My Review : Force 2

I still remember & recall that back in 2011 when Force had released, I had loved it & according to my opinion it is one of the best John Abraham films till date. It had emotions, extraordinary action sequences & a very sweet love story. When John & Mr Vipul Shah announced the sequel, I was really looking forward to watch it.
So, In this sequel to the 2011 ‘Force’, ACP Yashvardhan is back with a ‘punch’ set mostly in grand, scenic Budapest but unfortunately ends up necoming a boring affair & lacking in dept.
Keeping the last week’s release Rock On 2 into consideration, the fact is that Force 2 is a sequel Bollywood could have given a miss. Talented director Abhinay Deo,brings a stylish upgrade to the action, but the question is why din’t the talented film director thought of investing a little more time & effort towards a better script.

Plot :

Three RAW agents are killed in China. One of them is Inspector Yash’s best friend, Harish. But before dying, Harish leaves inspector Yash a clue indicating that something bigger has been set in motion. Inspector Yash then updates RAW, and together with agent KK they discover that Shiv Sharma, a low-level employee of the Indian Embassy of Budapest, is handing out details of undercover RAW agents like pamphlets on a street corner. Inspector Yash and agent KK must hunt him down and bring him to justice.

Technical :

Right from its opening sequence to the edgy action scenes to picturesque cinematography to the amazing fight sequences…all of it was a complete visual treat.

PS : Watch out for the the climax fight which is an amazing POV action sequence, it will Play Station video game feel, which is a first in Bollywood as far as I can remember.

The movie begins on an edgy fast paced note..undoubtedly one of the best opening sequences I have seen so far in Bollywood but later it turns into a text book thriller borrowed liberally from every other Hollywood film of the genre.

The film is zero on content & only filled with extended chase scenes which ends up being repetitive and relentless, and you’re never truly invested in the characters.

The characters are under written & the cliched.

Performances :

John Abraham fits in perfectly with his super toned muscles & stone face looks..but unfortunately can’t rise above a sluggish script.

Sonakshi Sinha was just about okay..her character KK was under written & had no scope to perform.

Tahir Raj Bhasin was an interesting addition but his character was nothing new or different from Mardani but walks away with some of the best moments in the film,

Verdict :

Force 2 isn’t unwatchable, and its not a must watch either. Try not to force yourself to watch Force 2. Hopefully this franchise ends here. Watch it, if you love action sequences.



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