I Support Mahira Khan, Whatsoever

She is a Superstar, Super Mom,a great human being, a talented actor; she is the one & only my favourite Mahira Khan .I love her not only because I’m her biggest fan but because of her good humble nature.


Few days ago, I was in tears after I saw this news on TV, where the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) seeks to eliminate the presence of Pakistani talent in India.

The film workers association of Raj Thackeray‘s party had given a 48-hour period to all Pakistani artistes to leave their country otherwise they will do it themselves, forcefully.

I am totally unhappy and sad with this verdict. This isn’t the first time, this is happening. In October last year, Shiv Sena activists had threatened and announced plans to hinder promotions of the actors’ upcoming movie, Raees (Which will now release in Jan 2017)

I just want to say that Mahira Khan is an actor and not a politician… Let’s leave the politics aside coz celebrities are not responsible at all. Banning Pakistani talent will not stop terrorism. Stopping them from working here is not the solution.

If Indian actors can work anywhere in the world, why can’t Pakistani actors work in India. I don’t think we should stop something because of politics. Why can’t people from the neighbouring country come here and work? Mahira Khan means the world to me, so whether she is an Indian or Pakistani it does not matter, she is & will always remain my favourite actor & favourite person.

The reason I am writing this letter is to express my most enthusiastic support to my favourite actor Mahira Khan as I believe that everyone has the freedom to work where ever they want & a power house talent like Mahira Khan should have no limits. She deserves the world.


I’m saying this because I know for a fact, that she is an amazing human being & also a very hard working actor.

I have always admired her work, her kindness. She is a complete woman, who is simply gorgeous and gifted with magnificent acting talent & a golden heart.

I cannot imagine any other actor taking her position.

It is only because of her good work and the love of her fans across the globe has made Mahira Khan one of the most accomplished actors in the Pakistan Industry today.


So my favourite Mahira Khan, all I can say is that I’m supporting you and will always support you. Please don’t be disheartened..We are always there for you.

Frankly speaking, I have never come across anyone as good as you. We Mahirians love you; I hope & I am dead sure that all will be fine & we will meet very soon.

#IStandWithMahiraKhan #ISupportMahiraKhan

Yours Biggest Fan on earth

Deep Basu 


My Review : PARCHED

So, the most awaited Ajay Devgan film production ‘Parched’ has finally released, Parched is actually a year old film. It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2015 and since then has traveled to various film festivals, winning awards.

In fact, it is already available on Netflix in the US. Finally people in India can experience a film that has been praised across the world.

Last week we had Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s Pink that told the story of three women. Parched tells us the story about Rani (Tannishta Chatterjee), Lajjo (Radhika Apte) and Bijli (Surveen Chawla).
While Pink had three women from the Capital city coming together fighting injustice, Parched deals with the same women in a different setting, far far away from the city.

Plot :

The film revolves around 3 women living an unwanted life in a village of Rajasthan in the north-western region of India, which still suffers from old, age-ridiculed traditions like forced child marriages and other social issues like financial difficulties, maritial rape etc

Rani (Tannishtha Chatterjee), who has been a widow since young age, is trying to get her son, Gulab (Riddhi Sen), married to a beautiful girl, Janki (Lehar Khan), from the neighboring village.
Then there is Lajjo (Radhika Apte), a friend of Rani. They both are skilled and work for a local entrepreneur named Kishan (Sumeet Vyas). Lajjo is childless and wants to conceive desperately but fails. Due to this, her alcoholic husband, Manoj, batters her every night. The third woman is Bijli (Surveen Chawla), a local dancer, who is a feast for the eyes of village men. She not just dances but fulfils inner desires of many men during dry, sensuous nights of the village.


The men of village fear the development of the women and want to live the lifestyle left by their forefathers. The entwined story of these 3 women shows how they live in a controlled world, forced in by tradition, but in their private spaces, they talk about love, sex, and their dreams for the future.

The twist to the story comes when Rani discovers Janki is dishonored in her village, Lajjo is tired of the brutality of her husband, and Bijli is jealous of a new girl who might replace her.

This leads to a journey of freedom.

Technical :

The conversations the three women have is the best part of the film – their conversations are bold, funny & filled with giggles.(Esp their Sex Talk)
The screen play could have been a little more interesting & tighter…the movie tends to become slightly boring & slows down post intermission.

The concept & theme explored in this film is nothing new or fresh..but Director Leena Yadav has given it a fresh execution.

Few scenes, especially the scenes showcasing a great deal of violence unleashed on the women, are very harsh.

The film is beautifully shot by Mr Russell Carpenter (Titanic, Jobs). He adds a lot of value to the film, especially the erotic rural love making scene between Adil Hussain & Radhika Apte shot inside a cave, looks so beautiful & aesthetically choreographed.

Performances :

All the three of the main actors Radhika Apte Surveen Chawla & Surveen Chawla perform very well in their respective roles & characters.

Actor Sayani Gupta shines in a small role as Champa, Sumeet Vyas is fantastic & Mr Adil Hussain is simply brilliant in that small silent role.
Upcoming actor Riddhi Sen is simply amazing as the spoilt son of Rani.

Verdict :

Overall, Parched is not a memorable tale of women empowerment but genuinely shines. Give it a try this week.


My Review : PINK

Prelude :

I know I am late, really late, I guess..for the first time.
Due to my bad decision to watch Raaz Reboot first over ‘Pink’ made me push PINK for the weekday show-(
So now, after watching Pink, I feel quite relieved & happier..will never commit such a mistake again.
Now, I can proudly say that I have watched ‘Pink’ like others & have thoroughly loved it. I am part of the ‘PINK’ bandwagon now.
Have you ever thought..Why the film makers of this film decided to title this very film with name ‘Pink’ ?? I am sure some of you know why.
Well ! according to me, the colour Pink represents a format which is associated with women. It’s a colour that symbolises / used for women empowerment.
But this very film is not about women empowerment or rape either.
It basically talks about three working girls who live independently, and unwillingly encounters a very unfortunate & horific incident, what transpires thereafter and what happens to them and their lives, how they face circumstances, how they face society, how they gain their respect, and all of it inside a court of law.

Plot :

Three girls – Minal Arora (Taapsee Pannu), Falak Ali (Kirti Kulhari) and Andrea (Andrea Tariang) are staying together as tenants in a posh South Delhi locality and are normal working professionals in their respective fields.
One night, after a rock concert they accept a dinner invitation from Rajveer (Angad Bedi), who is the nephew of a powerful politician from South Delhi, and two others to a resort.

Finding the opportunity, the three men separate the three girls from each other. Rajveer gets close and and tries to molest Minal (Taapsee Pannu) and her two roommates,despite they saying NO to them.
Minal inoreder to protect herself, impulsively picks up a bottle and smashes it on Rajveer’s eye, leaving him bleeding.

To seek revenge, Rajveer and his friends try to vacate the girls from their houses and threaten them over the phone.
Minal is forced to approach the police with the intention to file an FIR against Rajveer and his friends.
Due to Rajveer’s influence, Minal is then charged for ‘Attempt to murder’ and for soliciting & the other girls are labelled as co-accused.

Deepak Sehgall (Amitabh Bachchan) is a retired lawyer suffering from bipolar disorder and has an ailing wife (Mamata Shankar). He is also a neighbour of the 3 girls .
He notices their troubles and after consultation with his wife, takes it upon himself to represent the girls in the court.
The rest of the film revolves around how Deepak fights the girls’ case against these influential boys.

Technical :

After the sweet film Piku, Shoojit Sircar once again teams up with Amitabh Bachchan but this time for a completely different kind of film.
Pink addresses some important issues like women safety in the city and that how Power influences & manipulates court judgements.

The first half of the film — doesn’t show us much about the incident or even let us hear any kind of detailed visual narration — it is very cleverly built on silences,making all of us guessing between the lines.

This film instantly renminded me of Jodi Foster’s The Accused in which her character is raped in a bar: just because she was wearing a short skirt, and was drunk.
Similar thing is shown here – ‘aisi ladkiyon ke saath toh aisa hi hota hai’.

The general perception of our male dominated society is measured by the length of the female clothing and a men usually decides what is okay for a women & what is not -(
This attitude has unfortunately made even the women be part of it.

How can a person so loosely used terms like ‘Slut etc’ for a random girl just based on what they wear, how they speak or whom they chose to befriend?????

Three cheers to the Director, every emotion, frustration and the pain, has been captured beautifully and brought out very convincingly by the characters, the direction aspect is the high point of the film.

Congratulations Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury for his amazing first Hindi movie and I willl personally recommend you guys to watch all his bengali films from now on..its amazing.

If any film post Vicky Donor has Shoojit Sarcar’s name attached to it brings us with certain expectations and each time we are satiosfied as the viewer.
Special thanks to Ritesh Shah for the intriguing story and screenplay.

Please don’t miss the end credits -Lastly, it shows as to what actually happened that night with the three girls.

This keeps the viewer hooked till the very last credit role. SUPERB.

Performances :

The film is remarkably well-cast. Special thanks to Mr Jogi Mallang
Taapsee Pannu plays Meenal, is very natural & convincing.
She is the next big thing of Bollywood.
Kirti Kulhari plays Falak, has the a splendid job, she is one under-rated actor who needs to be given only good opportunities from now on. Andrea Tariang plays Andrea, plays her character veryu realistically where she is described as the ‘North-Eastern,’ as if that is all that counts.


Piyush Mishra is wonderful as the lawyer of the opponent team & who is hell bend in getting these girls behind the bars & punished. His character continues to label them as the ‘women of low character,’. It’s devastating.

Angad Bedi looks & plays the part of the notorious Rajveer with a lot of ease & style. He fitted the character so well.

Actor Vijay Varma is simply superb as Rajveer’s friend Ankit, who makes you hate him & also fear him at the same time.
Not to forget Mamta Malik as the Haryanvi cop, who gets her accent, gestures & body language bang on.
The film also uses a lot of familiar Delhiwalas in small roles: Vinod Nagpal, Sudhanva Deshpande, Dibang.

Our very own Mamta Shankar ‘s subplot was well put & she did a great job-)
Mr Dhritiman Chaterji as the strict judge was excellent in a small role.

Lastly ,Our Big B Mr Amitabh Bachchan nails it once again as the Bipolar disoder Lawyer Deepak Seghal. He is the best part of ‘Pink’


Verdict :

So, a friendly girls is not hinting for sex. A shared drink doesn’t mean a woman is available. Finally everything boils down to a woman’s choice and consent.
Overall, The Film Pink is a very relevant film & also something which will remain with you long after you’ve left the theater.
It’s a must watch for all men, all women, and even the growing up kids to realize why “NO means a NO”.

If some of you have still not watched, please go; and spread the word. A MUST WATCH


My Review : Raaz Reboot

Prelude :

Today I had two options before me ..whether to watch the most talked about Shoojit Sircar production venture The Film Pink or Emraan Hashmi starer Raaz Reboot. My obvious choice was Pink over Raaz..but my twin bro Jeet being a die hard fan of Emraan Hashmi, successfully convinced me to join him for Raaz instead. Trust me, I regret now & will not listen to my bro from now on-(

Shout Out – When will Bollywood or Vikram Bhatt or Vishesh Film ever give up on the tried and tested formula when it comes to horror films. “Raaz Reboot” will undoubtedly remind you of every horror film that has hit theaters in the last few years,nationally & internationally.

Raaz Reboot is an extension of the successful Raaz franchise from the Bhatt camp, which has become adept at giving horror thrillers and sequels. The promo posters and trailers were erotic and thrilling But does the movie provide more of the same? My answer is a big ‘No’

Plot :

Raaz Reboot” features Kriti (Shaina) and Gaurav (Rehaan) as the married couple going through a rough patch and things turn worse after they shift to Romania.
Although Kriti is happy to have moved to a new place, her happiness is short lived as she starts feeling the presence of an evil spirit in the house.
She tells Gaurav about the spirit and tries to convince him to leave the house, but like always he refuses to believe her words.
Meanwhile, Emraan Hashmi’s character (Aditya), happens to be Kriti’s ex maniac boyfriend enters the scene.
He tells Kriti that he knows everything and he is here to help her. He tries to convince her by pointing out all the things she has been experiencing inside the house and claims that he saw all those in his dreams.
He also claims that there is something that her husband has been hiding from her. Although she initially refuses to believe him due to Emraan’s bad past, she later joins him to dig out the mystery.
However, the supernatural power takes control of Kriti’s body and that is when Gaurav finally realizes that she was not faking it.

Technical :

Like always, Directed Vikram Bhatt’s, “Raaz Reboot” has nothing new to offer. Just like his previous films it’s all about haunted mansions, strange voices, unsettled spirits hanging somewhere between life and death, possessing an innocent soul & tormenting them.
The only change you will notice is that, this Raaz introduces us to Christian theology—there is a Gypsy woman, a “psychometrist” and a priest all trying to over power the devil.
You will surely find inspirations from foreign films as The Omen, not to mention the sinister black bird sequence will confirm that.

There is a change in atmospheric too—the cold climate, snow-laden land of Romania, Sprawling painting exhibition etc.
And one thing has not changed, the usual ‘Smooching’ & ‘Love making’ scenes Courtesy – Mr Hashmi.

The first half is slow & filled with unwanted songs & scenes..you will only notice the three characters telling each other
‘kuch toh raaz hai’, ‘kya raaz hai’, ‘kahin toh raaz chhupa hai’, ‘yeh raaz hamein alag kar dega’, over and over again..but nothing seems to come out.

The movie dips in momentum in most of the scenes and the dramatic lengthy climax is not as chilling as expected, ends up being dragged & bore.

There are some scenes which are scary— such as the whispers from a drain,painted faces with empty eyeballs. but all look as if they have been ‘inspired’ from The Exorcist or the Paranormal Activity,

Performances :

First of all, it is not an Emraan Hashmi film, new comer Gaurav Arora is the Hero of the film & does quite a decent job.

Emraan Hashmi will be seen in a new avatar & will surprise you. (No spoilers please)

Kirti kharbanda is just about okay but I quite love her eyes..its beautiful-)

The songs, though decent, just turn out to be pleasant distractions from an otherwise not so horror filled movie. The background music is on the mark while the special effects and the way horror has been depicted doesn’t serve the purpose of scaring the audience.

Verdict :

When will Bollywood come up with a good horror movie that actually fits into the genre?

Raaz Reboot is an ordinary flick with no Chills. My advice would be to avoid it.




My Review : Freaky Ali

Prelude :

This week, Two most awaited Bollywood films finally releases at the theatres. One is the rich good looking film Baar Baar Dekho & the not so good looking film Freaky Ali. But there’s very little to choose between the two when it comes to captivating viewing.

You know you are in for a good paisa vasool, when the protagonist of a movie is the super talented Nawazzuddin Siddiqui.

The film is all about Nawaz & he carries the entire film on his shoulders.

Yet Freaky Ali doesn’t quite make it despite his presence.

Plot :

The story revolves around an undergarment seller with a latent talent. The man is quite comfortable & good with the game Golf. His talent is spotted by a caddy and there begins Ali’s journey from a Sadak Chaap to a golf champion & naturally winning the tournament.

Technical :

The film’s plot had a lot of potential but some how it fails to inspire us. It ends up being a predictable filmy sports drama.
Within a few minutes, we can predict the entire story line & ofcoz the climax too. It lacks Novelty.

The actual concept behind the film – A poor man taking to a rich man’s game, golf and succeeding at it at that.

There are lots of unnecessary subplots in the film which result in becoming monotonous. Jackie Shroff’s entry could’ve easily been avoided.
The love track between Ali and Megha goes no where.
The climax of the film will remind you of old films of Bollywood during the 80’s.
The first half is entertaining but the second half has nothing to offer & only filled with silly jokes & montages of golf sequences.

Few scenes are long & badly edited. Sometimes the flow seems to be jerky & ending very abruptly with sudden fade outs-(

Few scenes talking about the poor vs rich clash are funny & entertaining, but then the fun seems to dry up.
The only person who keeps us hooked is Nawaz & only Nawaz.

Performances :

Apart from Nawazuddin Siddiqui none of the actors touch your heart. Arbaaz Khan(Maqsood) is decent but stiff like always.
Amy Jackson has no role, Seema Biswas does her best,
Jas Arora is average and Nikitan Dheer is only hamming.
Asif Basra is quite enjoyable as the Caddy.

Verdict :

If you love Nawazuddin Siddiqui, then u can go ahead & watch the film…oderwise at your own risk.It is better than Baar Baar Dekho for sure.


My Review : Baar Baar Dekho

If you had a chance to go back into the past and ‘fix’all the improper stuff, what would you do? I would have fixed a lot of things including people lolz.
As a one liner, #BaarBaarDekho is an interesting tale but this latest Dharma Production & Excel Entertainment product borrows shamelessly from the film ‘Click’ and Back To The Future, and fails to produce the necessary laughs that would forgive such imitation.

#BaarBaarDekho is no different from an ideal Karan Johar film,it showcases beautiful locations, beautiful people, good looking everything else & how to exploit everything beautiful in the vicinity.
But,just like the rest of the big budget films in the past, it badly lacks in content & suffers from bad-writing.

Synopsis :

What would you do if you could see the future of your relationship? This film follows a roller coaster ride with Jai and Diya as they ride the ups and down of their relationship through the test of time.


The film suffers from bad writing..really bad I must say, I believe Mr Farhan Akhtar was the Creative Director of the film ?? Hw did he approve such a film ? I am seriously in two minds for Rock On 2

The screen -play is quite weak & few scenes are quite stupid & amateur.

Nothing in this movie seems to keep you hooked right till the end, The hero keeps going back & forth into the future & things begin to look very monotonous.

Baar Baar Dekho fails to give out a strong message due to its flat execution & lack of emotional connect.

The 3 very common messages that Baar Baar Dekho holds out is

a) there’s more to life than our careers/ jobs

b) the past and the future can only be accessed through the present

c) respect your partner in a relationship.

Is there anything, we don’t know ??

Performances :

The chemistry between Sidharth Malhotra & Katrina Kaif is not convincing & weak.

Jay and Diya don’t make our hearts beat:They don’t make us emotionally connected to them, You end up admiring the scenery and feeling very little about them.

Sarika and Ram Kapoor as the parents of girl and boy respectively, are wasted, and a few supporting acts of Rajit Kapoor, Sayani Gupta, Rohan Joshi get no scope.

The promise of the song ‘Kala Chasma’ towards the end keeps you waiting till the end or else leaving the movie mid way is a great option.

Verdict :

Overall, Baar Baar Dekho is unfortunately a one time watch or not even once. I really hope the director Nitya Mehra can go back in time to set this film right,& make something else instead.

Not Recommended. Give it a miss.


Reasons why Mahira Khan is the ‘Face to watch out for’ in Bollywood

No one can deny the fact that  Mahira Khan  is one of the most talented stars in Pakistan. We can never forget her memorable performances in the popular Pakistani television dramas such as  Humsafar , Shehr-e-ZaatSadqay Tumhare ,Bin Roye  & Ho Mann Jahaan and I have over the years fallen in love with her ability to play even the most demanding roles. In fact, she is also a very bankable actor.


And finally, after an extremely successful run at the box office in Pakistan, she’s all set to make her Bollywood debut alongside the King Khan Shahrukh Khan early next year in the film Raees .

Mahira Khan in Raees ( On Set)


After  Fawad Khan’s big launch into Bollywood, Mahira Khan is the next big thing to have crossed the border in search of new challenges.

With a beautiful face and confident body-language, Mahira Khan is already creating the right amount curiosity about her among avid Indian fans.

However, the film industry has tough competition where earning  fame & name can be a task, but Mahira Khan is someone that many people, including girls, can relate to.

I have found out reasons why Mahira Khan could be the ‘Face to watch out for’& why I believe she would soon emerge victorious.

crsdg32uiaaqzxf. 1) She has a huge fan base

Post Humsafar, It didn’t take long for people to notice that Mahira Khan has the talent to stay. Due to her huge fan base all over the world, Mahira Khan has managed to be a bankable & a reputed name as an actor.

This is why Mahira Khan is very careful when choosing the kinds of films that she does.

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  • 2) She is already the reigning queen of Pakistan.

It’s hard for actresses to prove their worth at the beginning of their careers. But Mahira Khan is already an accomplished actor & she has already been critically praised for her performance in all her popular Pakistani drama serials. Needless to say, she has already got her own National & International fan base before entering to Bollywood.

  • 3) She is making her Bollywood debut with a superstar

The banner of debut is very important. Debuting with the right plot and the right co-stars can introduce an actor to the appropriate group of viewers, critics and filmmakers.

While in this case, any fan of Shah Rukh Khan knows that Mahira Khan will be making her debut in ‘Raees’ opposite Shah Rukh Khan.

Excel Entertainment has produced many successful ventures and debuting opposite Shahrukh Khan is a bonus for anyone. This is going to give her a strong go!

She is already a top star in Pakistan before being chosen to be in this film. Her sheer talent & popularity made her get this role.


  • 4) She is absolutely Gorgeous

She is simple yet mesmerising. Everyone would agree that how beautiful she looks in her unglamorous avatar as well where you will see her wearing very less make up. This is because there’s something which gives her that oomph factor.


   . 5) An Impeccable Fashion sense

A sense of fashion is an instinct that guides you on what would look good on you. Various brands and fashion labels would never give you the grace and confidence that are earned with an in-built fashion sense. However, Mahira Khan seems to carry out almost any statement with utmost ease. Moreover, both traditional and western outfits suit her quite well!

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6) Her Simplicity

No matter how attractive the actress on the big screen is, she won’t win your heart until she has the familiar simplicity in her. Mahira Khan has the exact ‘simple yet classy’ kind of an appearance which would help her much in the long run.


All of us should go & watch Raees,first day first show for our Queen Mahira Khan



Deep Basu – Biggest Fan of Mahira Khan

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