My Review : Bin Roye Drama Episode 2

In spite of having a busy working Sunday, I made it a point to stay up all night, watch the second episode of Bin Roye Drama & write my review before hitting the bed. A loyal Mahira Khan fan after all..I would have not slept peacefully without watching it.

This very episode begins on a very crucial note, Saman’s mother was shown regretting her decision and hoping that her brother gives her daughter back to her. The conversation between her and her husband went to show that this was her decision and at this point it is not a good idea to get  Saman back into their lives.

Irtiza also mentions that during his younger days, he had seen her crying after she had given Saman to her brother who suggests that Irtiza was old enough to notice & understand her feeling towards Saman.


Considering the previous episode, Irtiza and Saba’s relationship has also been very well defined. Saba’s is madly in love with Irtiza. But Irtiza only considers Saba as his best friend and cares for her deeply.  Irtiza somehow develops feelings for Saman as he finds her to be someone he has more in common with and is definitely attracted to her.

There were quite number of scenes in tonight’s episode which showed how much they had in common and how both of them are equally getting drawn towards each other. Irtiza while visiting Saman’s house more often gets to know Saman better and Saman ends up inviting him to go with them for the family vacation because she was getting bored & enjoys his company.

Saba’s instant reaction to Irtiza cancelling his plan of coming to Pakistan once again was shown in a beautiful way.


Humayun Saeed and Armeena Khan do not yet have the same chemistry which Humayun Saeed has with Mahira Khan. Saman’s character is charming & beautiful but I am eagerly waiting to find out more about her character in the upcoming episodes.

This episode of Bin Roye took the story forward & relationship between all the characters has been very well established.  The characters are simple & lovable. They are the kind of people we know and see around us every day.

The chemistry between Mahira Khan and Humayun Saeed is the USP of these two episodes and I am in support for Irtiza and Saba already although I very well know that they are not meant to be together.  The beautiful Armeena Khan is a breath of fresh air, I am really interested to see her character grow (Loved her in the trailer of Janaan)

My favourite Mahira Khan is flawless as Saba. Like always, Mahira makes the character look so cute and likeable. At this point,  Saba’s character is holding my interest more than any other.

As per the preview of the next episode Saba will most likely receive bad news in the next episode.

Can’t wait to watch the next episode.

Deep Basu ( Biggest fan of Mahira khan)



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