Mahira Khan : A Winner all the way

If I have to describe or dedicate a song to my favorite actor Mahira Khan, it would be the famous Mohd Rafi song-

“Ye Chaand Saa Roshan Cheharaa, Julfon Kaa Rang Sunaharaa
Ye Zeel See Neelee Aankhe, Koee Raaj Hain In Mein Gaharaa
Taareef Karu Kyaa Us Kee, Jis Ne Tumhe Banaayaa”

Let me tell you why my favorite Mahira Khan totally deserves to win the forever diva crown.


Whatever Mahira Khan does, becomes iconic – be it her dance moves or the way she says ‘Uff’ or the way she performs. This talented actress is truly a diva in the real sense. Today, she is the most popular heroine not only in Pakistan but across the world.

This Pakistan beauty doesn’t grace the big screen often, but she surely knows how to rule our hearts like always. She may have become choosy when it comes to films but her popularity is still the same even on social media platforms. Yes, this Humsafar girl is super active on social networking sites and keeps interacting with her fans. From posting selfies to sharing pictures from her archives, Mahira knows how to rock it on social media. That’s not all! This superstar keeps sharing nice quotes & thoughts and that’s another big reason why she is such a big hit on Twitter and Facebook.

This automatically makes her immensely likable and relatable to the ordinary person who feels they can connect with her at any time. She paves the way for showing how to respond to trolls and having a thick skin which makes her even more popular on social media. Mahira balances her private & professional life with extreme poise and grace.

After all, every girl wants to become like her Isn’t? All over the world, Mahira Khan is motivational to many youngsters who are trying to find themselves and become famous as well.


Her rise in the last 6 years has been phenomenal. From being recognized on a global TV platform to winning a numerous of awards,being on the cover of ‘The World’s 50th sexiest Asian Women List’ & working opposite Mr Shahrukh Khan. Mahira Khan has left no stone unturned.


Mahira Khan is definitely on her way to ruling the world of entertainment and there seems to be no stopping her. The first few episodes of her new BinRoye Drama series is out and Mahira Khan has once again become the talking point all over the world. While the show is getting great reviews from the critics, it clearly shows that Mahira Khan is surely is making a mark like always. She’s being touted as the best thing about the show and we Mahirians really, really proud. She’s done what no other Pakistani celebrity could ever do – she has managed to step out and create a niche for herself in world entertainment. And not by  bagging the lead role in a Bollywood film like some of her contemporaries, but by actually doing some commendable work people are going to remember her for.

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Mahira Khan has always earned respect for the effort she puts in to her work. The actor takes her work very seriously and her earnest performances are proof enough. No matter what role it is, Mahira Khan is always ready to go to any lengths to play her part right, and that’s exactly why she has always been respected in Film Industry. Can’t wait to watch her upcoming film ‘Verna’& ofcoz ‘Raees’. The woman is an over achiever, always has been. Ever since Humsafar, her career graph has only risen and how! She has stolen limelight wherever she has gone, and for all the right reasons. She is a fabulous actor and whether you’re a fan or not, there’s no denying that. She has won several prestigious award such as Lux Star Awards, Hum Awards, ARY Awards, Masala Awards, Femina Me Awards, Vogue Style Awards, Hum Style Awards etc.

‘Agar mera bas chalta..I would have awarded her the Oscar award’.

Her stunning personality is what earned her the title ‘The Unstoppable Khan’. And over the years, on screen and off screen, she’s only proved that she was born to be a star. There’s something about the way she carries herself that commands your attention. Be it her confidence, her impeccable style, her lady like elegance, or her inescapable charm, she always stands out in the crowd.Her mere presence blurs out the rest of the world.

Mahira Khan is the perfect example of ‘Beauty & Brains’ She is undoubtedly one of the most stunning women the world has ever seen. We’re not saying beauty is all that matters, but well, it definitely is awe-inspiring to see someone so perfect in every sphere of her personality.

Our Queen Mahira Khan recently attended the TEDxLahoreWomen where she shared her profound experiences as a woman in the South Asian Film Industry..A moment of pride for all of us.


This is not all, This year once again my favorite Mahira Khan along with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, visited various Girls college & raised awareness among girls about ‘Breast Cancer’. Isn’t it wonderful ?? How many Super stars actually take time off from their busy schedule for social work ?  Mahira khan does..because she is rare.


So, Now you know why my favorite Mahira Khan is ‘A Winner all the way’..She deserves a Salute!

Here’s wishing Mahira Khan all the success in the world. You go girl !

Deep Basu – Biggest Mahira Khan on Earth










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