My Review : BinRoye Episode -5

This episode was quite heartbreaking for me & a tough watch. Being a loyal Mahira Khan fan, I was unable to watch my favorite actor cry. I was literally in tears watching Saba cry with a broken heart. In tonight’s episode especially watching Saba’s hopes being thrashed to the ground was definitely emotional.

I will not completely blame myself because this is the magic of Mahira Khan, she plays Saba so convincingly that when ever Saba end up crying along with her. Like always, Mahira Khan was the star of the show tonight without a doubt. Saba’s character and her track is the only reason why I will be tuning into Bin Roye next week.

In tonight’s episode, we begin with Safir’s (Junaid Khan) character, which was also introduced in the 4th Episode. He is his mother’s only son who works in the US and is romantically involved with a Hindu girl (Shazia Naz) & sharing the same apartment with her. Safir’s conversation with his girlfriend pretty much summed up that he is a complete Mama’s boy.


Then we cut to Saba’s emotional conversation with dadi where Saba literally pours her heart out & informs her Dadi that Saman is the perfect sister & She is not as half as good as Saman. This episode once again focused on the fact that Saba’s life literally revolved around Irtiza and she really did not like the fact Irtaza was falling in love with Saman.  Armeena Rana Khan’s dialogue delivery and overall performance is adding a lot of value to BinRoye.

Irtaza finally takes up the courage and proposes marriage to Saman, who in return accepts his proposal. Due to this Saba is deeply affected & tries her best to control her emotions. Dadi and Saba’s relationship has been utilized to the maximum, showing us beautifully the ‘dadi & grand daughter’ relationship. Humayun Saeed as Irtiza is at his best when he is with Saba. Hamayun Saeed and Mahira Khan’s chemistry with each other is definitely making their scenes work. Although Saba’s love is immature but you do relate to her feelings. End of this episode, Irtaza & Saman get engaged.

Overall, Bin Roye manages to hold your interest, there are moments which really tend to affect you. The best thing about this drama is that there are no antagonists. It only talks about normal everyday people who are caught up in situations beyond their control which will also determine the course of their relationships and their lives. The drama does have a lot of extraordinary performances to its credit.

Looking at the promo of the 6th episode, I seriously dreading having to watch the next episode as I don’t want to watch Saba cry.

How many of you watched tonight’s episode? Do share your thoughts about it.



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