My Review : BinRoye Episode – 7

Frankly speaking, I started watching Bin Roye Drama only because my favourite Mahira Khan was a part of this show & I have not been disappointed so far. The best part is that Saba’s track in particular has kept me hooked & interested.


Tonight’s episode opens with the news of Sonia’s pregnancy. Irtiza and Saman decide to move to the US. Naturally, on hearing this news, Saba feels very sad &  her entire mental situation is showcased through a song sequence. Irtiza notices change in Saba’s behavior & tries to confront Saba regarding it. Saba like always doesn’t disclose her feeling to Irtaza & pretends to be absolutely unaffected & normal. There is a several months skip in the time line where we are shown Saman getting pregnant & Safeer decides to get married to Sonia.


Tonight Epsiode Highlights : Romantic conversation between Saman & Irtaza looked very natural & sweet. Mahira Khan as Saba was superb as always. The track involving Safeer & Sonia is taking shape & keeping me hooked.

Bunch of strong supporting characters is another reason why Bin RoyeDrama is an interesting watch. Most of the viewers including me are already blown away.

Bin Roye Drama has a very crisp & fast narrative & ends up having a strong impact on the viewers. Binroye is one such drama that keeps you glued to your television screens and you are fortunately getting close to the characters, I find myself getting very glued to this particular drama.


The preview of the next episode showed that Saba will go to US to meet Saman and Irtiza, I am  looking forward to see how Saba copes & controls her emotions.

How many of you watched this episode. Do share your thoughts about it.



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