6 Reasons Why Mahira Khan Is More Successful Than Any Other Actress in Pakistan!

If you have closely followed my previous two blog posts, Why do we love Mahira Khan? & My Open Letter to Mahira Khan you will by now know, that I am the biggest fan of Mahira Khan from India (Mumbai) & I am dedicating my third blog post to her.


Before I begin, I would like to clarify that, I am not writing this blog blindly, After a detailed research & after watching a lot of Pakistani dramas, I am finally writing down the reasons why I feel my favourite actor Mahira Khan is more successful than any other actress in the Pakistan Industry.

She was the simple girl-next-door, who became an overnight dream girl with her portrayal of the beautiful Khirad in the successful Pakistani drama Humsafar ,this shot her to stardom in the summer of 2011.


Now, 5 years later, she is a star on her own, who’s inspired the country not just with her acting but with the classy sense of style and individuality she’s flaunted so far.

Call her gorgeous, smart or whatever is on your vocabulary list of ‘cool’ words to praise someone but one thing everyone will agree that, Mahira Khan is one of the most successful actresses in the new cluster of talent.

Be it the simple looking Saba from Bin Roye  or a nice vibrant Manizeh  in  Ho Mann Jahaan .

The beautiful Mahira Khan is here to stay & is unbeatable


Mahira Khan has always surprised the audience with her spectacular performance on both the screens (Television & Cinema).She is definitely a breath of fresh air, I call her ‘Devi’ my ‘Goddess’

Today, Mahira Khan is busy working on her next film post the success of ‘Ho Mann Jahaan’. Apart from the movie, which everyone is excited for, we’ve particularly been excited about the reasons why our Queen Mahira Khan is more successful than any other actress in Pakistan.

The Humsafar girl always lights up the screen with her unbeatable charm & smile.


I am stating the six reasons to prove that she is way more successful than any other actress at the professional front currently!

  1.  Consecutive Hits – Mahira Khan started her career as an actor in 2011 in the film Bol  for which she received a lot of good reviews & accolades.

Right after that, she starred in various popular hit television dramas like  Neeyat , Humsafar, Shehr-e-Zaat , Sadqay Tumhare .

Humsafar was the turning point in her career, when people actually started taking her work seriously & wanted to see her doing more quality work..

But it was only in 2015 that she established herself as a phenomenal actress in the Pakistan film industry.

Starting with Bin Roye , she acted in two more films that very year. Ho Mann Jahaan ,  Manto and Raees with Shahrukh Khan , ( Yet to release next year) all of which were the top highest grossers of the year.

All these helped Mahira Khan create one record. A string of successive hits in television as well as films- something that not many actors have achieved in the past!


2    Raining Awards – No doubt, Our Queen Mahira Khan is the reigning queen of Pakistan and is undeniably the number one actress in the industry.

Apart from receiving the Lux style award (Best actor) consecutively for her stellar performances.

Mahira Khan has also bagged various other miscellaneous Awards. That includes ‘The Unstoppable Khan Award’ The ‘World’s 50 Sexiest Asian Women’ List.  She won the Best actress at Masala Awards in 2015 & recently She won the ‘Face to watch out for’ at Vogue Style Awards 2016 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


She recently featured in Diva Magazine for the Power Issue 2016.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A Special Live chat show was organised for her by Fuchsia magazine Singapore to congratulate her early this year.

What do we have to say about it? Truly deserving & Unstoppable!

Mahira Khan in Singapore for the Fuchsia Magazine Live Chat

3.   Most sought after actress – There’s no doubt that Mahira Khan is the most sought-after actress in Pakistan.

Directors in Pakistan & across the border want to cast her in their films, producers want her to sign their projects, brand endorsers are willing to pay huge amount to cast her as the face for their brand. And there’s a lot more.

Not only directors, even actors want to work opposite her. In a popular show, Sharukh Khan had said that he also had a great time working with her in Raees.

We Mahirians love to see her more on the silver screen.

Mahira Khan will make her Bollywood debut in Raees in 2017

4. Stunning Personality – Her stunning personality is what earned her a lot of love & respect by fans all over the world. And over the years, on screen and off screen, she’s only proved that she was born to be a Super star. There’s something about the way she carries herself that demands your attention. Be it her confidence, her impeccable style, her lady like elegance, or her beautiful charm, she always stands out in the crowd. Her striking smile blurs out the rest of the world.


5.  Strong Woman – She’s headstrong and that is what makes her such a powerful woman. She’s always well spoken, articulate, jovial and puts up a great public image but she there’s no way anybody can take her for a ride. Press or the media, everyone seems to love her a lot.


6. Challenges herself –  Mahira Khan has tasted good amount of success in her life. It’s because she has always striven to be better. While a lot of other actors stagnate in their careers, Mahira Khan has always taken up new challenges and honed her talent. Watch her films & the television dramas she has done.  You’ll know how much she has improved over time. Even though a star of her stature could have easily cashed in on her popularity and good looks, Mahira Khan has always tried to evolve as an actor.


And you know,  My favourite Mahira Khan has all of the above qualities, no wonder she rules the Pakistani Industry. You know why? Because she is unstoppable & an amazing human being. And for that she deserves a Standing Ovation!

Mahira Khan & Me at Vogue Style Awards Mumbai 

DEEP BASU –  I am a 29 year old young Aspiring Film Director, work as an Associate Director in Bollywood , Love writing about Mahira Khan & I am the biggest fan of Mahira Khan on earth.. Follow me on Twitter:  @deepbasu1


4 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Mahira Khan Is More Successful Than Any Other Actress in Pakistan!

  1. Very well written and researched! Aptly brings out the lesser known details of the star’s claim to fame and speaks volumes of your genuine fandom to her.
    Kudos to your ‘to-the-point’ approach. Keep up the good work 🙂


  2. Deep!!
    I am soooo happy, I found a blog devoted for Mahira!! I simply love her, her soft spoken nature, her mischievous, funky, fun demeanor, her as a style icon… I could just go on!! I stumbled upon her only this January when Netflix added couple of her serials… And am still hooked on to Humsafar due to her chemistry w Fawad! I have watched all her serials, interviews etc. but I am really happy I stumbled upon your blog! Thank you! Love your narrative, the way you write, your adoration for her, in a very dignified way, not overdoing it, so, makes it worth reading! Keep blogging and I am along with you, am looking forward to Verna!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sooo much Anu. I am the biggest fan of Mahira Khan on earth. Do follow me on Twitter (deepbasu1) Instagram (deepbasu) for more updates about Mahira Khan. I have written 10 blogs so far about MK. Do go through them and let me know your feedback. PS : Please try and promote them, I reall want everyone to read and love Mahira even more. Thank you so much again.


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