My Review : Zulfiqar

Prelude :

During the Pujas, A bengali might miss the grand durga puja celebration in Kolkata, but he just cannot miss a ‘Srijit Mukherjee film’

If I am not mistaken, right from 2014, Srijit da came up with his brilliant feature film ‘Chotushkone’, a complex tale of four fictitious film directors and their tryst with death.

In 2015, he once again came up with the Partition-inspired Rajkahini, which featured half the stalwarts of Bengali cinema & gave us great performances.
This year, our very own priode of Kolkata Mr Srijit Mukherji returns with Zulfiqar, which is a big-screen adaptation of two of William Shakespeare’s best-known works, Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra, for a change, this is set in the underbelly of Kolkata’s infamous Port area.

I am not surprised that Srijit Mukherji’s movies also get as much notice outside West Bengal, and outside India. Bengali commercial cinema in India was in a state of creative decadence till Mukherji came up with Autograph, his stylishly tribute to Satyajit Ray’s immortal masterpiece Nayak, in 2010.
More than half a decade later, Mukherji has become the most bankable director in Kolkata currently.
I did keep my fingers crossed & after watching the film, I can proudly say that Srijit da has done it again..but unfortunately, it is not as good or at par with his previous films.

In many bengali films, the underworld aspect has never been so well showcased or has been talked about. A special thanks to Srjit da for unveiling this ‘not much talked’ about Kolkata’s under world through his latest directorial venture Zulfiqar .

Premise :

In Kolkata, A crime group syndicate operates in full swing. The film has in the background the port area comprising of majority Muslim population and a small section of the Hindu population. It promises a world of divided loyalities, numerous betrayals and copious amounts of bloodshed.

Technical :

The ‘Aam Janta’ will definitely love this film as it is has good commercially appealing & contains all the ingredients of a total Paisa Vasool film.
‘Zulfiqar’ is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, and Antony and Cleopatra, which will be a fresh offering for the audiences.

Srijitda showed us Kolkata beautifully in Baishe Srabon, In Zulfiqar, the same Kolkata becomes a violent city divided between language, race, creed and behaviour.
The screen play could have been better. especially the bike racing scene looked very unreal & hard to believe.

Though the action sequences has been designed by heavyweights Javed and Aejaz Gulab, who are making their Bengali debut after their successful bollywood stint through their work in films such as Shootout At Lokhandwala, Don 2, Mission Istanbul and others,the fight scenes appeared a little amateurish.

The characters & human relationships shown in this film doesn’t seem to touch your heart or move you. Hence the image and character building with time, does not happen as the film comes to an end.

Lastly, the films ends up becoming a cocktail of emotions-love, hate, friendship, betrayal, death, revenge, lust for power etc…

Performances :

In Zulfiqar, the heroes are the main protagonist who drive the film, the female leads appear very weak & are wasted .
Nushrat Jahan who plays Rani Talapatra, (Srijit’da’s take on Cleopatra) is just about okay. She is unable to express important emotions through her silence and eyes.
Guest Appearance by Paoli Dam enacting the character Karishma Ahmed (Calphurnia), deserves appreciation.

Talented actor Jishu Sengupta has gone through a complete makeover with a role which is different from the rest playing the character Kashinath Kundu, with a paunch. He enacts his wicked character with a lot of perfection.

Power house Parambrata Chattopadhyay as Tony Braganza has played his character with a lot of conviction.
Kaushik Sen, a theatre personality steals the show in the form of Basheer Khan is appreciable.

our very own Bumba da Prosenjit Chatterjee as Julius Caesar has done a superb job.

Bengali Superstar Dev , Ankush Hazra & Rahul Banerjee are decent in their respectible roles.

Verdict :

Mr Srijit Mukherjee’s Zulfiqar – Movie runs in too many directions at once but once again proves that he remains a popular film maker bengal has ever produced. A Paisa Vasool though..Go Ahead if you are looking for 100% entertainment.



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