I can relate to him & his love for Saba ( I love Mahira Khan that’s why lolz) His conversation with his sister was very sweet in this episode. My favourite Mahira Khan’s performance in Bin Roye has been remarkable throughout as she plays Saba with 100% conviction. Frankly speaking, the characters Safeer and Sonia are quite useless as the supporting characters as they are providing no substance to the story line. I wonder how will they contribute to the main story.  Unfortunately, there were no meaningful and powerful conversation between Irtiza and Saba. Armeena Khan as Saman looks breath-takingly beautiful & her chemistry with Irtaza is very smooth & lovable.

The preview of the next episode showed that Saba talking rudely to Irtaza & Saman has to be rushed to the hospital. Can’t wait to watch it next Sunday.


‘Jhakaas is how I would sum up Bin Roye Drama! How many of you watched this episode? Do share your thoughts about it.


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