My Review :Bin Roye Drama Episode 3

So, after watching the third episode tonight, I can only say that Binroye Drama is getting better & better with every episode & my favourite Mahira Khan is looking more beautiful in every frame in these episodes.

Episode 3 begins with, Irtiza coming back to Pakistan after finishing his studies and when dadi mentions that Irtiza should get married now, Saba very directly expresses her desire to marry Irtiza to her Dadi. Since no one in the house takes Saba seriously, naturally her dadi ignores her desire .This was an important scene in tonight’s episode & will be given importance as the show progresses.


The first half of this episode was quite entertaining & fun, Thanks to my favourite Mahira Khan,who always lights up the screen with her performance as Saba. But right after Saman enters the house, the scenes & pace begin to rush a little bit. Saman’s foster parents die in a plane crash which was headed to Germany and Irtaza brings her back to Pakistan. Saman is told about the big family secret that she is actually Saba’s elder sister, and she was given to her uncle and aunt as a child. Upon learning she has an elder sister, Saba is totally overjoyed and marks the perfect beginning to their relationship.

Saman does not have a lot of dialogues yet but Armeena Khan is quite convincing & doing a great job so far. In this episode, Saman and Irtiza’s growing interest in each other is also shown through brief scenes but is difficult to relate to the connection between the two just yet. The scenes between Saba and Irtiza are still the best & full of energy & fun. Saba’s interaction with her dadi and their dialogue scenes always make you laugh.


This was overall another interesting episode of Bin Roye which has added an interesting plot point to the story and has started a new phase. Things will of course change in the next episode where we show that Saba’s character cannot share Irtiza with anyone at all – My favourite Mahira Khan has once again done complete justice to her role & like always I am looking forward to Saba’s scenes only because of her. Humayun Saeed as Irtiza is convincing & good as always. Slowly & steadily, I am getting hooked to Armeena Khan’s performance…looking forward to see her more.

The characters  in Bin Roye  undoubtedly leaves a huge impact on you & manages to hold your interest. The preview of the next episode showed that Saba noticed Irtiza and Saman’s interest in one another.I can’t wait for next Sunday..

Friends please share your thoughts about it.


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