The Irreplaceable Khan – Mahira Khan

‘Actresses Will Come & Go..But For Us, Mahira Khan Will Always Be ‘The Irreplaceable Actor’

Has any film industry produced a more beautiful dancer,actor than Mahira Khan?            I think not because Mahira Khan can never be replaced.

So what do I say about the most beautiful woman in the world? What do I say about the most cutest smile ever? What do I say about the most fantastic actress ever? Whatever I say won´t be enough. All I am gonna say is: they will be nobody like her ever.

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It is something you or anyone cannot help. You find yourself stupidly smiling every time Mahira Khan performs or smiles on screen. And that´s the kind of impact she has.

I repeat nobody, not a single actress can move, dance and express a scene the way Mahira Khan does.

What makes the likes of Mahira so special? Surely, there has to be more than just acting prowess and dancing acumen to rule the hearts of people all over the world and demand mind space even in her absence.

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Mahira Khan, the woman of substance in Pakistan, finds one way or the other to inspire people every time. The Super Star, super Mom & an amazing human being  was recently listed in The ‘World’s 50 Sexiest Asian Women’ List few months ago. Well ! this news didn’t come as a surprise to anyone of us, coz our fav Mahira Khan deserves it & she is at her peak right now. Mahira Khan is out conquering the globe with her stellar performances and hit television shows.

 Having bagged most of the best awards last year, life came full circle for Mahira Khan when she bagged yet not just one but two at the Lux Style Awards recently.
Incidentally, while ‘Binroye’ & ‘Ho Mann Jahaan’ emerged as one of the most successful films last year, Mahira Khan is undoubtedly ‘The Unstoppable Khan’

There are few sentences that can summarise Mahira Khan‘s contribution to Pakistani Cinema. While the public is still out to find their ideal hero ( Male Lead), there can be no debate about the lasting effect Mahira Khan‘s absence will have on the industry. There is hardly anyone who does not like Mahira Khan, the actress. Everybody Loves her.

Some actors rule our hearts with their performances, but most of them are replaced by others. Seldom do we come across characters that are embedded in our psyche to an extent where we find it extremely hard to accept anyone else in the same role. Mahira Khan is an actor who makes all her characters example – Khirad (Humsafar), Saba (BinRoye) etc convincing through her mind blowing performances. One has to agree that Mahira is magical. She is pure magic onscreen.

You know an actor is brilliant when you can sit through a movie/ television drama, just to see him/her perform. We Mahirians did it way too often and that was one of the major reasons why Mahira Khan became one of the top names of the Pakistan Industry today. You can never pic or chose Mahira Khan‘s best work, coz she is good in all of them.But then it’s never about the plot as much as it is about seeing our own favourite actor doing what ‘She does the best’ on screen.

All her Characters, be it Khirad to Saba to Manizeh etc are so famous that they tend to live with you even after so many years. That’s the power of Mahira Khan.

Mahira Khan is a flawless actress. She is a director’s actress. She can become exactly what the director wants. Take two films of her, Momina Duraids‘s Bin Roye and Asim Raza‘s Ho Mann Jahan. Can you see any similarity between the simple  Mahira of BinRoye with the Mahira of Ho Mann Jahan? No you can’t? Because the two directors had different demands. So Mahira had become two completely different characters. I am saying this from my own perspective.
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I think we all are great fans of her acting and dancing. Even before I watched ‘Humsafar’, I was a fan of her post the movie ‘Bol’ and then for me to get a chance to meet her…it was a privilege. ‘She´s a Goddess’ I completely admire her. It was an honour meeting her in Mumbai at the Vogue Style Awards .
Trust me, in person, Mahira Khan is just as sweet. Positive and with an intelligence to match, Mahira Khan is every one’s idol and let’s hope she keeps on inspiring young minds, always.
She is the most perfect face for the screen…she will easily be the last female superstar of Pakistan.
There can never be a replacement for Mahira Khan..Never..
Deep Basu ( Biggest Fan of Mahira Khan on Earth)

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