My Review : Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

“Ek tarfa pyar ki taqat hi kuch aur hoti hai … auron ke rishton ki tarah yeh do logon mein nahi bat’ti … sirf mera haq hai ispe”.

“Mohabbat karna hamare bas mein nahi hai … us mohabbat se door chale jaana … woh hamare bas mein hai”.

“Ajeeb kahani hai pyar aur dosti ke rishtey ki … pyar hamara hero, dosti hamari heroine…blah blah & blah….

Conclusion : Headache..yes I am having a major head ache now after watching the film.

So finally, the most talked about, the most hyped, the most controversial Karan Johar flick Ae Dil Hai Muskil Movie finally releases today & I have managed to watch the ‘First Day First Show’ All I can say that I …”Yeh Film Mushkil se bhi hamari Dil Nahi chu payegi”-(-(

Review :

Lets begin with the positives, Like every Karan Johar film, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is a beautiful looking film..right from the kitchen interiors to the living room walls, all looks so ‘Wow’.Cinematographer Anil Mehta has done a great job in putting in high level of of visual aesthetics. Plus, There is a wonderful synchronization connectivity between inner and outer beauty along with its good looking characters who are heard mouthing some beautiful poetry lines that seems too perfect & taken from a book.

Unfortunately, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil boils down to a mash-up of all those clichéd good looking films that are high on colour, beauty,budget but low on realism.

While Ranbir behaves like the guy, who is a mixture of ‘Barfi’, ‘Tamasha’,& will also remind you of the singer in ‘Rockstar’.
Well ! in Anushka’s case, she is the new avatar of Preity Zinta.

Plot :

Ayan and Alizeh, who meet at a party are naturally drawn towards each other & this transforms into a deep friendship.
The first 50 minutes both the characters just Ham,talk fast and live life king size.
Ayan wants to be a singer but Alizeh says his voice lacks the soul that comes only from experiencing heartbreak;(Reminds me of Rockstar)
While Alizeh treats Ayan as only her bestest buddy (Friendzoned concept) Ayan’s affection for her runs much deeper.
All of a sudden, enters Alizeh’s former love, her Tabahi Dj Ali (Fawad Khan)
Naturally, Ayan gets ditched mid way by Alizeh, who gets back to her former love.
After few years post Alizeh’s marriage,Aishwarya Rai Bachchan a poet enters Ayan’s life & develops a steamy no-strings-attached relationship with him.
Shah Rukh Khan makes a guest appearance and does what he did in Luck By Chance & imparts some gyan on love to Ayan.
Well the rest of the story is predictable, Saba ditches Ayan..Fawhad ditches Alizeh..the ending you can guess it ofcoz.

The problem with ADHM is that it completely fails to connect with you. The time the films gets into a full-on emotional mode, you are in no mood for tragedy or patiently wait for the movie to end.

In guess, After Kabhi Alvida..this is the worse Karan Johar film till date. ( I loved Student of the Year)

Performances :

Always a treat to watch, Ranbir Kapoor adds a lot of value to the character, he plays the lover, the singer, the dancer, the flirt, the funny guy with a lot of perfection. His chemistry works well with both the lead actresses.
Anushka Sharma is impressive as Alizeh, the woman who knows exactly what she wants from each of her relationships.
The chemistry between Ayan & Alizeh looks very fresh and authentic It will certainly remind you of your best friends.

The gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is simply amazing & has given a well balanced performance.

Fawad Afzal Khan and Sharukh Khan have very little screenspace but they both are quite good on screen like always.

Verdict :

Overall, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil offers nothing new or fresh & fails to involme the audience emotionally or feel for the characters.
A one time watch…or give it a miss..its your call-)

Will watch Shivaay at night..hope it doesn’t cause destruction to my brain lolz



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