My Review : BinRoye Drama Episode 6

Sunday’s were always very boring for me, but nowadays after the telecast of Bin Roye Drama, I eagerly look forward to Sundays. After all watching your favourite actor Mahira Khan perform every Sunday is like an ideal visual treat.


This episode of BinRoye Drama begins with Saba lying to her friend that she has moved on & how she respects Irtaza’s decision of marrying Saman. The scene right after the nikkah was very dramatic & highly emotional ( Hand held camera treatment) we see Saba totally devastated & wishing repeatedly that it would have been better if Saman died in that accident with her parents. Through this scene I very well understood & recalled why Saba looked in the mirror and turned away in the first scene of the first episode. It reminded her of the time she had wished Saman would have died.Three cheers to Mahira Khan, she made Saba’s reaction look very realistic & as a viewer, I easily got hooked on to it.


In one scene, Safeer tells his mother about Sonia but mother’s reaction is negative & she wants Safeer to get married to Saba instead. Safeer’s character is going to play an important role in this drama.

Today’s episode was one of my favourite’s because of the song ‘Balle Balle’. I still remember last year how much I had danced to this very song and still love listening to it. My Favourite Mahira Khan was absolutely ‘Wow’ in this song, She looked like a diva & danced like a queen. Btw Adeel Hussein’s dance moves were also impressive & he really added a lot of value to the song. Once again dadi and Saba’s scenes were quite good. Dadi very firmly tells Saba to hide her feelings & try to move on. Dadi’s character is been shown as someone who loves Saba and is like a friend to her.

balle-balle   bonroye-12

Irtiza and Saman’s conversation on the night of their wedding was quite funny yet good. Armeena Rana Khan is doing a great job as Saman & her character is growing on you.

Overall, This was another simple yet effective episode of Bin Roye. Like always every scene in this episode added something new to the story. Bin Roye does have powerful dialogues  & performances to its credit. The preview of the next episode showed that Sonia announcing the news of her pregnancy which would be bring a new twist now.


How many of you watched this latest installment of Bin RoyeDrama? Do share your thoughts about it.


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