My Review : Shivaay

What do you do if your 9-year-old daughter flies to Bulgaria along with you and is kidnapped by sex traffickers within hours of arriving? Well, if you’re the fearless mountaineer Shivaay, you go get her—brutally dispatching every one of the interlopers involved. That’s the premise in Shivaay, ( A Desi take on Taken).

But let’s rewind the tape a bit.

Few college students join Shivaay (Ajay Devgn) for a mountaineering mission. Olga (Erika Kaar), a Bulgarian studying at the Delhi University, is one of them. Sizzling spark blooms between Olga and Shivaay. They fall in love buts unfortunately, things take an ugly turn when Olga becomes pregnant. Not ready to take so much responsibility, Olga conceives, leaves her daughter with Shivaay & flies back to Bulgaria.
And thus after years, Shivaay decides to visit Bulgaria with his 8 year old daughter Gaura (Abigail Eames),
The new country Bulgaria turns out to be more mysterious than what the father-daughter duo expected. And they unwillingly get caught in the web of lies, deceit & human trafficking..

Throughout the movie, Shivaay demonstrates deep devotion to his daughter Gaura—both before and after her abduction. We watch as he walks down the memory lane thinking about her. Knowing that she is the only hope in his life.
Shivaay’s ferocious love for his daughter compels him past every obstacle once she’s been abducted.

With help from the Indian Embassy (Saurabh Shukla & Sayesha Saigal), who informs Shivaay that Gaura’s kidnappers are likely a group of human traffickers working secretly in Bulgaria … and that he has about 96 hours to find her before she disappears into the black hole of sex slavery.

In the process, Shivaay focuses on the scourge of human trafficking, a ruthless underworld where even one innocent mistake condemns a girl to a life of drugged sex bondage.

Once Shivaay picks up his daughter’s trail, the ensuing violence is nonstop and intense, if not particularly gory. Shivaay takes down a slew of baddies with guns. Others get straight away knocked out.. He breaks the necks of quite a few by slamming their heads into various hard objects. Several scenes involve intense fist-and-foot combat flurries.

Technical :

Aseem Bajaj’s beautifully takes us through tunnels and snow-covered hills. With a little help from the CGI team, he successfully to an interesting journey on the snow capped mountains

First half is a bit slow, but the story picks up from Bulgaria..a dragged climax but a convincing one.

Shivaay deserves credit for showcasing the horrors of sex trafficking, a subject that has not been shown on an international level.It’s conceivable that some who see this film will be similarly moved.

But while Shivaays subject matter is all too real, the solution proffered here is pure Bollywood fantasy.

The film makes us believe that Shivaay’s killing spree in pursuit of his daughter Gaura is something more than mere vigilantism, focuses on a very important issue.

Mr Ajay Devgn has done a splendid job as the director.

Performances :

Ajay Devgn as Shivaay was superb & top notch. You will just love him on screen.The presence of Ajay Devgan in the lead role is a bonus, but surprisingly, not really the source of success.

New comer Sayesha Saigal looked beautiful but did not have much scope to showcase her acting skills. Erika Kaar & Abigail Eames were brilliant as debutants

Vir Das was amazing in a small role & special thanks to my friend Aakash Dabhade who doesn’t fail to impress you with his comic timings..great job bro-).


Mithoon ‘s soothing soulful music adds a lot of value to the d his music.

Verdict :

Overall, Shivaay Movie works for me..A formula movie though..but it did touch my heart. A must watch this Diwali. Strongly recommended.




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