My Review : BinRoye Drama Episode 4

It is very difficult to review a show when your favorite actor is a part of it. I most of the time including today ended up watching the episode twice because during the first run I only stare & stare at my favorite Mahirah Khan because I just love the way she performs the character Saba. She is a very gifted & a fine actor.


Episode 4 was another well-paced episode of Bin Roye Drama, which was pretty clear cut & straight forward. Even though this episode did not progress much in terms of story but instead focused on the romantic chemistry between Saman & Irtaza. It was quite interesting to watch the sudden change in Saba’s character who is very possessive and stubborn & is unable to accept the fact Irtaza is getting drawn towards Saman.

Things will get worse for Saba in the next episode but that does not change the fact that Saba’s character is still lovable & sweet–  she is definitely not a negative person, she does know how to appreciate others which goes to show that she is not an insecure individual in general. Saba’s initial concern for Saman and the way she supported her clearly showed that she had a very loving and caring side to her personality.

Relationship between Armeena Khan and Humayun Saeed especially their romance was quite prominent in tonight’s episode. But nevertheless my favorite Mahira Khan hasn’t only done complete justice to her role but like always you look forward to Saba’s scenes because of her. Humayun Saeed’s overall personality is very well-suited for the character he is playing. Mr Humayun Saeed like always manages to be consistent as Irtiza who is a very responsible person & takes his duties seriously. Armeena Khan was quite good in this episode.


Saba can very clearly notice Irtaza’s fondness for Saman. Initially Saba tries to overlook but unfortunately she has to come to terms with reality that Irtaza is falling in love with Saman & only treats her like a good friend.

The first half and the second half more or less talks about the same thing & in gradual succession. The two scenes where Saba very rudely speaks to Saman clearly states the transformation in Saba’s character. Though Saba’s reaction didn’t come as a pleasant surprise to me because Saba is an impulsive & a childish young lady.

Saman has a lot of dialogues and it is actually working out well since Armeena Rana Khan’s is a good actor & her character Saman is progressing well. Saman and Irtiza’s growing interest in each other was also shown through many scenes & Saba getting quite jealous seeing them together. These scenes also suggested that a new chapter is about to begin in BinRoye Drama.


Overall, This was another effective episode of Bin Roye. Just like the other 3 episodes this also manages to hold your interest. I am waiting to find out & see more happenings in the life of Irtaza, Saba & Saman.


How many of you watched this latest installment of Bin Roye? Do share your thoughts about it.

IMG-20160709-WA0000    DEEP BASU (Biggest fan of Mahira Khan on earth)


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