My Review : Rock On 2

Prelude :
I seriously don’t know how many of you know this? around 10 years ago, during my school days, I used to be a rthym guitarist..yeah..a fine one indeed. my last performance was during class 11 & I was quite a guitar fanatic. Later, what really happened, I have no idea..I guess my love for cinema tookover & i have not touched my guitar ever since.( I have a electric guitar back home in Kolkata) Maybe I was not good enough or it was not meant to be. So when in 2008 Rock on had released, it reminded me so much of my school days, the talent contest & shows I used to take part & participate. Frankly speaking,I n a way I regret calling it quits.
Anyway, while watching Rockon2 it once again took me down the memory lane.

Review :

So, exactly after 8 years, the most awaited sequel Rock On 2 releases today & guess what ? I witnessed an empty theatre..yeah can you beat that? a Farhan Akhtar film ? I wonder what will happen in the next two days?
Is the sequel Rock on 2 good enough to rock this weekend & steal your hearts?

Plot :

Rock On ended with Rob’s (Luke Kenny) death and the reuniting of the band Magik. Its been 5 years now & things have changed since then.
Aditya Shroff (Farhan Akhtar) is suffering from guilt. He has left music and does cooperative farming somewhere in Cherapunji.
Joe (Arjun Rampal) has become a reality show judge now and owns a posh Night club.
KD (Purab Kohli) still hopes to reunite with the two once again and make music someday.
Creating music is the only skill they have, but due to various mental obstacles they aren’t able to create anything new. In this sequel two new characters Jiah (Shraddha Kapoor) and Uday (Shashank Arora), are introduced who help to carry forward the legacy of Magik. Will the same Magic of Magik be created ?

Technical :

Frankly speaking, Rock On 2 was unlike the prequel & was on a different note completely. A new chapter indeed but I was a bit disapoiinted.
The script is the major flaw of the film. It was very unrealistic & directionless and half way fails to hold your interest. In short the story fails to convince you.
Surprisingly, the music of this film is a huge letdown & I wonder how the team of Excel Ent passed such a script. The entire film looked like a promotional tool for Meghalaya tourism than it did for rock music,

Undoubtedluy, it’s a good-looking film featuring several long shots of people. Mr Marc Koninckx’s cinematography is remarkable and deserves a special mention but few scenes look illogical & doesn’t quite match with its background.

Perfromances :

In terms of performance, Farhan, Purab and Arjun in particular, were good. Prachi Desai & Shashank Arora, were convincing but unfortunately gets nothing significant to do.

Sharadha Kapoor was just about okay..she was still ijn the Aashique 2 hangover.

Verdict :

Overall, Rock On 2 is a different film but unfortunately fails to strike the right note. Praiseworthy in parts..but doesn’t quite work for me.
Watch it for ……….ummmm…I guess, at your own risk



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