My Review : Bin Roye Drama (First episode )

Story Written by:  Farhat Ishtiaq

Directed by: Shehzad Kashmiri – Haissam Hussain

Produced by:   MD Productions

Cast: Mahira Khan, Hamayun Saeed, Armeena Rana Khan, Zeba Bakhtiar, Javed Sheikh, Jahanzeb Khan, Azra Mansoor, Junaid Khan, Mujtaba Khan, Gulfam Ramay

Every Sunday at 8pm on HUM TV

So Finally I got the opportunity to see my favourite actor Mahira Khan back on screen, that also after a year I guess.  Thanks to Hum tv & Youtube zindabad lolzz.

So post the release of the highly acclaimed Pakistani film  BinRoye (Which I missed coz it did not release in Mumbai) the expectations attached to Bin Roye Drama were huge, it was the most awaited drama serial of this year because of various reasons.

img_20161003_171845     img_20161003_171832

The first reason is Mahira Khan, The second reason is Mahira Khan & the third reason is Mahira Khan lolzz coz it has been a long wait, we Mahirians have not seen much of our favourite actor & all of us were eagerly waiting for BinRoye Drama to begin soon.


Now, going back to my review, watching just the first episode of Bin Roye,I can confidently say that this very Drama serial will undoubtedly set a high benchmark & raise the standard of Pakistani dramas to a whole new level. The introduction to the characters in the first episode was done in a very simple & a very beautiful manner..from the word go, you instantly get so attached to them.

Saba (Mahira Khan) and Irtiza’s (Hamayun Saeed) love track was the main focus of attention in the first episode. The episode opens very interestingly with Saba and Irtiza walking in a house in San Francisco which was once a home but now it only brought back painful memories because someone close to them both was no more.


This first scene was impactful and left the viewers (esp. myself) a good reason to find out what had actually happened. Once we begin to think & contemplate, this is when we are taken to the past, in which we are introduced to the friendly relationship between Saba and Irtiza and all the other family members involved.

Through beautiful dialogues, we get to know that Irtiza had been raised by Saba’s mother (Zeba Bakhtiar) because his parents passed away when he was only 8 years old. He found a friendship in Saba when she was born and since then these two cousins have a very strong & inseparable bond. Saba refused to address Irtiza as Irtiza bhai because she considers him her best friend.

All the scenes which revealed Saba’s feelings for Irtiza were very well written directed & executed. Not even once, you felt it to be dragged or boring.


Saba & Irtaza were genuinely fond of each other & were best of friends. Saba did receive t love from her father and grandmother but was always inclined towards Irtaza for companionship & love. Another child named Saman was introduced in the first episode, her background story was also revealed in this episode, which I guess will take a disturbing turn in the long run. ( a plot point)

Through a very secretive conversation between Saba & Saman’s Mom, we get to know that Saman and Saba are sisters but Saman was adopted by her mamu when she was born because he did not have any kids.


Surprisingly, in the first episode, Saman does find out that she is adopted & her actual Mom is Saba’s Mother.  So watching such a little kid secretly listening to their conversation was not very convincing to me.

This little young Saman will grow up & her character will be played by the beautiful Armeena Khan in the next episode.

The highlights of this episode were– The child star playing Saba’s character in particular was the perfect choice for playing the role.  The chemistry between young Irtaza & the young Saba & ofcoz the breath taking visuals.

My favourite Mahira Khan looked extraordinarily beautiful and her first appearance as the grown up Saba, made me cry out of joy “Bas jo Mera hai..Mera hi rehne do.

This episode was beautifully shot, every scene was visually appealing. Mr Hamayun Saeed just like Mahira Khan is not only a good performer but also has magnetic screen presence.


In this episode Irtiza was introduced as a gentleman who believes in helping people. The song ‘Tere Bina Jeena’ was beautifully sung, directed and choreographed. The beautiful cute activities in the song complimented the song.  The sparkling chemiostry between Saba  & Irtaza  was very cutely established & shown.

I did notice the talented Sarmad Khoosat ‘s guest appearance in this song.

Can’t wait to watch the next episode on next Sunday

The film version made a record business of more than Rs300 million..The drama version will gratify the viewers.

BinRoyaDrama is a must watch.


Deep Basu ( Biggest Fan of Mahira Khan on earth)


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