My Review : BinRoye Episode 9

This was another well-paced episode of Bin Roye Drama which had good level of development to its credit which added an interesting twist to the story and started a new chapter in the live of Saba. Even though this episode had its share of loopholes but the best thing about Bin Roye so far is that it is a beautiful light family drama. All the characters easy to relate to. It was truly refreshing to watch someone like Saba who couldn’t control her emotions & her outburst looked so natural & real. Undoubtedly Mahira Khan is one of the best actors in the world. Mahira Khan was the star of the show tonight. Mahira Khan hasn’t only done complete justice to her role but you look forward to Saba’s scenes because of her. Hamayun Saeed & Armeena Khan are really good as the suporting cast, they bring in a lot of value to the show.


Synopsis :

This episode opened with Saba talking to her Dadi and requesting her to call her back home as she feels highly uncomfortable staying in Irtaza’s house. Dadi tries her best to make Saba control her feelings & think positive. Aamir drops in again and tries to woo Saba but like always fails to impress her. Irtaza brings up  ‘Aamir’s proposal before Saba & ends up making Saba angry who very  rudely snaps at Irtaza for forcing her. Later Saman finally conceives a baby boy. The drama takes a time leap of many months where we are shown that Saba’s family are still deciding on Saba getting married to Aamir but Saba angrily puts a put down.


Once again dadi and Saba’s scenes were quite good. The logic dadi gave Saba for hiding her feelings was very relevant. Dadi has been shown as someone who loves Saba and is like a friend to her. These scenes are very heart-warming especially because Saba used to share her feelings with dadi long before Saman came to live with them.

Overall, This was another simple yet effective episode of Bin Roye Drama. Every scene in this episode added something new to the story. Right now like always Saba’s character is holding my interest more than any other. The preview of the next episode showed just how  Saman is coming to know about Saba’s feelings towards Irtiza.

How many of you watched this latest episode? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about it.




My Review : Dear Zindagi

Why do I find Alia Bhatt so irritating ?? Is it the character she plays or its her ? Right from ‘The Student of the Year’,Shaandaar & now this..I just find her sooo irritating. But, yes barring films like ‘Two states & Udta Punjab..all her other films she is just the same. Yes 1 Know she is a big star & all..but I just don’t seem to like her-(-( Anyway she is a great actor no doubt.

So finally after four years after her great debut with English Vinglish, filmmaker Gauri Shinde is back with another female centred story that aims to touch your heart once again – Dear Zindagi.

Dear Zindagi talks about Kaira (Alia) – a talented cinematographer who does small ads projects & patch works but wants to shoot an entire feature film. However, when she is offered a big break in a feature film, she is not sure if it is because of her talent or because the producer finds her hot. This producer,Raghavendra is also the one with whom Kaira is cheating on her current love, Sid.
Right from the opening sequence of ‘Dear Zindagi’, director Gauri Shinde has us hooked. We want to know more about Kaira, know more about what her story, what she wants to do, coz she wants to do something, something is bothering her. As the plot progresses we slowly & steadily get to know that Kaira is actually going through a mess, and underneath all that mess lives a scared little girl, dealing with bad childhood trauma and abandonment issues.
Her landlord has asked her to vacate because “she is single”, she decides to move to her home town, Goa. Since she shares a bad relationship with her parents, it makes her all the more sad at the thought of living with them.
To deal with it all, Kaira decides to meet a ‘dimag ka doctor aka DD which is played by Shah Rukh Khan who is caring, charming and witty.
The movie then focusses on Kaira’s sessions with Dr Jehangir Khan who churns out gyan on life, relationships, dealing with feelings, staying happy etc.

Technical :
Having an amazing strong plot outline backing the film, you will naturally expect it to be an inspiring & engaging film right? but unfortunately the film falls short. It ends up becoming a boring talkathon,where all the characters are given dialogues which are meant to be deep but come off mostly un-original and obvious.
The dialogues are cliched and do not come across as natural.
example : “Genius wo nahi hota jiske paas sab sawaal ke jawaab hon, genius wo hota hai jiske paas jawaab tak pahunchne ka patience ho”, .
There is a lot of wordplay in the film that is supposed to be touching and philosophical but is really just plain & bland.

But the film’s highpoint are few scenes where Kaira and Jehangir interact. There conversations are free-flowing and looks natural. Not a single time does SRK’s star status overpowers the narrative. Alia Bhatt gets her moment in the scene where she breaks down & SRK watches quietly, just like the audience.

Two best scenes : .Jahangir Khan tries to make disturbed Kaira understand that if she keeps falling in and out love, she doesn’t become a ‘sl*t’. & exolains to her with an example “Ek kursi choose karne se pehle we try so many chairs, to ek life partner kaise easily choose kar le,”
Another scene, towards the climax, Alia confronts her family and talks of all the fears she has been struggling with the fear of lonliness -it will remind you of a similar scene from Imtiaz Ali’s Highway.

Moments like these make Dear Zindagi an endearing watch by parts.Dear Zindagi’ could have been a better film, it could have done with less dialogues and more plot.

Few scenes suffered from bad action continuity jerk.

Performances :

Its an all & out Alia Bhatt‘s film. Alia is in top form and does a terrific job. making the complex Kaira very endearing. She is confused, she is impulsive, she is irrational and yet you understand what she goes through because Alia makes the character so relatable.

The super star Sharukh Khan plays Jehangir wiath a lot of ease & Perfection. SRK is a complete treat to watch like always.

supporting starcast like Kunal Kapoor Angad Bedi Ali Zafar are good in their respective small roles.

This film primarily scores because of its stunning performances well etched out characters. the entire starcast make the film extremely relatable.

Music :

Amit Trivedi’s soothing music that beautifully blends with the film’s story making it a good watch.

Verdict :

Overall, Dear Zindagi could have been an amazing film & an inspiring one. Nevertheless,its a very well made film. A one time watch for me Go ahead & watch it especially if you believe in the message : Don’t let your past blackmail your present.


My Review : Fantastic Beasts & Where to find them

Prelude :
I usually do not write reviews for english films, but this one is an exception as I really want everybody to watch it no matter what.
Franky speaking, being a big J.K. Rowling fan I unfortunately have not read this particular novel. So before the release of this film, many of my friends told me that it was a prequel to the Harry Potter series & some said it was a sequel. The best part of JK Rowling stories is that there is no direct source material where fans can seek clarification or hints about what’s to come.
So after watching the film the previous night, I would like to clear the doubt before I get onto my review.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (3D) is a spin-off prequel of the Harry Potter film serieswritten by British author J. K. Rowling (under the pseudonym of the fictitious author Newt Scamander) about the magical creatures in the Harry Potter universe. It appears to be Harry Potter’s copy of the textbook of the same name in Hogwarts. Newt Scamander himself does not appear in the seven Harry Potter books. He is mentioned in passing in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
The film is the first of a planned five-part franchise that serves as a prequel to the HARRY POTTER series


It’s 1926 Newt Scamander has just completed a global excursion to find and document an extraordinary array of magical creatures. Arriving in New York for a brief stopover, he accidently bumps into a No-Maj (American for Muggle) named Jacob. Newt carries with him a suitcase filled with extraordinary creatures, including the rampaging rhino; an invisible sloth-type thing and a kleptomaniac duck-billed platypus. His suitcase unfortunately gets misplaced with Jacob’s suitcase & due to this some of Newt’s fantastic beasts escape.
On the other hand, the wizarding enforcement agency, the Magical Congress Of The United States (MACUSA), with sinister security chief Percival Graves (a one-note Colin Farrell), ensures the two worlds remain separate. Nevertheless, the city is in a state of fear with rumours of a “dark wizard” threatening the populace, stirred up by a fanatic witch-hater (Samantha Morton), with a group of creepy looking, adopted children.
But recapturing his escaped beasts, with the help of disgraced Macusa employee Porpentina Goldstein (Katherine Waterston) and Jacob Kowalski turns out to be the least of Newt’s worries. Dark forces are attacking New York & are ready to harm the muggles. Newt decides to stop it. But How ?

Technical :

The plot sets in 1926 and focuses on Newt Scamander’s adventures, his magical creatures and introduces us to new fresh characters and takes us to a different era in the Wizarding World.

After a fast paced entertaining start, the picture becomes a rather monotonous in some parts & relies heavily on the special effects.It strongly focusses on two parallel worlds muggles & wizards. As promised, the title lives up to its name “Fantastic Beasts” because the beasts are thoroughly entertaining crawling out from the suitcase.

Unlike the Harry Potter movies, which grew darker and heavier as the series developed, “Fantastic Beasts” promises us full on fun & entertainment right from the start as soon as the two worlds collide. The movie is a complete visual treat & will take you to the world of Harry Potter’.

Please do not make any comparission to Harry Potter or the Harry Potter series because the protagonist Newt Scamander is nothing like Harry Potter, but has its own charm. This film will definitely make you feel like home again. I’m looking forward to wherever this series is taking us.

Barring few lengthy special effect sequences, the film right from the first scene, keeps you hooked till the end. The script has successfully maintained a perfect balance between fun,humour & horror. A must watch experience for all age groups.

I wonder what was the entire making cost of this particular film?? How does one pull of such a film.

Performances :

Newt played convincingly by Eddie Redmayne is reticent, shy and subdued, a complete contrast to Jacob, played by Fogler, who steals the show. The pair become unlikely partners whio further teams up with a discredited former MACUSA security officer Tina (Katherine Waterston) and her lbeautiful flirtatious sister Queenie (Alison Sudol), who can read minds.

Talented versatile actors like Collin Farrell , Ezra Miller & Samantha Mortondeliver great performances.

Verdict :

Overall, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will cast a winning spell all over the world. It undoubtedly delivers the most satisfying period fantasy this year. A must watch for all film lovers.


My Review : BinRoye Episode 8

The story of Bin Roye Drama has developed quite well so far;  The introduction of Adnan Malik was a pleasant surprise in tonight’s episode, I really hope his character Aamir is not wasted in this drama. Overall, Bin Roye Drama does have characters which grow on you with every passing episode and you naturally look forward to watch a new episode every week. My only reason to look forward to Bin Roye Drama is for my favourite Mahira Khan & how Saba’s story in particular will unfold and ofcoz can’t wait to watch the twists which will keep me at the edge of my seat.


In this episode, Saba is finally convinced by Saman & her father to visit San Fransico & spend quality time with Irtaza & Saman. Saba is initially reluctant but after a lot of pestering she agrees & decides to pay a visit to Irtiza & Saman in San fransico. Saba  continues to remain silent & reserved before Irtaza & spends a lot of quality time with Saman.  At a party, Saba accidently bumps into Aamir, who instantly takes fancy to her & tries his best impressing her but Saba ignores him.

Will Aamir manage to win over Saba ? Will Saba have a fruitful stay at Irtiza & Saman’s house?


Adnan Malik’s character Aamir is instantly growing on me as I can relate to him & his love for Saba ( I love Mahira Khan that’s why lolz) His conversation with his sister was very sweet in this episode. My favourite Mahira Khan’s performance in Bin Roye has been remarkable throughout as she plays Saba with 100% conviction. Frankly speaking, the characters Safeer and Sonia are quite useless as the supporting characters as they are providing no substance to the story line. I wonder how will they contribute to the main story.  Unfortunately, there were no meaningful and powerful conversation between Irtiza and Saba. Armeena Khan as Saman looks breath-takingly beautiful & her chemistry with Irtaza is very smooth & lovable.

The preview of the next episode showed that Saba talking rudely to Irtaza & Saman has to be rushed to the hospital. Can’t wait to watch it next Sunday.


‘Jhakaas is how I would sum up Bin Roye Drama! How many of you watched this episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

My Review : Force 2

I still remember & recall that back in 2011 when Force had released, I had loved it & according to my opinion it is one of the best John Abraham films till date. It had emotions, extraordinary action sequences & a very sweet love story. When John & Mr Vipul Shah announced the sequel, I was really looking forward to watch it.
So, In this sequel to the 2011 ‘Force’, ACP Yashvardhan is back with a ‘punch’ set mostly in grand, scenic Budapest but unfortunately ends up necoming a boring affair & lacking in dept.
Keeping the last week’s release Rock On 2 into consideration, the fact is that Force 2 is a sequel Bollywood could have given a miss. Talented director Abhinay Deo,brings a stylish upgrade to the action, but the question is why din’t the talented film director thought of investing a little more time & effort towards a better script.

Plot :

Three RAW agents are killed in China. One of them is Inspector Yash’s best friend, Harish. But before dying, Harish leaves inspector Yash a clue indicating that something bigger has been set in motion. Inspector Yash then updates RAW, and together with agent KK they discover that Shiv Sharma, a low-level employee of the Indian Embassy of Budapest, is handing out details of undercover RAW agents like pamphlets on a street corner. Inspector Yash and agent KK must hunt him down and bring him to justice.

Technical :

Right from its opening sequence to the edgy action scenes to picturesque cinematography to the amazing fight sequences…all of it was a complete visual treat.

PS : Watch out for the the climax fight which is an amazing POV action sequence, it will Play Station video game feel, which is a first in Bollywood as far as I can remember.

The movie begins on an edgy fast paced note..undoubtedly one of the best opening sequences I have seen so far in Bollywood but later it turns into a text book thriller borrowed liberally from every other Hollywood film of the genre.

The film is zero on content & only filled with extended chase scenes which ends up being repetitive and relentless, and you’re never truly invested in the characters.

The characters are under written & the cliched.

Performances :

John Abraham fits in perfectly with his super toned muscles & stone face looks..but unfortunately can’t rise above a sluggish script.

Sonakshi Sinha was just about okay..her character KK was under written & had no scope to perform.

Tahir Raj Bhasin was an interesting addition but his character was nothing new or different from Mardani but walks away with some of the best moments in the film,

Verdict :

Force 2 isn’t unwatchable, and its not a must watch either. Try not to force yourself to watch Force 2. Hopefully this franchise ends here. Watch it, if you love action sequences.


My Review : BinRoye Episode – 7

Frankly speaking, I started watching Bin Roye Drama only because my favourite Mahira Khan was a part of this show & I have not been disappointed so far. The best part is that Saba’s track in particular has kept me hooked & interested.


Tonight’s episode opens with the news of Sonia’s pregnancy. Irtiza and Saman decide to move to the US. Naturally, on hearing this news, Saba feels very sad &  her entire mental situation is showcased through a song sequence. Irtiza notices change in Saba’s behavior & tries to confront Saba regarding it. Saba like always doesn’t disclose her feeling to Irtaza & pretends to be absolutely unaffected & normal. There is a several months skip in the time line where we are shown Saman getting pregnant & Safeer decides to get married to Sonia.


Tonight Epsiode Highlights : Romantic conversation between Saman & Irtaza looked very natural & sweet. Mahira Khan as Saba was superb as always. The track involving Safeer & Sonia is taking shape & keeping me hooked.

Bunch of strong supporting characters is another reason why Bin RoyeDrama is an interesting watch. Most of the viewers including me are already blown away.

Bin Roye Drama has a very crisp & fast narrative & ends up having a strong impact on the viewers. Binroye is one such drama that keeps you glued to your television screens and you are fortunately getting close to the characters, I find myself getting very glued to this particular drama.


The preview of the next episode showed that Saba will go to US to meet Saman and Irtiza, I am  looking forward to see how Saba copes & controls her emotions.

How many of you watched this episode. Do share your thoughts about it.


My Review : Rock On 2

Prelude :
I seriously don’t know how many of you know this? around 10 years ago, during my school days, I used to be a rthym guitarist..yeah..a fine one indeed. my last performance was during class 11 & I was quite a guitar fanatic. Later, what really happened, I have no idea..I guess my love for cinema tookover & i have not touched my guitar ever since.( I have a electric guitar back home in Kolkata) Maybe I was not good enough or it was not meant to be. So when in 2008 Rock on had released, it reminded me so much of my school days, the talent contest & shows I used to take part & participate. Frankly speaking,I n a way I regret calling it quits.
Anyway, while watching Rockon2 it once again took me down the memory lane.

Review :

So, exactly after 8 years, the most awaited sequel Rock On 2 releases today & guess what ? I witnessed an empty theatre..yeah can you beat that? a Farhan Akhtar film ? I wonder what will happen in the next two days?
Is the sequel Rock on 2 good enough to rock this weekend & steal your hearts?

Plot :

Rock On ended with Rob’s (Luke Kenny) death and the reuniting of the band Magik. Its been 5 years now & things have changed since then.
Aditya Shroff (Farhan Akhtar) is suffering from guilt. He has left music and does cooperative farming somewhere in Cherapunji.
Joe (Arjun Rampal) has become a reality show judge now and owns a posh Night club.
KD (Purab Kohli) still hopes to reunite with the two once again and make music someday.
Creating music is the only skill they have, but due to various mental obstacles they aren’t able to create anything new. In this sequel two new characters Jiah (Shraddha Kapoor) and Uday (Shashank Arora), are introduced who help to carry forward the legacy of Magik. Will the same Magic of Magik be created ?

Technical :

Frankly speaking, Rock On 2 was unlike the prequel & was on a different note completely. A new chapter indeed but I was a bit disapoiinted.
The script is the major flaw of the film. It was very unrealistic & directionless and half way fails to hold your interest. In short the story fails to convince you.
Surprisingly, the music of this film is a huge letdown & I wonder how the team of Excel Ent passed such a script. The entire film looked like a promotional tool for Meghalaya tourism than it did for rock music,

Undoubtedluy, it’s a good-looking film featuring several long shots of people. Mr Marc Koninckx’s cinematography is remarkable and deserves a special mention but few scenes look illogical & doesn’t quite match with its background.

Perfromances :

In terms of performance, Farhan, Purab and Arjun in particular, were good. Prachi Desai & Shashank Arora, were convincing but unfortunately gets nothing significant to do.

Sharadha Kapoor was just about okay..she was still ijn the Aashique 2 hangover.

Verdict :

Overall, Rock On 2 is a different film but unfortunately fails to strike the right note. Praiseworthy in parts..but doesn’t quite work for me.
Watch it for ……….ummmm…I guess, at your own risk