My Review : AKIRA


Prelude :

You come across many movies in Bollywood, which have an above average story-line & the characters are seen a dozen times over, and then a change of track happens in such a pleasant fashion that you’re hooked into a very fulfilling watching experience.

Akira directed by AR Murgados is one such film that has everything that might count as a cliche but the best part about this film is that it never descends into mediocrity or becomes too predictable.

By the way, Akira is a remake of a 2011 Tamil film called ‘Mouna Guru’, In comparison to the south version, Mr AR Murgados has made the necessary changes to fit the sentiments of the Bollywood audience.
In Mouna Guru, the main protagonist was actually was played by a Boy & in this version Sonakshi takes the lead.

Film Highlight :

Time plays an essential role in crime thrillers. The sequence right before the intermission is an example — the protagonist Akira is one of three youngsters lined up by a group of corrupt policemen to be killed in a fake encounter in the reserve forests What goes wrong over the next few minutes is shown in proper detail. No jump cuts. No fast editing. Time stays true to character.

Plot :

College goer Akira has a bad past, due to this, she always finds it difficult to adjust with the society that she lives in. As a result, she is unable to control her anger and often ends up in trouble.
Her unpredictable behavior becomes a source of constant worry for her mother and brother.
She comes to the city and stays in a hostel where the trouble begins. Meanwhile, while traveling, Assistant Commissioner Govind Rane & his colleagues witness a car accident. When they are about to take the victim to a nearby hospital, they come across a huge stash of cash. The policemen kill the (half dead) victim and flee to Mumbai with the money.
Then the sincere police officer SP Rabia, takes up this case. A cluster of lies, ego clash at the hostel and family’s ignorance brings innocent Akira into this crime plot.
The rest is a racy roller-coaster ride that forms the climax.

Technical :

The screenplay is racy through out the pre-intermission point but post intermission the movie begins to decline and the dialogues lack the punch & impact.
Not all characters are well etched out or well written.
Few scenes are badly edited as you can clearly notice continuity jerks & unmatched cuts. The pacing seems jerky at places.
The climax looks very stupid & unconvincing. Akira finally has to become the sacrificial goat for the good of the community.

John Stewarts’s background scores fits the film perfectly. And the surprise factor is that all the songs are well placed in the film. RD Raja Shekher’s excellent camera works, few realistic locations needs a special mention.
Amit Sadh aka Siddhart plays Akira’s love interest as the brother of his elder brother’s wife. But the romance is lost in a script that focuses on crime.



All the characters in the film have done a decent job; whether it is the sincere police officer SP Rabia played by Konkona Sen Sharma or the college principal or Akira’s mental asylum friend or the three cops who end up doing a series of murder to hide one.
Amit Sadh, who appears as Akira’s love interest, does his part well too.
Sonakshi Sinha has tried something different & her effort shows through out.

Tamil actress Raai Laxmi is totally wasted-(

Finally, Anurag Kashyap takes the cake, he plays the corrupt cop Govind Rane with a lot of ease & swag. Mr Kashyap should take up acting seriously from now on.

Verdict :

Akira doesn’t boast of anything spectacular, or a perfect script or a flawless film but worth checking out if you like crime thrillers. A word of warning though. Some sequences may be inappropriate for children.
Give it a try this weekend-)


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